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We are the champions, my friends.

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I started this blog on October 5, 2004, because I wanted to write about Eagles, Philly, Hoboken, and everything in between. The same time that I started my blog, I founded the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken

It has been a long journey to get from there to here. I moved up to Hoboken in spring of 1995, when a fraternity brother from Villanova, "Brian T.", told me about Hoboken. I never heard of it. He needed another roommate, and thought of me. Once I moved to Hoboken, I was always on the lookout for a place to watch Eagles football, but it was difficult, since the NFL Sunday Ticket was pretty new back then. Some bars only had cable, and not DirecTV. You actually had to find a "sports bar" that had a satellite dish, which were different than your regular bars, that only had local TV channels. 

Eventually I met friends though bars or through the early days of social media - like on - and I had about 6-10 Eagles fans that I would watch the game at The Farside on Sundays. We had our own little section of the bar, with our own TV - usually without any sound, and we could watch the Eagles. Even if the Jets and Giants weren't playing, the bartender was a surly Irish guy and he would put on music instead of putting on our game. These were 10 people in a mostly empty bar and he refused to cater to the tipping customers? That was the first step in trying to pick a new place to watch the games.

The second step was Eagles vs Panthers NFC Championship game in January 18, 2004. I was watching the game at my friends new Penthouse apartment next to the old Maxwell factory. He was hosting a party and it was about 20 people who hated/disliked the Eagles (or just Philly) and about two people rooting for Philly. 2002 and 2003 were both disappointments, but I felt that 2004 would be the year we finally made the Superbowl with Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid. The loss was crushing, and even compounded when I had to endure the taunts/jokes from people at the party. I'll be first to admit I have a thin skin. But it was literally after that party I decided that the next time i'm watching the Eagles in a Championship game, i'd rather be around fellow Eagles fans.

I basically had the idea to start "The Eagles Club" because the Steelers had their own club in Hoboken. I thought if the Steelers could get enough fans to pack a bar, so could I.  I got the word out from word-of-mouth, various websites in town, and walking around on Sundays and handing out flyers. What started from 10 people at The Farside morphed into a fully packed bar at McMahon's Ale House by the end of 2004. We were expanding at a rapid rate and I needed a larger bar.

We moved it from McMahon's to Dipper's (now Mikie Squared). I was already bartending there, and it was more centrally located. After that - the "club" took off even further. The bar changed hands and the new owners were huge Giants fans. They had zero interest in hosting the Eagles on Sunday, so I had to find a new place. Though a friend of mine, Tina G and her brother Steven, they knew about Mulligan's. The bar literally had a back room that was completely unused on Sunday football games. I approached the owner, Paul, and spoke to him, pitching my idea. I told him we wouldn't really bother the other side of the bar (ha ha ha), and that it was a win/win. He had unused space that I could fill with paying customers.

Well that was 2007 when we moved to Mulligan's and have been there ever since. 

How I feel right now is a bit odd. While I am incredibly happy, I am also a bit sad. I keep thinking of the friends and family that I would have liked to celebrate this championship with. Some have passed, like my father. Others have moved on in their lives to new jobs, families or otherwise. Some friendships have simply ended. I would have liked to celebrate in 2005, rather than 2018 and in some ways i'm jealous of the fans who are in their 20's and 30's who get to enjoy this. It's something many of us have waited for so long for. Now that it is finally here, it has just felt like its been too long. 

Also, this year has been the most fun I have had in a long time. The Eagles Club has lots of turnover - we get new faces that come and old faces that leave. Some old veterans come back to the club from time to time. I won't forget standing on top of the bar with a few of the regulars spraying champagne into the crowd, stomping on the bar and yelling until hoarse. 

Nick Foles? Very few people that saw that performance coming. I was hoping Nick could be a competent game manager, and the Eagles defense might carry the day like the Giants in 2007 or the Ravens in 2012. What I did notice earlier in the season is that the Eagles reminded me a lot of the Villanova Wildcats under Jay Wright. People talk all the time about "team", but you often get a bunch of prima donnas on football teams that ruin the chemistry - like OBJ on the Giants. Yes, OBJ is supremely talented, but the Eagles learned that mistake with T.O. in 2005. 

This team, this year was lightning in a bottle. I personally think fate and destiny just came together this year, and I have been telling people if you look over the last 2 years a lot of unpredicatable things have happened: Brexit, Cubs win a World Series 2016, Cleveland Cavaliers win an NBA championship 2016, Houston Astros win the World Series 2017, Trump wins the White House, Patriots beating Falcons by coming back 28-3 in 2017. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, it just seemed like with the way the Eagles were playing and how a lot of other teams have won in recent memory - I was thinking it felt like fate in December when the Eagles lost Carson Wentz and Nick Foles stepped in. In other years, we were doomed. I still believed that we had a chance in every game. 

I don't know what the future holds, but I have to say I can die a happy man that I was able to witness one Superbowl with the Eagles. For someone like me who has put blood, sweat and tears into this team - it feels like finishing a long marathon. Eagles fans aren't front runners. We don't expect to win every year - and you still have an extremely passionate fan base that came out in droves for the parade. I hope this is the beginning of a new dynasty. But I won't be greedy. It was just wonderful to experience this first one.

To all my friends and family, living and dead, past and present - We are winners.

1. Launch Chrome or Safari on your iPhone.
2. Go to
3. Switch to "Full Site" (there should be an open on the website somewhere).
4. At the top of the page it has a menu bar with "News Team Schedule...", click on "Schedule".
Here's a screenshot of where to click:
5. Once you open, it will show you 16 Events, and click "Add All" in the upper right corner.
6. Click "Done".

They should all be on your schedule now, you're welcome. GO BIRDS!

Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken FAQ

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Hello! Welcome to the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken Primer. Here's everything you should know about us.
Updated August 2016

Q: Isn't Mulligan's just the "Eagles Bar"?
A: Nope, nope, nope. We started the "Club" in 2004. Our first bar was at The Brownstone. Then we moved the club to Dipper's (now named Mikie Squared) and eventually settled into Mulligan's a few years ago. Sean runs the club, and also bartends at the bar on the gamedays in the back bar. As far as Mulligan's is concerned this is Sean's Private Party...for Eagles fans.

Q: What specials do you have?
A: We are sponsored by Bud Light. On gameday (when the Eagles are playing) we have $3 pints ($10 pitchers) of Bud Light and Yuengling, along with $14 buckets of domestic bottles and $16 buckets of Blue Moon bottles.

Q: Does Mulligans have a kitchen?
A: Yep, open every football game, even on Monday Night Football.

Q: I have a friend who likes to watch their team play, do you show other games?
A: Mulligan's has two distinct bars, the "main" bar and the "back" bar. The "main" bar we show all the games on Sunday, including Eagles. The "back" bar will only show Eagles games. The back bar is for Eagles fans only. Please do not bring opposing fans to the back bar. You are welcome to watch the game in the main bar with Dallas, Giants, Redskins or other fans. 

Q: I want to get a seat to watch the game. What time should I be at the bar?
A: One of the biggest issues we have is seating. We easily get 100 people at the bar, and everyone wants a seat. If you want a seat, my suggestion is showing up no later than 90 minutes before kickoff.

Q: Can I save/reserve a seat at the bar or a table?
A: There's no real issue if you are saving a seat for 1 friend. But we had problems in the past with patrons showing up and holding down 8 seats for friends who show up 5 minutes before kickoff. Please don't do that. It is basically first come, first seated - but bartenders do have the discretion to seat patrons.

Q: Do you have sound on for the game?
A: Yes! Its on both the main bar and the back bar when the Eagles play.

Q: Do you have cheesesteaks at the bar?
A: Yes! Even have Whiz.

Q: How do you organize the club?
A: We have a Facebook page: - we encourage fans of the Eagles who live in or around Hoboken to join our Facebook page. It allows us to communicate with each other not only for goings-on at the bar but people sometimes have tickets to Eagles games or events that they want to share.

Who would have thunk that starting our Eagles club in 2004 that we would still be going strong in 2011 - after 8 seasons? I'm looking forward to another season at Mulligan's Pub, 159 1st street - and glad to see we have $2 Yuenglings again this year (Thanks Paul!).

