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Birds In The Playoffs!

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I haven't written much on the birds this season. With the Phillies overshadowing the Eagles regular season, and many games that tore my heart out, it has been hard to get excited for the Birds.

Suffice to say, today was the best Eagles game I have watched in the last...20 years.

Complete domination. Against a team that every Eagles fans hates...Dallas.

If you told me the final score was going to b 44-6 today, I would have assumed you meant Dallas beating Eagles. That's Philly. That's our history. That's our legacy. But it seems that things have been changing.

Phillies won the World Series and it's like all the rules are going out the window. The cursed teams of my generation are gone, replaced by inspired teams of a new generation.

Eagles to the Super Bowl? Who knows?

But honestly to end the season this way, with a remarkable win over a dreaded rival. The stars align just right for us to get a playoff shot. We get the #6 seed with the Vikings next week. Christmas was 3 days late for a bunch of Eagles fans.

The bar was out of control at Mulligans. Haven't seen that much excitement and cheering since October. Win or lose, this was a game to savor not just this week, but for years to come. A delightful win to a tough season.

Bring on the Vikings!

Philly2Hoboken's Best Of 2008

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A new year approaches and I figure it's time to update the site with a new design. What do you think?

I know some of of my readers check this site daily and some just check in from time to time. But here's the entries I wrote over the last year, and think you should check out if you missed it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Also I updated my site. Try to comment if you can...I think they have been fixed. If not just email me and I will keep trying to fix it.

Body Balance Review: I wrote this last year, but they have new owners and a special until 1/3/09, $59 for 1 hour massage and $80 for a 1.5 hour massage. You should really treat yourself and get a massage here. It's great!

Omaha Bedding Company: Bed lumpy? Not getting a good night's sleep? My bed is redunkulously awesome. Check these guys out.

Put Up Your Dukes! - I'm many things, but I don't back down easily. Another amusing story about the trouble with alcohol.

St. Patrick's Day Advice - Good even during Christmas. I'm still hoping one day to meet that girl in the pink shirt and fedora.

Ego & Self Worth On The Internet - Do you read Hoboken411 or any other site with heavy commenters? Tell me that this entry doesn't sum up all those commenters.

Good Manners In The Big City - a friend and I were trying to understand what's the problem with the world and I think it's just that Generation X doesn't have any consideration for anyone else. It doesn't matter if you are single, married or a parent with a behemoth baby stroller...too many assholes that don't care enough about each other.

Snacks For the Active Hobokenite - I know this is the time of the year for diets...read this. Seriously. Small changes in your diet with great food = keeping the pounds off. I know far too many people who change to a radical diet, it lasts three months and they are miserable again. My key word is "moderation".

Vera Gets Serenaded - our neighbor at Bradley Beach was never the same again, after my singing performance to her.

Top 5 Rules For Shore Roommates - one year at the shore, and i'm already making rules. I had a good time at Bradley Beach this year, I should be back next year. Now is the time to plan for those things!

Top Five Casual Restaurants That Would Own in Hoboken - I stand by all of this. Problem with most restaurants in Hoboken is that they are woefully average and often inconsistent with the quality of their food.

World Series Game 5 Video At Mulligan's - if you haven't seen this video, it was taken at Mulligan's right at the moment the Phillies won the World Series. Easily one of the favorite moments of my life, it was a sea of joy and happiness. The song that comes on is Queen, "We Are The Champions". Great job by the crew at Mulligan's to play the song and hand out bottles of champagne for us to spray the crowd.

Blogging Is Dead. Long Live The New Facebooking! - Do my descriptions sound like anyone you know? :)

Netflix + Tivo = Heaven

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I'm a huge TV fan.

I watch lots of show and also am guilty of "Tivo Guilt", where I feel bad because I can't watch all the shows my Tivo records.

My Tivo is connected to my internal network with a WiFi connection, and recently Netflix announced that you can get selected content through your internet and Tivo connection. The selected content doesn't mean all the movies they have, but it's kinda like Prism's selection of movies from back in the day. There's a few key good movies and TV shows in there, and a whole lotta bad ones.

But, it's free with your Netflix membership, so who cares?

I recently gave it a try and can only say: Impressive.

There are a few quirks. For one, in order to watch content, you first have to go on to the Netflix website and choose what you want to queue. Can't be done from your TV. Annoying.

