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French Bulldog Advice: The Poop Issue

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roccoportrait.JPGQuestion from Scott: "I love the article. Rocco sounds like a great dog. We have a six-month-old Frenchie named Ruger. Super dog. Due for neutering Thursday. You're right about the stubborn streak and ability to not want to walk. Holy cow! Ruger does the same thing! The real issue we have or see is this - on many occasions, Ruger has trouble, that is, it appears he has trouble pooping. It can take him 1-2 minutes. We're not sure if his diet lacks fiber or what. Any thoughts?"

My answer: "I remember the early days of doing my research on dog food and Frenchies. One of the biggest issues with Frenchies is they fart. A lot. But I also read you can limit the farting if you pick foods without grain. 

After reading a few websites about which dog foods were grain free, and also picking the highest quality, I used this web site to pick:

I picked lots of brands and after trial and error, I finally chose Fromm's Salmon Tunalini:

I tried beef, chicken, duck, deer, and they all could constipate him or cause diarrhea. It wasn't until I switched to fish that seemed to be the trick. He poops regularly. His weight has been fantastic over 7 years - I get compliments from the Vet all the time that he is at a healthy weight and not overweight. 

My recommendation is just try new dog foods. See if you can get samples, or small 5 pound bags. When switching dog food, remember that you have to s-l-o-w-l-y replace the new food with the old food. Mix in 1/4 cup with the old food, increasing with 1/4 cup increments each day. I give Rocco 3/4 cup of food for breakfast and dinner (1.5 cups per day). So day 1 would be 1/4 new food and 1/2 old food. Then next day is 1/2 new food, and 1/4 old food. By day 3 your dog is on the new food only.

Then you need to monitor the poop. Is it runny? Is it firm? How quickly does your dog poop on the new food? 

Rocco needs a bit of a "walk". Also has a habit of doing what I call "The double poop". He will poop once. It looks like a normal poo. But if you walk him about 5-10 more minutes, he has a second one locked and loaded to poop out. If I know he's going to be alone for a while, I will make sure he has at least a good 10 minutes for a walk. 

It's funny, I hate picking up other people's dog poop, but Rocco's poop doesn't bother me at all. He's like my son. I know his smells and his pooping habits. I know before he poops that he needs to poop. I know the alarmed look of "Hey, I need to poop" versus "Hey, i'm hungry" or "Hey, I need to snuggle". The above picture is "What did I do wrong now?" look.

You will learn over time with your dog. 

I would give the new food about 5 days before switching to something else. Maybe sooner if there seems to be a diarrhea issue or really bad gas. 

Also, remember when your dog is young that if they have any accidents while doing this not to scold them. Just scoop them up, go outside first for a 10 minute walk, then come back inside and clean up.

I use white vinegar with warm water for any clean ups. Once dry, throw baking soda over it for 2-3 hours (to keep the dog away, cover it with something like a bucket), then vacuum it up later.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!"

NJ Needs Self Serve Gas Now

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With the price of gas jumping .23 cents a gallon today, maybe NJ needs to reconsider its laws on Self Serve gas. I'm not suggesting getting rid of Full Service, but why not allow Self Serve gas an an option, for a lower price?

Some critics have written why they like Full Service better, and the reasons are a joke.

 "Your hands don't get smelly." - really, are you pouring the gas on your hands? Otherwise, this isn't a real issue, just nit picking.

"You don't have to get out of the car when it's cold or raining." - ok, this is fair enough, but most modern gas stations today have cover over all the gas tanks to stop rain from falling on you. Also you can pump your gas and get back in your car to wait for the "click" that it's done.

"You can even get coffee from a drive-up window; why would you want to get out of the car and pump your own gas?!" - simple reason is that it is faster for me to pull up to a gas tank, insert my credit card, pump my own gas, get my recipt and leave. One of my biggest pet peeves, after living in PA and pumping my own gas, is how LONG it takes to get gas in NJ. When the gas station is busy and they have one attendant (two if you are lucky), it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get in and out quickly.

"We pump fists, not pump gas!" - please don't have children.

Oregon and New Jersey are the only two states with laws prohibiting self serve at gas stations. Now that the tax has been raised to .23 cents more, lets give a break to people who are willing to pump their own gas. I say keep Full Serve as an option, and make it the same as the price of cash versus credit at gas stations - its a bit less expensive if you pay with cash, so make it a bit less expensive to fill up your own car.



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