David Oliver made up a new poster to promote the club, and I have been going around to various Hoboken websites to promote it:

I just ordered my new Nnmadi Asmough jersey yesterday - and looking forward to a fun season of Eagles football at the bar.

Good or Bad?

Today will be a special top five, where I look at five reasons why McNabb's trade was a good thing or a bad thing for Eagles fans.

Lets start with the BAD:

1. Kevin Kolb is largely a X Factor. Sure, everyone lauds his two games last season when he threw two 300 yard games in a row, but so what? Week two, he also had THREE interceptions, along with those 300 yards against the Saints. He threw his second game against the Kansas City Chiefs - I could have thrown for 300 yards that game. Anyone remember Bobby Hoying? This situation reminds me of a lot like when everyone thought he was our "savior".

2. Why would the birds trade to a division rival? Lets just imagine that the birds do know something we don't know. Lets imagine that the front office just "feels good" about beating the 'skins. McNabb is going to do everything he can to win that game. Sure, football players always want to win games, but McNabb is going to be like Jaws in "Jaws: The Revenge": This time it's personal.

3. "Rebuilding": The front office won't say that, but they are just lying to themselves. This is officially a rebuilding year. The Eagles have two players over 30 years old, and both of them are the kickers (Akers / Rocca).

4. Leadership: Who leads the team now? Reid mentioned DeSean Jackson as a leader on the team. Really? The guy we drafted two years ago? Westbrook, McNabb, Dawkins, Trotter - gone. That, folks, is going to be the hardest thing to replace. Talent only takes a football player so far (i'm looking at YOU Shawn Andrews), there has to be a drive, a motor, to PLAY. My brother said it best yesterday, "If I was Reid in the next draft, I would be looking for guys with the best skillset AND the motor to play football." Vince Papale may not have been the most talented of Eagles players, but he had the most heart.

5. Welcome to mediocrity! You can love him or hate him, but the stats for McNabb show a guy who has been a winner. He didn't do it alone, but the Eagles could have traded Kolb away, extended McNabb's contract for three years and looked for another pet QB project in this draft. If you remember Kolb was drafted as insurance. I don't think the Eagles were really looking for their QB of the future, they were looking for their poor man's Jeff Garcia. Draft a new QB to take over if McNabb has another of his season ending injuries or misses multiple games. So, we took a guy who is largely proven and replaced him with someone largely unproven. Good job!

Top 5 Reasons Why It Was A Good Thing:

1. The draft is a crap shoot. But, the Eagles now have the 24 (1st), 37 (2nd), 55 (2nd), 70 (3rd), 87 (3rd), 105 (4th), 121 (4th), and 137 (5th) picks in the 1st half of the draft. This is the deepest draft in years, you are going to have guys in later rounds that have a lot of potential. Even if half of those picks pan out, you are looking at a lot of guys that could be starters. No team ever drafts a "perfect" draft, but most people would agree that the Eagles front office has been better than most other NFL teams at finding talent in later rounds in the Reid era.

2. Kolb is a fresh start. Sometimes you need to trade away talented guys to break out of a rut. When the Phillies traded Abreu to the Yankees for no-name prospects at the time the Philly fans & media went ballistic. It wasn't until later that most people realized that the Phillies cleaning house was good for the franchise - because we picked up THIS GUY to replace him. So before everyone judges the trade, lets look at the Eagles two years from now, and see what the draft picks turned into. I don't think anyone would complain if the 2nd rounder we got from McNabb turned into the equivalent of a DeSean Jackson on defense.

3. The Devil You Know. As much as trading him to a rival could be bad, you are also talking about a coach, Reid, who knows his QB's weaknesses. Each time we play the Redskins, I fully expect that Reid will unleash every trick he has to rattle McNabb. Our defense will know McNabb's play calling, mannerisms and ticks. It says a lot when the front office makes a bold move like this - they are clearly stating that McNabb (on the Redskins) doesn't scare them.

4. McNabb was good, but comes up short in big games. You can't take away from what the stats said, but what separates good players from great players are championships. We can sit here all day and claim how great the Eagles have played under McNabb, but what people remember are trophies, not statistics. The Eagles have, for years, been always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Think about how many key, critical losses the Eagles, under McNabb, has choked up and it makes you almost scream. The Super Bowl was a game where the Eagles could have won by 6-14 points if McNabb didn't throw three interceptions & understood the "hurry up offense".

5. You get value for McNabb. Let us imagine if the Eagles didn't trade anyone. Let us imagine we have three QBs going into next year, and all three have 1 year left on their contracts. The season ends and then what? You have three QBs that are all free agents and the Eagles are scrambling to woo McNabb or Kolb for a long term deal - or headed into a draft with their hat in hand looking for a QB. Or, lets say the Eagles waited until after the draft and then waited too long and are forced to trade away either Kolb or McNabb for a bad deal. No one is going to say that this was a bad deal for the Eagles. Sure, the "Boo Birds" would cry that we should have gotten a 1st round pick for the next three drafts for McNabb, but they are the knuckleheads from the 700 Level that start booing the Eagles as soon as things go sour.

If I were in charge, I would have not traded McNabb. I would have traded Kolb to get value for him, extended McNabb's contract for three years and looked for a pet project in this draft. I think that even with my reasoning above, McNabb gave the Eagles the best chance to win NOW, with the new offensive and defensive prospects that we would have surrounded him with. McNabb had some faults, but I have a hard time believing that Kolb is the answer for the Eagles for a Super Bowl trophy. I will GLADLY eat my words, but after years of hearing Andy Reid laud players like Na Brown (best hands in football!) and Todd Pinkston - I seriously question their faith in Kolb.

I wouldn't be shocked if the Eagles don't extend Kolb's contract until mid-season. I think the Eagles are on a wait-and-see right now, and if Kolb has a bad season, then they would look in 2011 to draft the QB of the future. If this week the Eagles offer Kolb a five year mega-deal then they are really in love with this guy. I just don't see it happening. I think they will wait until game 6, and if by then Kolb is 5-1, they will extend his contract.

And rumor has it that McNabb threatened to retire of we tried to trade him to the Raiders. Imagine that. We announce a trade and McNabb torpedoes it by retiring as a final "fuck you".

Also an extra top 5 things I won't miss:

1. Chunky Soup comments.
2. Mama McNabb.
3. Owens/McNabb drama.
4. McNabb throwing it in the dirt because he has no "touch".
5. McNabb's BORING personality in interviews.

Last night I was standing in Black Bear, waiting for friends to arrive. I look up at the plasma TV, and across the bottom I see "Michael Vick signs 2 year contract with Eagles".

I couldn't believe it. I started to curse like a sailor, while frantically typing on my iPhone texting my friends the news.

Everyone knows that I love animals. I grew up with every animal imaginable, thanks to my kind hearted sisters who worked at the local Veterinary hospital. You name the animal and there was a good chance that my sisters were rehabbing those hurt souls back to health, and often as a younger brother, I was curious and helpful to do my part, too.

Suffice to say, the signing really bothered me.

But I was raised a Catholic, and to this day I consider myself a spiritual, if not practicing, person. As much as I don't talk about God on my blog, my religion is and has always been a big part of my life, as a guiding force for many of my decisions and foundation to the man I am today. I don't claim to be Mother Teresa's Brother. I'm a man. A man that makes mistakes and a man that has sinned and repented for my own actions, if minor, in God's eyes over the years.

Michael Vick made a mistake. A terrible one, to helpless animals. I won't sit here and try to defend Michael Vick. Part of me, like many of you, are angry about what he did, and that's normal to feel that way.

But emotions aside, I turn to what is written in the Bible often for guidance. Just a few quotes that I think are apt in this situation:

Matthew 6:14-15
"For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."

Colossians 3:13
"Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you."

Michael's actions are his cross to bear for the rest of his life. To me, what he does off the field will determine if I forgive him. But I am also someone willing to give someone a second chance. If Michael is truly repentant for his actions, then he will prove to us that he deserves our forgiveness.