Second, you can add multiple TV shows or movies to your queue, but there's a limit. There's only so much you can put into a queue, so if you are on your couch and thinking about a TV show or movie you want to watch, you have to get up, walk to to your computer, delete some shows, add some new ones. It's a bit clunky.

Third, WiFi is...good but not great. I haven't tried this with a fixed ethernet connection. Currently i'm watching the first season of 30 Rock. The episidoes are in HD, and 85% of the time, there's no issues. The other 15% of the time I notice some sound issues (the sequence of sound to video is off by .25 seconds and that gets irritating) or there are delays in loading the content.

For a new service, I expect some early hitches. I'm sure this will eventually get fixed. What I do know is that i'm witnessing history.

Yep, history.

I have watched downloaded movies and TV shows on my PC. It's great. But this was the first time I got to stream a TV show on my 42" HDTV in 720p. The picture quality is perfect. I couldn't tell the difference between live TV and the streaming video. The audio is just fine. I would love to put to the test a movie or show that is more sound/graphic intensive (The Fifth Element or Star Wars, for example), but for a prime TV example, 30 Rock surpassed my expectations.

This is the future of TV. Cable TV will be a thing of the past, as more homes get connection with high speed internet connections, like FiOS or Cablevision Optimum Online (which is what i'm using). I can only imagine how advertisers must be pulling their hair out, because TV is more and more becoming commericial free. I get to watch the entire 30 Rock TV show in 22 minutes, saving 8 minutes of commercials.

It's great, and another reason to get a Tivo this holiday season. Oh, and it is available for Xbox 360 Gold customers, also!

Out And About

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In my ripe older age of 36, I can finally say that i'm a bit tired of the bar scene in Hoboken. It has its moments, but in my years I haven't done mucn more than go there, get drunk, and rarely meet anyone new.

Case in point, was last night. I was at Mulligan's, which is my new favorite haunt downtown. There is no "scene", just a bunch of people looking to get drunk, and I was part of it with my buddy Chris. We were just talking, having a few drinks, when a regular blog reader, Melinda, walks over to say hello.

She's very sweet and nice, and has always been supportive of my blog in the past. Funny thing is that everytime I meet her, I always get to meet some crazy friend of hers who immediately doesn't like me or is just plain rude.

Last Saturday was no exception.

She introduces me to her friend Susan, and all four of us get to talking. Chris excuses himself after a bit, and then it's just Melinda, Susan and myself at the bar. Susan chides me with the "Why are you 36 and still single" bit that I get often. I try to start to explain, saying that I just really don't date a lot and have a habit of hanging out at the same bars, with the same people...just don't get to meet new girls that often. Plus, I have a hard time talking to girls that I do like.

Susan tells me i'm wrong. I'm way too cute to be 36 and single and there's got to be another reason, and she starts to tell me why guys like me never meet the right guy. I listen a bit, and to me it sounds like psychotherapy 101, that she's been burned by a guy in the past and is now channeling it into trying to tell ME why i'm single. Sort of like stereotyping - you can't explain everyone's reasons in one easy tale. Everyone has a different reason.

I listen to Susan, and decide to break the ice by palm reading.

At one point of time in my life, I was fascinated with palm reading. I think it's fun and actually it has gotten the ice broken on many occasions. I'm not an expert, by any means, but most palm reading is basically reading the person (cold reading) in front of you.

I started to read her palm and told her that early on in life she has been unlucky in love (she's single, she's at the bar now, which was easy), and that later in life she may meet that right guy who sets her heart on fire. Again, easy stuff, but I could watch her squirm a bit, and I know I was hitting close to home.

She piped up with, "What about babies? I should have a lot, right?"

Now, again, palm reading is READING PEOPLE. I could have easily jumped in and said "Oh you are going to have lots of children, you are as fertile as the Nile!" Most women want to hear this, just as much as men want to hear that they are going to be successful and rich. That's a no brainer.

I looked on the side of her palm, below the pinkie, and I didn't see anything. It could have been the light, but her hand was smooth. I could have lied, but I figured that Susan, who only a bit ago was telling me how wrong I was about being 36 and single needed a dose of her own medicine.

I just shook my head, and gave her a look of "i'm sorry, no".

She flipped out.

