Who In City Hall Chose Where To Place Trash Cans?

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One of the key problems with Hoboken is that it is a dirty mess. We have public signs all over the place claiming that "street sweepers" are cleaning our streets every week, and if you stroll around town, I see garbage everywhere. 

I think a key reason why is that our city doesn't have a comprehensive plan for public garbage cans. A perfect example of this is looking at Newark Street. I count five public trash cans on the following cross streets: Washington, Park and Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, and one on the little island between Newark and Observer Highway:


Ideally, it would be wonderful to have trash cans on every corner, but probably fiscally prohibitive. Since we can't do that - we should evenly place the trash cans every two blocks on Washington, Park, Grand, Jefferson and Monroe, and keep the trash can on the island between Newark and Observer Highway.

To me it is really a simple idea, but i'm sure it will take City Hall the next election cycle to figure it out. Like how Newark Street traffic became such an issue this year, even though I have been complaining about buses parked on our sidewalks since July 2014.

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