How To Fix Traffic In Hoboken

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Last May, for work, I needed to get a car because my office moved from the West Village to Orangeburg, NY. It was the first time in 22 years of living in Hoboken that I would have to commute to work via car. 

It has been...challenging.

My hours are 7am to 4pm. So, I have to leave Hoboken by 6:10am to make it to work by 6:50. My morning commute usually is pretty good, about 40-45 minutes.

Getting home its pretty easy until I get to the Hoboken exit by the Holland Tunnel.

The first problem is the exit needs to be completely redesigned. This is the current traffic flow:
currentdesign.jpgComing off the highway (marked in red), the traffic can pick Gregory Ave or Pleasant through Weehawken to avoid JFK Blvd. 

I think the easiest fix, besides a complete redesign, is to figure out a way to get to where the black arrows are located, which is Park Ave (in Weehawken) which eventually turns into Willow Ave (in Hoboken).

currentdesign2.jpgBefore everyone cries that Weehawken doesn't want this traffic - people are already cutting through Gregory and Pleasant to get to Hackensack Avenue. This would reduce traffic along all the corridors and even things out.

Also we need to fix the traffic at the Weehawken / Hoboken border. The first key issue is there are buses trying to get from Weehawken to the Holland Tunnel and it completely blocks JFK Blvd with about 20 buses lined up to get into the city.

mayhem.jpgThe easiest fix is to create more one way streets into and out of Hoboken. Fix the flow of traffic via Harbor Blvd to a right hand only turn on 16th (and get rid of the light at 16th). Willow will have 3 lanes for traffic, make Willow 2 lanes outgoing northward traffic, but add 1 express bus lane for NJ transit buses coming from the Holland Tunnel southward to Willow Ave. 

mayhem2.jpgSpecial notes:
#1 we would need to expand 19th street to add 1 more lane of traffic for buses that turn right from JFK Blvd trying to turn to the Holland Tunnel.

#2 Changes Willow and Park to one way streets. 16th street takes the traffic from Harbor Blvd. 15th street allows traffic to turn off Park - or keep going down Park to 14th. 

#3 This creates The Loop. Willow stays a 2 way street between 15th and 16th, so that car traffic from 16th can turn right or left onto Willow to get out of town. Incoming traffic can turn right or left at 15th street, or keep going straight to 14th.

Is it a perfect solution? Well, everyone will be a critic, i'm sure. But the current "Wild West" mayhem we currently have doesn't work. We need to simplify the traffic pattern for traffic that is leaving Hoboken and traffic that is coming into Hoboken, rather than the free-for-all that we have now. 

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