I'm still not happy about this situation. I would rather he wasn't on the Philadelphia Eagles. But I am also willing to see if he turns his life around and does the right thing to repent not only to God, but to society, for his past transgressions. He needs to prove to all of us that he is absolutely sorry, and will be a role model for the Humane Society. If he does that, I think most people, but not all, if you are religious or not, are willing to forgive him.

Getting The Word Out

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In case you didn't know already...

We have two Google Groups: The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken ( and The Philadelphia Phillies Club of Hoboken (

We also have the same groups on Facebook (Phillies: or (Eagles:

The Phillies Club meets every FRIDAY night at Mulligan's Bar (159 1st Street) during this season. We have $2 Yuenglings and $2 Bud Light pints, along with $10 buckets of Bud light bottles, for all Phillies fans EVERY Friday. Nice way to start off the weekend for those that don't have houses down the shore.

The Eagles Club meets for each game day. Last season, for the Cardinals game we had 175 Eagles fans in the bar, for example. It's loud and fun, kind of like being at the game. We have $2 Yuenglings and $2 Bud Light bottles, along with $10 Buckets of Bud Light.

If you know anyone living in or around Hoboken, feel free to send them this information!

2008 Eagles Season Perspective

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What a wild season!! For me, I have been saying we have been playing with house money, and just was happy to watch our Eagles romp over Dallas in Week 17 and destroy the Giants at home last week. I would have been 10x more unhappy with losing last week over this week and probably even would have hurt much, much worse if we didn't win the Super Bowl. Hats off to the Eagles for even getting this far, and congrats to Steelers and Cardinals fans.

A few quick hits to end the Eagles season...

1. Defense wins championships. You hear that mantra all the time. Up until today's game our defense is what carried our team to the NFC Championship, but let us down in the big game. Letting up 32 points, and 3 touchdowns by Fitzgerald is the fault of the defense and coach Johnson.

2. Sometimes I'm tired of hearing how the Eagles need a #1 wide receiver, but after watching Fitzgerald make a 37 year old quarterback look like Steve Young, you wonder a bit. I think we have a good cast of "B" WRs, but hope the Birds make some moves in the offseason.

3. The Cardinals/Eagles was a winnable game, I think the key was the Eagles not adjusting until the second half on defense. If they played the first half defensively like they played the second half, Eagles would be going to the Super Bowl.

4. I'm still thinking that only a few weeks ago everyone, including myself, figured the season was over and today you have people cursing the high heavens that we didn't go to the Super Bowl. Today's game was a perfect example of our entire season, we should never have been down 24-6 to begin with, and that falls on the coaches for being underprepared for today's game.

5. I still think McNabb is a very good quarterback. I still think Reid is a very good coach. Sadly, none can really be called "excellent" until they get a Super Bowl ring. 5 Championship games in 8 years is remarkable, but if you are the owner, something has to be done to fix this. Personally, I think the first step is getting Reid to step down from the GM spot. He had multiple years at the coach/GM position and we need to get someone in there to evaluate talent & the draft day trades a bit better. top 5 draft or free agent order of true needs...

So the season is over, where do the Birds need to fill up holes? I still believe that the Eagles have a good core group, i'm not one of those fans who are howling for Reid or McNabb to go (but firmly believe that Reid needs to step down from GM...the experiment is over and no Super Bowl rings means that we have to change something).

Remember that next season, both Runyan and fellow offensive tackle Tra Thomas are among the Eagles' seven potential unrestricted free agents. That group also includes safeties Brian Dawkins and Sean Considine, tight end L.J. Smith, running back Correll Buckhalter and cornerback Joselio Hanson. Receiver Hank Baskett and Nick Cole are both eligible to become restricted free agents.

1. Offensive Lineman. I'd be shocked if the Birds don't use 1 of the 2 1st round picks on someone to replace Runyan or Thomas. Expect Andrews back next year barring any setbacks from his depression, and I would think they slide him to the outside.

2. Safety. I expect that the Eagles will sign Dawkins to a 2 year deal or something, but we have to build for the future now. I love his heart and hard hits, but Dawk is a liability in coverage. Everyone knows it. We need to get some young talent in the secondary.

3. Defensive end. Trent Cole can only do so much alone. This is a definite top 3 draft pick, depending on who falls where. Everyone is double teaming Cole and if the Birds get a great defensive end (Julius Peppers is going to be a free agent for example, imagine landing him...) - we would have an incredible line.

4. Running back. We need to either sign Buckhalter or get another younger 3rd down back or both. Westbrook is an exceptional player, but isn't capable to go the entire season as the only running back. Every year we hear by week 12 that he isn't practicing anymore. The guy needs help.

5. Wide Receiver. I would hope that the Birds pull something out of their hat this year and maybe grab Boldin as a free agent. Imagine Boldin, Jackson and Curtis as #1, #2, #3 WRs, and that wouldn't be too shabby. I wouldn't cry if the Eagles package both #1's, trade up to the #7 or 8 spot and get Crabtree. As much as i'd rather save both those picks for two GOOD players, the Eagles need a "sexy" pick for once. Something like that would placate the fans tremendously during the offseason.

Classic Picture...

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This was from last week's game for Eagles vs Giants.

I saw this on the TV and was happy that Getty images also captured it. If you don't know who this is, that's fine. If you do, enjoy.

The Day Of Infamy

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My weekend was good. If you didn't read, I was interviewed by the Philadelphia Daily News about my Eagles club here.

Of course, after reading the article I was happy, then the comments came along. I guess what Tina Fey said yesterday at the Golden Globes says it all..

There's a few non-championship playoff games that go down in our collective sports history that I remember as the "best" ever. I'm sure to say that beating the Giants, the #1 seed, at East Rutherford, with all the hype surrounding this game...was unbelievable. There were moments i'm watching the game in disbelief, much like some of the Phillies game this season, where i'm watching history happen. I honestly believe that just some things are starting fall into place to make this a magical year.

Rivalries are made by games like this. The Giants fans were giving me grief all week long, but most were secretly nervous. For good reason. Giants lost 3 of their 4 regular season games, and lost the momentum of their 11-1 start.

Most sports writers and newscasts have covered what happened yesterday. I can go over the obvious, but they have already done so. The better team won.

One thing that always has gotten me over my years here is how Giants fans complain that Eagles fans are so proud of their team even though we haven't won a Super Bowl. The proof is in our recent history. We have been to five NFC Championship games in the last eight years. Everyone has a different measure of success. To me, the Eagles have been a successful team, albeit without the rings to prove it, for the better part of this century.

Eagles are on to Arizona, the House Of Cards, and are the early favorites. We can only hope that the Birds don't deflate after this big win, or look past the Cardinals. This has been just a great year to be a Philadelphia sports fan, and win or lose next week, it's just been a wild, fun year. No matter what happens in the upcoming games, I have had one of the most memorable years as an Eagles fan with two critical wins over our NFC East rivals.

Birds Of A Feather

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I'm sure we are in for an interesting week at work.

Suffice to say, i'm having fun at the moment. This is the best part of football. The excitement leading up to the game day. The trash talking. The news and analysis. I'm having a blast, considering that only a few weeks ago it seemed like our season was over.

The Eagles are playing on borrowed time. They know it. The big question will be for how long. Can they keep the momentum going for three more games?

Giants are a good team, and entered the post season losing 3 of their last 4, after starting at 11-1. They certainly are the favorites, with homefield advantage and their players are rested for an extra week.

The Giants & Eagles both have two similar objectives for this game:

1. Focus on the run game. Eagles will focus on Jacobs/Ward and Giants focus on Westbrook. Shut them down and that's a key to winning a big battle. You saw what the Eagles did to Adrian Peterson, and I expect they will take the same battle to the Giants RBs.

2. Put pressure on the quarterbacks. The Giants pass rush in the 2nd half of the season has been nonexistent, after putting 30 sacks on the books in the 1st half. The Eagles defense has been very good for the last few weeks, and been able to stop the run effectively and get the quarterbacks out of their rythym with good bliztes. Giants need to figure out a way to get McNabb out of the pocket, he is most dangerous if he has time to sit back and pick apart the Giants defense.

