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Who would have thunk that starting our Eagles club in 2004 that we would still be going strong in 2011 - after 8 seasons? I'm looking forward to another season at Mulligan's Pub, 159 1st street - and glad to see we have $2 Yuenglings again this year (Thanks Paul!).

David Oliver made up a new poster to promote the club, and I have been going around to various Hoboken websites to promote it:

I just ordered my new Nnmadi Asmough jersey yesterday - and looking forward to a fun season of Eagles football at the bar.

Choc:o:pain Coming Soon

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I was walking Rocco on Sunday, and look what I saw at the old Premier Soccer shop on 1st street:


They also have a webpage up here: Choc:o:pain.

I'm looking forward to it, 1st street can use some more places like this.

Seinfeld Trivia @ The Hudson Tavern

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A friend of mine runs Trivia AD, and turns out that they are running Seinfeld Trivia at The Hudson Tavern on August 23rd at 8pm - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Details here:


The Jersey Shore Trivia @ Mulligan's

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A friend of mine runs Trivia AD, and turns out that they are running The Jersey Shore Trivia at Mulligan's Bar (159 1st street) on August 15th from 8-10pm. Details here:


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