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Well it is one month later, and i'm done with my fundamentals classes.

When we started the class, I wrote about the "baseline" where we had to row 400 meters, do 15 air squats, 15 pushups, 15 situps...12 air squats, 12 pushups, 12 situps...9 air squats, 9 pushups, 9 fast as you can.

We did this in week 1, I saw it on paper and thought "No problem". I hadn't been to the gym in a few months, but lifted for four years at Club H. I wouldn't say I was buffed, but hardly felt like I was completely out of shape.

I completed the "baseline" in 9 minutes. Horrendous. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath that first week. I was literally collapsing when I got to the final pushups.

My final class I banged it out in 5:40. Not great, I wanted to be done in under 5 minutes, but hit my wall around the third round. I had to take a breather for 10 seconds and then pushed to finish everything.

Suffice to say, Crossfit is nothing like anything I ever experienced before.

Like I wrote, I lifted for years. Hats off to Tina for getting me into it, I used to laugh at people who were gym rats and were "so vain" about their bodies. Once I got into lifting, and started to get compliments on my appearance, it kind of gets addictive.

Plus, I was getting older, and when you are in your 20's it's easy to eat cheeseburgers and keep a trim figure - as I got older I found it was MUCH harder to shed some winter weight without starving myself.

Club H was the answer for me, and I have nothing necessarily against the gym itself, but I did find that some of the trainers there were cold and the fellow members really didn't interact much, if at all. I'm not expecting a social club, but I was always kind of put off by the types of people that Club H attracted - I would always say "Thank you" and "May I" when asking to use a machine or bench, and rarely get a nice reply in return.

Anyhow, Crossfit was like a breath of fresh air. First, truth be told, I do know some of the members there - like Meris, who is a trainer. She's part of the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken, and I have known her probably for 5 years now. But, for the fundamentals, she wasn't my trainer - I had Craig, and I didn't know anyone else I was training with in my class.

I think the best way to describe Crossfit would be like taking my Eagles club and combining it with a gym. There's really a sense of working together for a goal there, about being social and getting a kick ass workout. Everyone is friendly, meetings someone in your class and being helpful to each other is encouraged.

The only negatives I would say about Crossfit is that there's really no locker room, there's a changing room which is about 5x5 feet. I'm not looking for showers or a sauna, but I wouldn't mind something a bit better there. There's no benches or machines here. They have basic equipment for their training, but this wouldn't be something that you could join (like Club KO) where you can have the benefits of a gym along with your kickboxing. At Crossit, all the classes are instructor led. You can come to the gym during "free gym" times where the instructors won't be teaching and work on your form, using the free weights provided, and they can help you while working out.

The majority of the week there are classes which have the Workout of the Day (WoD), and are instructor led. They also have yoga on Saturday at 8:30 am. The Firebreathers class (higher intensity workout) and a Beginner's Class on Saturday at 10am (which is open to anyone interested in trying a workout at Crossfit). There's a mobility class which is taught once a week for improving flexibility. The classes are designed before work at 5:30am or 6:15 am or after work (5:15 pm, 6, 6:45, 7:30, 8:15), and are 45 minutes long.

Crossfit is designed to get you in, out, and tired from a good intensive workout.

But the fundamentals only taught me so much. I signed up for three months, and will see how the "normal" classes seem and keep you updated on what I think about it.

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