That's where they have two common objectives. The Giants need to just stay committed to the run game. The biggest Eagles weakness is late in the game, when a team has been pounding the ball, and they start to let up bigger and bigger running plays. Also, I fully expect that if the Giants can utilize Kevin Boss more, that would be a key to the blitz happy Eagles - have Boss ready as a 'outlet' pass if Eli sees the blitz.

If i'm the Eagles, my goal would be keeping 8 in the box (Dawkins), and force Eli to beat us with his arm. I'm not scared of Toomer, Hixon or Smith, no more than Giants fans are scared of Jackson, Curtis or Avant. Certainly any of those WRs are capable of a big play, but none are a threat like Plaxico would be, often drawing double coverage.

I laugh at all the similarities to the 2008 Eagles to the 2007 Giants. 2007 Giants were a #5 seed, they barely made the playoffs, their coach was under heavy scrutiny from their fans, they went to Tampa and won, only to face the #1 seed Cowboys...and we know the rest.

This year we have the #6 seed Eagles, who barely made the playoffs, their coach is under heavy scrutiny from their fans, and they went to Minnesota and won, only to face the #1 seed Giants...and we will soon know the rest.

If you are around this weekend, and an Eagles fan, you know the bar where The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken gathers - Mulligan's! Also if you are on Facebook, we now have a Facebook group formed, just search for it and feel free to join us.

Birds In The Playoffs!

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I haven't written much on the birds this season. With the Phillies overshadowing the Eagles regular season, and many games that tore my heart out, it has been hard to get excited for the Birds.

Suffice to say, today was the best Eagles game I have watched in the last...20 years.

Complete domination. Against a team that every Eagles fans hates...Dallas.

If you told me the final score was going to b 44-6 today, I would have assumed you meant Dallas beating Eagles. That's Philly. That's our history. That's our legacy. But it seems that things have been changing.

Phillies won the World Series and it's like all the rules are going out the window. The cursed teams of my generation are gone, replaced by inspired teams of a new generation.

Eagles to the Super Bowl? Who knows?

But honestly to end the season this way, with a remarkable win over a dreaded rival. The stars align just right for us to get a playoff shot. We get the #6 seed with the Vikings next week. Christmas was 3 days late for a bunch of Eagles fans.

The bar was out of control at Mulligans. Haven't seen that much excitement and cheering since October. Win or lose, this was a game to savor not just this week, but for years to come. A delightful win to a tough season.

Bring on the Vikings!

Eagles Vs Rams 2008

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Another season with The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken underway, and here's a few pictures to go along with our opening day:

A dominating win by the Birds on Sunday, and I think the true test will be next week against Dallas. 3 WRs on the Eagles with 100+ yards, a stingy defense that let up only 3 points and one of the best opening days I have seen with the Eagles in years. The bar was rowdy, fun and loud with cheering and chanting.

It was great to meet so many of the new people at the bar, and of course my old regulars. A special shout out to one of our founding members - Kathleen who is getting married and moving to California - thanks for all the memories and support Kathleen and best of luck in Santa Monica!

Another Eagles Season Begins!

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Here we go again.

It's our 5th year organized in Hoboken, and we are almost at 140 members in the Eagles Google group, and I couldn't be happier.

This is a make or break year for Donovan. Make no bones about it, Kolb is waiting in the wings if McNabb gets hurt and/or if the Eagles don't make the playoffs - fully expect McNabb to be traded (i'd expect they want that to an AFC team!), and the Kolb era begins.

Me? I like #5. I think if you watch, most of the mistakes are on our WRs with drops/routes, not with McNabb's accuracy. I'm not sure why the birds don't aggressively go after a better WR for him, but i'm not a GM so who knows.

My top 5 things to watch for this Sunday (besides McNabb):

1. We have one, count 'em, one fullback on the team - the converted RB Mike Hunt. This is the guy who has got to protect McNabb on passing plays and open up holes for Westbrook on running plays. Keep an eye on him.

2. Blitzing. With 3 corners that would start on any team (Samuel, Brown and Sheppard) I fully expect nickel packages galore with corners being very aggressive because the Eagles can afford single coverage. I'd be shocked if we sit back this game.

3. Stewart Bradley & Co: Lots of question marks. Can our new linebackers contain Steven Jackson? How is Stewart going to handle running the defense? They are all quick, fast, big linebackers, at the SAM and MIKE positions the Eagles haven't had since the days of Jeremiah Trotter and Carlos Emmons. Question is will they have the heart that Trotter had?

4. No Brown, No Curtis, No Problem? If you haven't heard, Brown didn't practice on Thursday, which usually means he isn't starting on Sunday. Curtis is out with his sports hernia. Our starters are rookie DeSean Jackson and the combo platter of Baskett/Lewis with a sprinkling of Avant. Our WR situation was average enough to begin with, now our backups are starting. Thank God it is the Rams and not Dallas.

5. Juqua Parker, your time has arrived. Juqua (pronounced juh-QUAY), our 2005 pickup, changed his name last March from Juqua Thomas to Parker (at the request of his father, who died in 2005) is our starting DE now that Victor Abiamiri is recovering from wrist surgery. I know some of you are like "WHO ARE THEY", but that's why I write this stuff, so you can REALLY know who some key players are. Last season, our pass rush was inconsistent, with only 12 sacks in 9 games. It would be key to see the birds come out with a crippling pass rush this game and have Bulger running for his life.

We are gathering this Sunday on a beautiful 82 degree day at Mulligan's. I spoke to our friends at Anheiuser Busch, and they will have the Bud Light people at the bar with giveaways and prizes. Our beer specials are $2 drafts / $8 pitchers of Yuengling and Bud, Bud Light. $10 buckets of Bud or Bud Light bottles. Plus, this year we have $1 off all other draft beers in the bar during the game. The kitchen will be open and ready to feed you (I love their cajun chicken sandwich).

Also, i'd like to get the club picture in during halftime outside the bar. I only ask it once a year, and if you can take 10 minutes to step outside (don't worry I will have a bullhorn this year to get everyone's attention lol) and we will take a quick group picture of us in our Eagles gear in front of the bar.

Go Birds!

Mulligan's 2006:
Mulligan's 2007:

As many of you know, I run the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken. We started it 5 years ago with help from my friends and the kindness of our friends at McMahon's Brownstone.

Our gatherings quickly grew and grew and we had to move to locations to accomodate our growing fan base. Two years ago we made our new "nest" at Mulligan's, and we have been extremely happy.

But, as I quickly learned - old friends leave and new friends come into Hoboken, and often, lots of people don't even know that we have a mailing list.

Yep, we have 200+ members on our Facebook Group, and I encourage YOU to sign up, or if you have a friend in town who is a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you can forward them the link:

It has our schedule, news, info and I sent a weekly newsletter about the next matchup. I don't give out anyone's email address to third party vendors, and you can easily unsubscribe from the group anytime you like.

Our first game at Mulligan's will be Sunday, September 7th at 1pm when the Eagles play the Rams.

I wrote this letter to Jason Mulgrew from He is an avid Eagles fan, and a very funny writer and wrote this on his website:

"The Eagles signing of Asante Samuel is an unequivocal and absolute fucking disgrace. It's not even that the contract is gaudy, - even though it is, but at least it's somewhat close to market value - but to give almost $60 million to a cornerback when they have more pressing needs is majorly, majorly upsetting to me. And while he's had a good career, he was DOGGED in the Super Bowl and will forever be remembered as the guy who got beat on one of the most famous plays in Super Bowl history. Bottom line: it was man-on-man, Samuel on Tyree, and if makes that play, the game is over and New England wins (well, it would have been 4th and 5, but still). Also, if he had made that pick on other play, NE would have won. TWICE, in the sport's biggest game, he had the opportunity to SECURE THE CHAMPIONSHIP - AND HE BLEW IT. And the Eagles just gave him $60 million. What the fuck.

Enjoy your $60 mil, dickhead. And welcome to Philadelphia.

(I am so enraged right now that my weekend is in danger of being ruined. Seriously.)

(Also, and I'm not saying anything that hasn't been covered in the press ad nauseum, but did the SB teach us nothing if not that the key to a successful pass defense is a successful rush? And look how much Clements and Lewis helped SF's secondary this year - oh wait, they didn't at all. Jesus Christ. The only hope I have is that Asante gives the d-line an extra half-second to get to the QB and thus get the sack, but c'mon. I am SO SO angry right now. I can't stop TYPING IN CAPS. Damn it.)

