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The Atlanta Kid

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Remind you of anyone? Sure, this could be the same look of any Phillies fan for the last two seasons, if you swap out the Braves gear for Phillies gear. I'm sure the same look was on all our faces if you were an Eagles fan when the McNabb era began.

Hey, I feel for the guy. Someone better give that kid a hug and say better luck next year.

As for my Phillies, the expectation from April has been "World Series or bust". We won 102 games, which is amazing. But the typical Phillies fan is shrugging it off, whereas people like me just enjoyed the season. It was uh-mazing.

Well here comes the post season, and I guess to be the best you have to beat the best. St. Louis is no pushover and in a 5 game series anything can happen. I still think the Phillies are the better team, but not by that much. The only two things we have going for us are that some of the Cardinals main players are dinged more than we are, and Carpender can only play in Game 3. Although Garcia who is starting Game 1 has been known to give us fits.

But, you just don't walk to the World Series, and i'm hopeful that the Phillies will continue to play like they did against Atlanta. If you are around town, the Philadelphia Phillies Club of Hoboken will be at Mulligan's Pub for all the playoff games. $2 Yuengling, Bud Light and Bud drafts on special for all Phillies fans for every game.

My friend Dave is running Trivia AD, so here's another shameless plug. I will definitely be there, and might have to see if I can bring Rocco as my "caddy".


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