Hamilton Pork Is Awesome In More Ways Than One

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I have been shouting from the rooftops about how much I love Hamilton Pork in Jersey City. Probably the best BBQ I have had in NYC and I have been to many "great" places that never held up for me, like Blue Smoke, Dinosaur BBQ, Mighty Quinn's. Also lots of newer BBQ places opening up in Williamsburg and I haven't been to those, either.

But for our neck of the woods, its fantastic. Everything there I have tried is great, from the Parish Pig Pulled Pork Sandwich, to the Kung Pow Wings. Its less than a mile from Hoboken, and fairly easy to get there - especially if someone in City Hall can talk to someone in Jersey City about making Coles Ave more bike and pedestrian friendly.

But the best part is an experience the other day. I ordered delivery from them using Seamless. Tryin' to keep it paleo with meats and other gluten-free choices. If you don't know Seamless works as a middleman between restaurant-delivery-customer. The restaurant doesn't deliver the food, Seamless has drivers who do this.

My order was at 8:30pm and "estimated" delivery was 9:20 to 9:30. OK 1 hour, it was longer than I liked, but I could wait (and yes, was being lazy). 9:30 rolled around and I figured I wouldn't say anything until 10.

10pm rolled around and I called the restaurant. The girl who answered the phone apologized and said that the food should be there in 5-10 minutes. By 10:20, the food wasn't there. I called again. Asked to cancel the order, I would just order from somewhere else.

The manager picks up, and begins with apologies. I jump in and say, "Look no offense I love your place, but its been 2 hours and I doubt my food is even warm anymore."

He counters and says, "I will fire you up a new order and deliver it right now. Free of charge."

I tell him that don't worry about delivering it, I can hop in my car and I can be there in less than 10 minutes (I was hungry!).

I ride over there, wait a few minutes and two managers (owners?) step outside where I am waiting and again are very nice - explaining how they have no control over the delivery guys and that being a Friday night "might have slipped between the cracks". I wasn't there to raise hell, shit happens, I worked in the restaurant and bartending industry my whole life. We chat a bit more, I gush about how much I love their restaurant and how part of me wished I bought a home in Hamilton Park over Hoboken, because of how many nice restaurants have been opening.

They were very nice and hand me my order and a gift card. Wow, wasn't expecting that, but I figured it was a $5 off my next meal. I get home and look at the gift card, it was $40 bucks. I definitely wasn't expecting that. A free meal plus a gift card. 

I was frankly amazed. Kudos to them and their organization.

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