(Finally, I dare anyone to defend this move to me. It is indefensible. Sorry, there are two ways it's defensible: 1) If this somehow springs us to sign playmakers on the offensive side of the ball; 2) If someone comes to my house and blows me twice a day, every day, that Asante Samuel is an Eagle. If one of these two things happen, I might be ok with this signing. Might.)"

This is my email response below:

Before Asante was signed, I would say these are our (I use "our" when referring to the Eagles) needs, in priority to draft needs:

1. Offensive lineman. Runyan and Thomas are fucking ancient (but still workhorses) and Shawn Andrews can't do it alone. Winston Justice got owned last year (I actually think we gotta give a rookie a break in that situation it would be like you playing point guard against Iverson), and McNabb ended up on his back more times last year than Lindsay Lohan. If McNabb doesn't have protection, how the fuck is he going to throw the ball? Everyone whines about getting a WR, but McNabb NEEDS TIME TO THROW. Look at Eli. He sucks moose cock and has all day to sit in the pocket, type out a email, then throw blind Hail Mary's that Toomer catches for a 28 yard gain. So my #1 pick in the draft is an offensive linemen. Not a sexy pick, not anything that the yahoo armchair coaches from would want, but it's what I would pick (depending on what drops).

2. We have no depth in our secondary. Lito is always injured for at least 3 games a year. Dawk is 35, and doesn't have the bounce back like he did at 25. Sean Constandine is great if he was on fucking Oakland or Arizona, but for an Eagles safety, he's average at best. Sheldon Brown is good, solid, but I have seen him get burned A LOT, especially in the Red Zone where he just can't match up on those jump balls to Plaxico or Owens. Ok, so that's our secondary, along with WILLIAM JAMES, JOSELIO HANSON (nickel corner) and J.R. REED (safety, kick off returner). It was sad to see who we were putting on the field last year. We absolutely needed more depth here, especially after Lito and Dawk were both off the field our secondary was woefully average.

3. Defensive Linemen - our ends are Abiamiri, Thomas & Cole (Howard and Kearse excluded b/c they are goners). Tackles Patterson, Bunkley, Van Oelhoff (should I bother including Reagor or Ramsey?). Wow, really fucking impressive list of names there, right? Our "stud" was Cole who had 12.5 sacks...after him was a huge drop off Thomas with 5. As a comparison Osi had 13 sacks, Tuck has 10 sacks, Strahan had 9 sacks...That's three Giants with a combined 32 sacks for the year. Our entire team registered around 30 sacks. We gotta get help here for Cole. We tried with the big splashy signing of Kearse and Howard which should have made us a MONSTER line, but we sucked. We absolutely need more talent here because repeat after me: DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

4. WR - I think we had good WRs, but with #1 it was even worse when McNabb is harried and hurried. Everyone talks about "This is Reggie Brown's 3rd year so he's going to EXPLODE." Well, he didn't. Maybe year 4 can be better, who knows? We have capable WRs, but we don't have someone to stretch the field. We don't have a guy who is big and can jump up and bring down a "jump ball" kind of pass like Plax or Owens. Also sort of included in WRs are our TEs - imagine if the birds had Jason Witten to pass to? Holy shit that would be fucking amazing. Bottom line is that I agree that we can use help, but I really put this at #3 of our pressing needs.

I think with #2 and #4 it would be great to get help in the form of someone who is a kick or punt returner and also plays in extended situations (like at nickel or dime packages).

Ok, now lets look at Asante.

He's basically a healthy version of Lito. Now lets remember even before we got Asante we had Mr. Crybaby (Lito) saying how he wasn't paid enough. He's always due to be hurt in the season, yet he cries he isn't getting paid enough. Ummmmm, what?

So what's our choices. Pay Lito to shut him up and hope that he doesn't continue to get hurt. Or pay Asante, who will come here, all happy, play good enough (he isn't a shut down corner, but he's solid, depenable and HAPPY WITH HIS PAYCHECK....and oh, yea - can play in 16 games a season!). Then we have Lito.

Ok, Lito has basically made it known that he doesn't like his paycheck. Now that it's public you know that the Philadelphia media or ESPN Eagles haters won't let this die. They will repeat ad nauseum about how Lito is unhappy and analyze every burp, hiccup and fart from Lito for the next 3 years to gauge his unhappiness. Look at the Owens, Iverson, Barkley history as good examples how the media helped the Drama Queens to blow everything up and ran our stars out of town. Lito is gone if the right offer is out there. Or maybe the Eagles keep him a year. If Lito could shut up, or we paid him, imagine this secondary:

Left Corner: Asante Samuel
Right Corner: Lito Sheppard
Strong Safety: Brian Dawkins
Free Safety: Sheldon Brown or Constandine
Nickel: Sheldon Brown or Hanson
Dime: Hanson?

Bottom line is that is much, much, much more impressive and much deeper depth if Lito comes up lame in a game. Or you package Lito with your #1 draft pick and move up in the draft and pick something. Here's the two picks i'd grab with my #1 pick (and also assuming that Lito is gone).

1. I'd grab an offensive linemen like I wrote before. Someone who you can make the future tandem of Shawn Andrews & "Future 2008 Draft Pick" who will replace Runyan and Tre (now William) Thomas. Groom the kid as a guard like Andrews for now, figure that Justice will get better and you have a fairly good looking offensive line.

2. I'd make a strong play to snap up Leodis McKelvin. Here's what Mel Kiper wrote:
"Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy (5-10 1/2, 185) Not only is McKelvin a very good cover man with superior recovery ability (he runs in the 4.38 range) and the aggressiveness to get the job done in run support, he also has made a name for himself as the top return man in the entire nation. He has stood out this season in games against the likes of Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma State and Georgia. With his speed and versatility, McKelvin will bring great value to a football team."

I completely agree here and Eagles get to cover two key needs: Depth on the secondary and much needed help in our return game. Imagine the Birds with a speedy kick returner that can actually *GASP* return a kickoff for a TD? When's the last time you saw that? Was it Westbrook like 4 years ago? I would absolutely get rid of Lito, see about packaging a deal to move up to the #12 spot and grabbing this kid. You have a new fresh talent to groom in nickel situations (which replaces Hanson) and our return game (which replaces Reed). Also you get to cut Reno Mahe who is taking up room on our bench because he's the only idiot who has sure hands but concrete legs.

Asante was a good pick up, especially when you take it into consideration of where the Eagles have the most pressing needs & the new "Lito Drama" that we just don't need to distract us. I know everyone is foaming at the mouth for a WR, and I certainly think if at the #2 pick there's something to snap up, i'd say go for it. I don't see any first round WRs that really impress the hell out of me. Some look VERY GOOD, but there's not a WR that if the Eagles move up in the draft that i'd pick over Leodis McKelvin (only because he fills two huge needs for the birds - depth in our secondary and a kick returner).


This is one of those kind of videos that make me cringe to watch it. The team wearing Michael Jackson-esque "Thriller" leather outfit or Cosby-sweaters. Randall is the only one who looks semi-normal in his Miami Vice Don Johnson suit. I never knew our team made a crappy rap song, but it was for charity and I guess that's a good thing. I felt bad watching Luis Zendejas (the kicker of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1988) try to rap.

If you all remember, this rap was before The Fog Bowl, which was easily my first memory growing up of watching a terrible loss by our sports teams in Philly I remember being 16 at the time, this was a bitter loss just before New Year's Eve.

Thanks to Kathleen for the forward!


Over the last three days I have heard from various Giant fans about how happy they were on Sunday that they dominated the Eagles.

I have heard from various fans. Some are more rational about how they won, some are completely irrational. The rational fans I talk to agree about certain key reasons why they won, noting that the Giants anemic offense was just enough to win. The irrational fans see the game in a different light, as if they won 36-3, not 16-3. I note that the Eagles had something like double digit penalties that game, along with the 12 sacks. I think if anything I take away is that the Eagles weren't prepared and that falls on the shoulders of Andy Reid.

Here's a few thoughts I had about Sunday...

