How To Watch Hockey Without Cable?

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Last night, I watched Rangers vs Flyers in HD on my iPad. No suspect links to Russian sites or credit cards needed. Just went to - found the game I wanted, and people post links to the games. 

I would buy the NHL.TV single team package for $112, but there are three key reasons why I won't.

1. They blackout all the Rangers, Islanders and Devils games when my Flyers play - there is a workaround here in which I could get a VPN and connect to that to watch the games, but it's just too much work.

2. Flyers have another 15-20 games this season on NBC Sports - those are all blacked out. Once I calculated all the blacked out games, i'm missing almost half the season.

3. Tivo can stream baseball with the link but for some reason can't do NHL.TV, which is absurd.

So, yeah, I will use the reddit site until the day comes that I can get ALL the Flyers games for a fair price.

I pre-purchased Amazon Fire TV Stick for $40 so I can watch the HD games on my TV instead of my iPad. I'm getting it in a few weeks and will write up how I like it. 

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