"This is bullshit! You can't read palms, they said I would have 7 or 8!!", she cried out.

I have no idea who THEY are, but it made for a brief bit of entertainment to watch Susan get so upset over...Palm Reading.

She stormed off, leaving Melinda very apologetic. I assured Melinda it was just fine, and no harm was done...inside I was chuckling a bit, her friend Susan deserved a lesson in "reading people 101".

As for the question of being 36 and single, I can boil it down to a lot of reasons, but I think the number 1 reason is that i'm too shy for my own good. I can talk to any girl that i'm not interested in, but if there's a girl who I like, I clam up and become a wall flower.

Also, I don't "put myself out there" enough, meeting new people. For example, last summer at Bradley Beach was the first year I ever did a shore house. I met someone right away, we had fun, it didn't last, but I have no regrets. I kind of now wonder if I should have done the summer share with other people and what may have happened.

Plus, and finally, New York/Hoboken is it's own beast. There's just a trillion people here, but actually MEETING them is very hard. In 2005 I had a huge crush on a girl at my gym, who worked at the smoothie counter. For weeks i'd look forward to my workouts and having my small talk with her, while ordering a Mango Tango smoothie. This went on for a year!

She was always nice, and maybe a bit flirty, but I just figured she was being nice to me. My radar was completely off. Finally, after a year I asked her out. She said "Yes" and we dated for a bit.

On later dates, I remarked how after all those years of talking to her at the counter, I had no idea she was interested in me. She laughed and said, "What did I have to do, jump over the bar and tackle you, to show you I was interested?"

The relationship didn't last, but it was easily my favorite one, and learned a lesson in asking people out sooner.

The moral of this story is learn from me. Get out there. Meet new people. Make new friends. You may meet a friend of a friend and that's how you meet the next best thing in your life. And learn to palm read, and when the cute girl who wants babies is expecting a good answer, tell them what they want to hear.

Way back in 1999, when T1 lines were the high speed connection in the office and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was coming to theaters, everyone was just getting into the whole blogging thing.

One person started the whole online diary, and then another, and another, until everyone had a blog, from grandma blogging about her dentures or your office mate Phil blogging about his cockroach rodeo. The world became a bit smaller, and the excitement of having a blog eventually wore thin, and nearly 10 years later, i'm here to announce that blogging is dead.

All hail the new blogging - Facebook.

If you aren't on Facebook, well then you are so 1999. Even i'm caught up in this and my creativity has gone downhill. Gone are such entries, like my Sex, Lies and Hoboken or Quirks About Hoboken and replaced by various "status updates" on Facebook.

These "status updates" on Facebook are similar to blogging, but instead of writing entries, everyone just updates their "status" with a sentence or two of what they are thinking, doing or feeling, or "Facebooking".

What I also find interesting is that facebooking has really taken on a whole new world. You rarely will get someone to sit down and write out their thoughts, but now just a blurb about their lives. Often, as is the case, I have found that the majority of comments that I do read are very much intertwined with the relationship status of the Facebook profile. For example:

  1. Single people.
    • The single people actually do things. They get drunk. They go out. They always are up on pop-culture with funny quotes or good stories. I enjoy reading other single people's entries. But, honestly, a lot of single people simply update their status updates because our generation is all about being attention whores. Like any attention whore (hey, i'm one to talk, I still have a blog!), they will drown you in every single update about them. They have a sore throat. They are happy it is sunny. They love 300 count thread pillowcases. They are looking forward to a weekend of A.T.M. with their girlfriend. They can't figure out what to cook this weekend - clam chowder, will it be New England or Manhattan!
  2. Recently engaged or married.
    • Please kill me now. Ok, seriously - congrats. Let me write that again. Congratulations, we are seriously happy for you. Now stop. Stop telling us every update that has what you AND YOUR FIANCE/HUSBAND/WIFE are doing together. It's like somehow your single friends have morphed into a new person, like Brundlefly and every update is about what Brundlefly is eating or Brundlefly is doing or what Brundlefly is watching. We get it. You are engaged or recently married, you want the world to know...often. I'm not the bitter single guy saying this. We are all saying it. Just no one has the balls to say it to your face, they just quietly laugh at the thousands of updates spewing out like "facebookarrhea". Oh my God, please stop. I was about to drop some friends, until I discovered that I could edit facebook comments to get "less updates" from them. Now if I want to read about my friends "being SO IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" or "Freddy/Linda and I are having yogurt!" updates every hour on the hour, I can just check in with my madly in love friends which every update is how perfect their lives are.
  3. Married, no kids.
    • These people are much more normal, they were once they "everything is perfect in our lives" engaged couple and have reverted back to the mind set of a single person. They go out, have fun & do things, but more often than not you get an update about once every 3 months about what they are doing in their lives because a) they really don't care about letting the world know about them and b) they really don't care about letting the world know about them. They are married, why do they give a shit about updating Facebook, and are only on here because some single friends talked them into it.
  4. Married, with new kids.
    • Holy. Fucking. Shit. You thought the engaged people were annoying? Get the fuck out. Having people like this on facebook about as bad of an idea of letting Pookie from New Jack City work in the crack house. Your friends? They no longer exist. Whatever you thought was once your friend has been replaced by the homogenized verzion of them. Your college roommate who used to snort coke off of the stripper's tight stomach while getting shit faced drunk on Patron with you has now been replaced by a guy who loves his merino wool sweaters, his $14 barber haircut and snoozing after a good meal on Saturday nights. Your bisexual girl friend, telling you stories about what she & her girlfriends were doing at some bar in Christopher Street is now Molly Homemaker, with her adorable white picket fence house in the suburbs. And for a bonus - you get to read all about his kids! Every update. Kids. Kids. Kids. Think about it. what do you think the percentage of profile pictures of your friends who are married, with kids who have a picture of themselves in Facebook without their kids in the shot. I would say about 10%. Look, I think your kids are adorable, but there has to be something you do that doesn't involve your kids, right? Please? No, Frank, going to Home Depot and buying some wallpaper then going home to pop in that Sisqo CD doesn't count. I know that your whole lives are about your kids now, and you want the WHOLE WORLD to know it! Really?!? No. Really?!? What happened to you?
  5. Married, older kids.
    • Rare, but you have these older facebook fans who are on the website because they have younger family members or nieces and nephews they are active with. Sadly, they rarely write anything interesting for their status updates and are the equivalent of message board lurkers. They just love watching others update their entries and every once in a while may add a supportive comment.
  6. Divorced.
    • Ha. Ha. Caught you. See, divorced people aren't on facebook much. Why? Well remember those newly engaged or married people with their website links to their marriage cam & photos - they are the same people who quietly leave facebook, and never will be announcing that their "happily ever after" has become "happily divorced". I'd pay good money to see a profile update of "I'm getting divorced!", but I don't hold my breath.

O brave new facebook, that hath such people in it?

I have to say that some of my friends do NOT fall into the category that I just listed. You have the still fun married people with kids that break the rules. But if what I just write sounds a bit like you...maybe i'm not that far off the mark with my witty social commentary, am I?

Sports Hernia?

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Since the summer, things have slowed down considerably in my life. One of the reasons is that somehow I injured myself. I'm not sure how I did it. I'm not sure if it's major or minor. Baiscally I have an "abdominal injury". That's the best way I can describe it.

Back in early October I started to get really sore around my abdominals (stomach) area after working out. I was cautious. I went to my doctor who said I didn't have a hernia but sent me to a gastrointestologist. That doctor ran blood work, and even set up a CT Scan of my abdominals. Both came back negative. He thought maybe I tore up some fiber around my pelvis and it was causing this soreness to my ab region, he put me on anti inflammatories and sent me on my way.

Weeks pass, and I skip the gym and eventually more soreness subsides. Horray!

The week before Thanksgiving, about 7 weeks or so without doing any exercise I work out a bit at the gym again. It's not too bad.

This week Monday, I go to the gym, run for about 20 minutes, do some biceps and triceps and bingo - my abs are hurting and sore again.

This sucks because I want to go to the gym, I like working out, I like the stress relief and the way I feel being in better shape.

I got to see another doctor, planning to see a sports doctor, but tired of getting the run around by the doctors. This is a hard injury to describe, because unlike my leg injury I really can't just point to a spot and say "Look! That's where I hurt it!"

It just feels like someone punched me in the stomach and i'm sore all over. Only happens after I work out at the gym. I was fine for the last 3 weeks, no soreness at all.

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