  • We didn't have Brian Westbrook, which allows your defense to be more aggressive and he is our #1 pass blocker. Did you see Reno Mahe get run over by your defense in blitzes? Reno is a guy who we picked up as a free agent for special teams, and simply was out matched.
  • Add to that Winston Justice was replacing our pro-bowl OT William Thomas (formerly Tre Thomas). I'm not taking away from what Osi did, but you have to consider that Justice was also not ready for this. I blame Andy Reid for not adjusting for the mauling going on there, but it wasn't just Osi who was sacking McNabb.
  • Two key pro-bowlers missing on our offense helped the Giants defense play very well and aggressive. Again, not to take away from the Giants defense, but I think it would have been a completely different offense if we had our players in there and healthy.
  • What was Eli's numbers? 14 for 26, 135 yards 1 TD, 1 int. Ward rushed for 80 yards on 19 attempts.
  • Pro-bowl Dawkins out, Pro-Bowl Lito Sheppard out, we have 2 of 4 starters in the secondary out. We still limited the Giants to 16 points, and we couldn't have been as aggressive as we wanted to be with those two starters out. William James had a key pass interference penalty on the 3 yard line that killed us.
  • Giants offense did just enough to win the game, especially the special teams work by Feagles to pin us twice on the 5 yard line. We had two Pro-Bowl starters out on defense, and that was a key issue for the Eagles. Eli did his old "just enough to win" passing and i'm still not impressed with him. He should have picked us apart, and he didn't.

To the Giant fans, hey, congrats. You won a good game, and deserved to win. But I think this would have been a completely different game if we didn't have 5 of our Pro Bowl players benched due to injuries. Next game at the Linc, I think if we have all our players back and you have your players, it will be a different story.

As one person wrote this week, "It was a tough game, I felt like I was a Giants fan."

Eagles Club On Google Groups

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Lots of people have been emailing me for updates on the Eagles Club. To manage it more efficiently, I created an Eagles Group. You can invite your friends, talk about the Eagles and get all your information there for the season at Mulligan's bar.

I also added to the sidebar, the link to our group, and the ability to join the club.

Google Groups
Subscribe to Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken
Visit this group

I hope to see everyone out this year. Mulligan's has been taking a lot of steps to make the club even better, and I think everyone will like the changes in store. If there is any suggestions or questions you have, feel free to email me, and I will see what we can do!

Eagles Draft Grade: C


Yep. That's my draft grade. I was tempted to give them a "D", but allow me to explain.

If you know me, you know i'm a huge AR supporter. I love Andy. I really do. I think he is a good coach, and exactly the kind of coach Philadelphia needs. Philly is a tough town, and you need a guy who doesn't say very much to the media. You need a guy who makes the decisions, bad or good, and doesn't back down from them. You need a guy who produces, consistently, and AR has produced (our record really says it all).

With that being said, i'm very unhappy about the draft.

Now, I will be first to admit that I don't watch a tremendous amount of college football. I see highlights and I do read up on scouting reports for 1st round selections for the draft, but that's about it. So take my rant with a grain of salt. I am no more of an expert than most of the Eagle fans out there. But I will rant anyhow, because, well, that's what I do.

I think we all can agree that the first selection for the Eagles is something that is bothering about 90% of the fans out there. I went to the Eagles message board and basically wrote I was embarassed to be an Eagles fan (at 3am on a Saturday after bartending).

Maybe I overreacted, but - COME ON.

The first pick was a quarterback?

Look, i'm with ya on the whole McNabb thing. His injuries have been strange. Quirky. I really don't see him as damaged goods, just a guy with incredibly back luck. I think he could be a superbowl QB, and is just one game away from going from Peyton Manning Curse to Peyton Manning Blessing.

I don't know squat about Kolb. But I do know that when just about every pundit says, "What were the Eagles thinking..." that more than likely the Eagles just screwed the pooch on that pick. Could we all be wrong in 3 years when he is the starter or traded away for another 2nd round pick? Maybe. I'm sure it would be awesome to be wrong here, but maybe i'm short sighted. My main three needs were: safety, cornerback and running back for our first three picks.

Next pick was Victor Abiamiri in the second round. Ok, a defensive end. Again, not really impressed here with a DE pick. I know the whole "Pick the best player possible" theory, and I do, in a way, agree with it, but i'd still be looking for other help here. I'm still scracthing my head.

3rd round pick was Stewart Bradley, a linebacker. Ok, I'm down with that. We do need to start thinking about replacing Trotter and Jones asap. Trotter has maybe a year left in the tank, in my opinion. Dhiani Jones should be off the team very soon. With Gocong back from his injury last year, it is really like we have two new draft picks at LB to compete during the offseason. Overload, for sure.

The second 3rd round pick was Tony Hunt. Again, don't really know Tony Hunt, but I do know that RB is a position we need help at. Kudos to that pick, if he works out. We definitely needed insurance for Buckhalter, and someone who can pound the ball. I love watching Westbrook fly over the tackles and into the end zone, but we have to protect someone like Westbrook from wearing down by getting a big back to smash into the end zone and run the clock late in the games.

Eagles didn't have a 4th rounder, and honestly, talking about picks from the 5th through the 7th is usually stupid. Yes, the rare gem can emerge from there, but these are probably all going to be more special team picks for the next year and one or two could possibly become a starter. Who that is will be a crap shoot. I'd like to see free safety CJ Gaddis work out, but do you really think a 5th round pick is going to replace Dawkins?

But only time can tell about a draft. In two years we can rate a draft. Which is why we now can rate the Eagles 2005 draft.

Mike Patterson? Reggie Brown? Matt McCoy? Ryan Moats? Sean Considine? Todd Herremans? Trent Cole?

Should all be familiar names, because they are all fairly active for the team for greater or lesser degrees. Mike Patterson inked a 7 year 32M extension Nov 2, 2006, so you know the team loves this guy. Trent Cole signed a 5 year extension only four days later. Reggie Brown we got because of that trade to Miami for AJ Feeley, and he's our #1 WR. Ryan Moats will probably get traded soon. Sean Considine and Todd Herremans are starters. Matt McCoy is probably not going to make the cut with Gocong and Stewart Bradley battling for a spot.

If you ask me the 2005 draft was solid, maybe a few exceptions there, but we have a bunch of starters in those picks. Maybe a bit of trust is needed with the organization. In two years we may look back and say, "Wow, they did a great job."

But until that happens, I still give them a C.

Eagles New Quarterback!

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I just got this over email...

Team owner Jeffery Lurie had put together the perfect team for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The only thing missing was a good quarterback. He had scouted all the
colleges and even the Canadian and European Leagues, but he couldn't
find a ringer who could ensure a Super Bowl victory.

One night while watching CNN, he saw a war-zone scene in Afghanistan.
In one corner of the background, he spotted a young Afghani soldier with
a truly incredible arm. He threw a hand-grenade straight into a window
from 80 yards away. He then threw another from 50 yards down a chimney,
and finally hit a passing car going 80 miles per hour.

"I've got to get this guy!" Lurie said to himself "He has the perfect arm!"

He brings the young Afghan to the States and teaches him the great game
of football ...sure enough the Eagles go on to win the Super Bowl. The
young Afghan is hailed as a hero of football, and when the coach asks
him what he wants, all the young man wants to do is call his mother.

"Mom," he says into the phone, "I just won the Super Bowl!"

"I don't want to talk to you," the old Muslim woman says. "You deserted
us. You are not my son."

"Mother, I don't think you understand," pleads the son, "I've just won
the greatest sporting event in the world!"

"No! Let me tell you," his mother retorts, "At this very moment there
are gunshots all around us. The neighborhood is a pile of rubble. Your
two brothers were beaten within an inch of their lives last week, and I
have to keep your sister in the house so she doesn't get raped!"

Eagles Off-Season Overview

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Well, well, well.

If you are a die hard, like me, and have been watching the Eagles, I bet you have some raised eyebrows today.

Before I delve into the trade, lets go over the people we lost this season:

1. Michael Lewis: Farewell Mike, we hardly knew ya. I'd say that this was a loss for the team, but certainly his production waned in the last year. Part of me thinks that his production waned because the coaches put in other players over him to give them playing time, rather than his skill. That's just my opinion.

