You can sleep when you're dead!

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Know those people who say that?

They don't fully understand what it is like for many in our society what it feels like to never get a restful sleep. I'm someone who needs, at least, 9 hours of sleep to feel "OK", and more like 10-11 hours to feel good. Been this way since I could remember. My parents never understood why i'm "sleeping in" until noon on weekends - even if I would stay up until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Even today I nap. I eat lunch at my desk and use the 1 hour lunch break to sleep in my car. Been doing it every day...for 8 years. If I don't get the nap, i'm fall-asleep-at-my-desk tired, with my head bobbing like i'm drunk. 

My sleep issue isn't due to lack of exercise or diet. I eat paleo Monday to Friday. Weekends I cheat. No alcohol during the week, and usually wine on the weekends. Workout about 3 days a week with Crossfit. I try to go to bed by 10pm and i'm up by 5:30am for work. I'm getting about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night, and still sleep in on weekends.

Still tired. Every day. All the time. You put me in a dark room I can be asleep in minutes. Car rides? I can sleep. Subway? I can sleep. Train...Airplane...yep, yep.

I had a sleep study done. I did the whole thing, slept overnight at a clinic. They measured breathing, heart rate, etc. Said I had "mild sleep apnea". I stopped breathing in the night, while I slept, and my body would wake up to start breathing again. This stopped me from getting a restful sleep. The next step was to get fitted for a sleep apnea mask. I didn't go back in...just felt like the mask wouldn't work with the way I sleep. I toss and turn, sleeping on my stomach and sides all night.

A year passed. I spoke to a coworker recently about this subject and they said, "I used to do the same. But once I got the mask, it was like night and day. I wake up now feeling great."

I always wondered what that must feel like. Waking up and feeling alert and rested. I wake up and feel tired, and just want to go back to sleep. I'm grouchy in the morning. I only feel normal about 2 hours after I wake up and having a cup of coffee. 

I went back to the sleep doctor on Monday. I'm scheduling a fitting for me. I'm just tired of being tired. I'll let you know how it goes.

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