2. Rod Hood: I'll miss Rod. I liked him. Sort of like Al Harris but without all the penalty flags around him. He wanted his shot to be a #1, and he can't languish on the Eagles hoping that someone gets injured for his chance.

3. Shawn Barber: I'm still angry he turned us down to go to Kansas City 3 years ago. He should have stayed. He's old, and I don't care that he left.

4. Jeff Garcia: Look, I think Jeff far exceeded anyone's expectations, including myself. I don't think anyone expected he would be such a tremendous player and leader to get us into the 2nd round of the playoffs and nearly upsetting the Saints. As Caesarion learned from Octavius, there can be only one Caesar. I don't think it would have been very good for the Eagles to have Garcia on the bench if McNabb was having a bad game. Imagine the fans & the press in Philly the day after a disasterous loss to the Cowboys or Giants? It would be "Put in Garcia!" headlines. I think Jeff did a great job, and I think everyone in Philly thanks him for it. But that aside, McNabb is our quarterback and will be for the next 4 years, at least, if not longer, before his performance would really be questioned. Look at Peyton Manning as an example. Colts were a good teams, always in contention, for years. He couldn't get over that hump (thanks, in part, to New England). Now that he finally did it, he's the golden child in Indy. McNabb has the same demons to exorcize, but his issue is injury. I'm all for Jeff going to another team and wish him well.

5. Darwin Walker: Hate to see him go, but he basically became expendable with Reagor signed and the chance to snap up TKO.

Here's what I see with notable re-signs and new players:

1. Montae Reagor: I can't say I know who he was on the Colts. He has 162 tackles and 16 sacks in 8 NFL seasons. 2 sacks a season on average? Meh. Also his eye injury isn't thrilling me much. At 6'3 and 280 pounds he needs a few more cheesesteaks in him to crack 300 pounds. We need a fat boy in the middle.

2. Kevin Curtis: Lots of people speculating that he is just as good as Donte' Stallworth, when they look at the stats. I know a few Rams fans who also said they really liked the kid. Considering the Eagles spent $32 million on the guy, I have a strong feeling they did their homework here. For the West Coast offense, I think he will be a good fit. Give me someone who can run crisp routes and have good hands. Just don't give me Na Brown.

3. Takeo Spikes: When he was a free agent 2 years ago, I was hoping the Eagles would try to pick him up. He went to the Bills and had 2 pro-bowl seasons before he injured his achilles in 2005. In 2006 he started off a bust rusty and tweaked his hamstring, missing 4 games. By the end of the season, he was looking very good, but it will be hard to tell how he plays for the Eagles. Personally, i'm cautiously optimistic. I think with Jim Johnson unleashing him on a downhill attack, TKO will be the kind of linebacker that can freak out offenses. I fully expect that Takeo will be replacing Dhani Jones. I expect the starting three to be Trotter, Spikes and Gathier, which I think will be our best linebacking core in the last 5 years.

Ze Draft!

Here's the positions we still need to address for the draft...

1. Secondary: I'd throw a first round pick here. Get me a safety or corner. Why? Well, for one, Dawkins isn't getting any younger. I love Dawk and would clone him to make an army of superheroes for our team, but we can't do that....yet. We seriously need to get depth in our secondary with Lewis and Hood gone. I'd also use a 4th or 5th round pick on a defensive back, too. We should get some compensation picks to use in the 4th round for losing Hood or Lewis.

2. Wide Receiver: Yes, I know we need a WR. This year is a great year for WR, from what the experts say. The problem I have is that it is really a crapshoot with WR. Look at Fast Freddie. Where's he now? I'd spend a 2nd rounder on that position.

3. Linebacker: Sure, we got Takeo. We have McCoy and Gathier in the wings. I still say get another LB, because Trotter is getting long in the teeth, and we will need to address this eventually. If Trotter left tomorrow who would be our linebackers? Takeo, Gathier and...? McCoy? Gathier? Both are questionable, and you gotta have depth there.

4. Quarterback: Sorry, Holcomb doesn't get me that excited. Get a QB in the mix with a later pick.

5. Offensive Line: Worth a mid round pick because Runyan and Thomas are both getting old. I know it sounds like a broken record, but we have a lot of older key players that are an injury away from leaving us with a huge gaping hole. Runyan or Thomas gets injured, i'd slide Andrews out from guard to tackle and plug in Winston Justice as a guard. You are going to want to have depth here, and worth a 4th round pick on this.

6. Running back: Buck is back, but a late draft pick should be set aside for running back. Someone big and quick, used to relieve Buck or for goal line situations. I can see this being used by the 3rd or 4th round.

With a good draft, I think the Eagles are going to be in great shape next year, but there are notable question marks that could make things hard on us. The number one question mark will be McNabb. Personally, since I know a thing about leg injuries, I think its very hard to be 100% before year one. I think when September rolls around, he will be about 85%. He will be able to run on it, but won't be quite as fast. Realistically it won't be until 2008 that he is 100%. Fortunately, he is a QB. Which is good, in my opinion versus being in a position that is so dependant upon speed (like WR or RB). I think he will be able to move around, in the pocket and won't have major issues throwing the ball. Just have to design lots of plays that allow him to quickly dump the ball and avoid getting hit.

Our run defense looks a lot better, and our pass rush is going to be extremely better with The Freak back. Lots of us forget that last season we basically played without our best defensive lineman. Also I expect next season to be a make or break season for Broderick Bunkley. Will he be another McDougle? God I hope not. The kid needs to spend the entire offeseason just working on technique. I think he can be very good if he gets the right training.

With the current off-season moves by the front office, i'm fairly satisfied that the Eagles addressed the LB, WR and DT situation, which gives us depth at key positions that we really needed help at. I'm looking forward to the draft, and just waiting for that first minicamp!!

The Saints March On...


Originally uploaded by Furey.
Congratulations to the Saints.

It was a fun night, even in a loss, and I feel nothing to be ashamed about (I write this as I post pictures of me in an Eagles helmet...). The Eagles played a great game, had some costly penalties that changed the outcome considerably. I'm just amazed at the crowd we got at Mulligan's - the bouncers told me we had 158 Eagle fans and 2 Saints fans. Wow.

I absolutely thought we were going to win that game. I have no real game changing reasons why we lost, I think Reggie Bush did an incredible job and Deuce McAllister simply ran all over us. The defense did the best it could, but certainly we hurt without Lito.

No one expected the Eagles to even get this far. We beat the Cowboys on Christmas Day. We beat the Giants in the playoffs. We put a scare into New Orleans and lost by 3. To me, that just proves that the window ISN'T closing on the Eagles and they, even without McNabb and Jevon Kearse, are a team to be reckoned with.

I uploaded all the pictures from last night. I hope you enjoy them, and hope to see everyone at the bar next season in August for the pre-season 2007 Eagles.

WMMR Eagles vs Saints Song


This made me chuckle...

Work Safe. I'm reading the message board on the Eagles site and a few rabid Saints fans are there and posting like they "deserve" to win because of Katrinia. That's silly. Some even wrote how the "refs will be on our side, too" - rather than hoping for a fair game they want the refs to be more sympathetic towards their team and help them win?

Seriously, I don't get people sometimes.

I'm looking forward to Saturday night. Win or lose, i'm really just happy we beat the Giants. I could not have taken an entire off season working and living in Hoboken and having those fans try to rub it in my face. If we lose next week, I still walk away amazed at what a great season our birds have been having. If we win, its another notch in our belt - another Divisional Championship appearance - and that is when I get REALLY excited to be one game away from a Super Bowl.

Right now i'm not thinking Super Bowl. Looking forward to a fun, feisty crowd at Mulligan's on Sunday. From what I was told by my friends, Mulligan's was insane on Sunday. I can't wait to bring my camera and take some pictures of the fans and the bar.

The Devil You Know

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What an incredible season.

Up and downs. Pitfalls and peaks. A stunning comeback of a team reminiscent of 2002, when our Eagles were led by AJ Feeley to the playoffs.

Now the birds have the Giants this weekend, on Sunday at 4:30pm.

Here's my thoughts on that. First, I think the Giants are a dangerous team. I respect many of their players, and think that in many ways the Giants and Eagles are two very similiar teams, on paper. I think the coaching is completely different. Reid isn't a taskmaster, he has a quiet calm about him. I like that a lot. There is only so long that a coach/parent/teacher/commander can yell at a subordinate until it falls on deaf ears.

Aside from that I think this weekend is anybody's guess. In the last two matchups, I think the Eagles have looked good. I think the Giants win in September was a fluke, more based on stupidity by the Eagles than the Giants beating them outright. I think the recent win by the Eagles in December, the game was a close contest. Eagles didn't make as many bone headed mistakes, and shored up a run defense by playing Tiki very tough.

This weekend has to be the same. Box in Tiki. Force Manning to thow the ball and beat our secondary with his arm. I have no doubt that Manning COULD do that. Plaxico is enormous, i'd just practice about 3 different plays to maximize his height advantage against the birds. Get Shockey the ball across the middle about 10 times in the game - I don't understand why he isn't used more. Eagles would have it much more rough if they did this.

Birds just have to play the same ball they have been playing. I see nothing wrong with our offense. They score points on the ground and in the air. Its a good 50/50 mix of football. I'm all for some trick plays, too. One play i'd like to see is the fake FG that the birds did on 10/15/00 against the Cardinals. It is the play where the holder takes the snap on a FG, flips it behind his shoulder to the kicker, who is already running for the first down. Akers did this play before (albeit with Koy Detmer as the placekicker), but it might be too risky for a playoff game. Who knows?

This is a "Devil You Know". We play the Giants twice a year, and anything can happen when division rivals meet. Barring any major injuries this week or during the game, I think we should be able to dismantle the Giants. A good lesson to learn is the game vs the Falcons - with our system of play, our coaching and using our backup players we still beat a first team offense. That's a very good sign of talented depth to a team. Even if someone gets hurt we have players ready to step in and step up.

Prediction this weekend is that you are going to have an angry, loud crowd at the Linc. Manning and company are going to have a very hard time establishing a rythym. Birds should do what they need to do to win and Eagles sail to a victory 31-23.

My buddy Joe asked me this question last week, via the commentary. I didn't answer it and waited for the Eagles to play the Cowboys before I answered.

I can tell you that as a Philly fan, a fan of any team in Philadelphia, that we never expect our teams to win. Joe isn't on my email list, the email list for the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken, but if he was, he would have heard me say a lot of times: "The Eagles SHOULD win this game". I think I wrote it when we played four teams this season: Houston, 49ers, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville.

At the time I felt that they were "winnable" games. The Eagles were playing good football and on both sides of the ball had the better chance to pull out a victory. As you well know, the birds went 2-2 in those matchups and in my humble opinion should have won all 4.

There are other teams and games, that I felt that they were overmatched. Last week against the Giants, I felt that the Giants were going to beat us. I told plenty of people this and didn't go into the game expecting a win. I was fully expecting our run defense to get destroyed by Tiki and Co.

Imagine my surprise when our run defense shut New York down. I was at Mulligans cheering louder than ever before watching our birds rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of a failed season into a soaring bird of an epic story. This week was much of the same. I thought the Giants game was a bit flukey. I thought "Ok, they had one nice game, but this week we will see the "Real Philly Team".

As any Philly fan can tell you, our teams love to rip our hearts out. Give you some hope, give you something to look foward to, a smidgeon of interest, fanning the flames until they smother it down with a swift smack. Sometimes it is with key injuries or with a collapse of whatever offense they were cobbling together, when the poor playing or terrible professionalism rears its ugly head.

It is 8pm on a Monday night and the Eagles soundly trounced the Cowboys on national television, when most pundits were crowing for a Cowboy victory. Me? I had a quiet optimism. Much like I didn't want to be the Jinx of Jinxes, I just kept my mouth shut. Hopeful, but still expecting the Real Philly Team to show up Monday.

I wrote weeks ago that Garcia wasn't going to be the answer at quarterback. Boy, was I wrong. I think it says volumes about the Philadelphia Eagles. McNabb is a good quarterback, but he isn't the reason why the Eagles soar. They have key players on every facet of the offense and defense that step up and make our team look good. Westbrook, Dawkins, Sheppard, Andrews. Now Garcia can add his name to that list because, quite simply, he is playing some great football.

Eagles are in the playoffs. When McNabb went down weeks ago, I was fully expecting another 6-10 season. I was getting text messages from my friends some offering condolences, and some barbed heckles. One friend of mine, who will remain nameless, had a friendly wager with me at the beginning of the season. I said that the Eagles would end up with a better regular season record than the Giants. I felt like Eli stunk, and their team would be 8-8, and I felt that Eagles could beat that. Everyone was healthy and TO was gone.

Once McNabb went down, well, that friend of mine had his way with me. Heckles and taunts via text messaging. Plenty of advice on paying him and how to pay him. I kept my mouth shut. I didn't expect the Eagles to play as well as they did and didn't expect the Giants to implode. I already felt me losing some weight to my pocket.

I guess it is "Merry Christmas" in more ways that one today. I get bragging rights, a win of a wager and the fact our Eagles are headed into the playoffs. If they keep playing the same football they have been playing the last two weeks there is no reason why they can't beat anyone in the NFC. Mark my words - the Eagles are playing the kind of football that takes you to the Super Bowl.

Game of the Year?


The season isn't over for our birds, but I have to say that last Sunday was such an exciting game to watch. Ups and downs. Turnovers and offensive battles. The bar had a modest crowd of about 40 people at kickoff, and the energy level was amped.

There was even a Giant fan or two in the back bar and I was a bit unhappy about that. A few people emailed me asking if they could bring a Giants fan to the bar, and I suggested they just sit in the front bar, to avoid any problems. I have no personal problem with opposing fans coming to the bar, but do they REALLY need to sit in a crowd of Eagle fans?

I remember at one point I was cheering so much that I got dizzy. Also remember jumping up and down with the crowd that was left by the end of the game (right after the Cole interception for a TD) and got klunked in the head by someone's elbow. It didn't matter I was on cloud 9.

Yesterday at work and online I had a lot of payback. I tried to remain "somewhat" civil about it, but I was absolutely savoring this win. I said at the beginning of the season that, to me, the Giants were an 8-8 team and the Eagles were a 10-6 team. I even put a few friendly wagers to back my words up. I remember when the Giants were 6-2 my roommate Matt laying into me relentlessly about how great the Giants were and crowing over and over. Oh, I was steamed. I told him a simple rule, "Never talk trash until the season is over."

I stuck by my rule. Even with this win, I just felt like it was an early Christmas present. Win or lose next week against the Cowboys, you can't take this win away from us. Hey, if we beat the Cowboys - that's another present. If we make the post-season it is present number three.

With the Eagles who knows what will happen. I am just happy that after McNabb went down that we have responded as true professionals and can win as a team.

The Few, The Proud, The Real Fans

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I remember when I approached Paul about having the Eagles club at Mulligan's. I told him that i'd probably be able to get about 60-80 people at his bar a week.

Paul was very nice about it and said the number of people didn't matter. He was fine if I brought in 5 or 500, he was happy to host the club.

I went on, telling Paul, that every season, for the last 3 seasons, we had a sharp decline in people coming out to the bars when December hit, for various reasons. Its colder, and people don't like going out to bars in the cold. The holiday season takes it toll on our attendance. So do injuries, and if the team plays poorly.

This season was much like last season. We had 80 people in the bar for the first 5 games, then about 60 in the bar for the next couple, and with a McNabb injury & some bad losses, some people figured that watching the game at home was better than at the bar. To me, the club is more than just watching the football game. It is being social. Meeting new people and cheering or nursing our wounds together.

But I will tell you what. I watched the Carolina game with a handful of fans on Monday night. We sang when the Eagles scored each touchdown, and were jeered by Jets fans and other Eagles haters each time. I kept my mouth shut. By the time the game ended I had only five Eagle fans left in the bar and the haters all were long gone. It could have been the most fun I had watching a game of this season, even with such a small gathering of local fans.

Thom and Kathleen, you two shouldn't have left early!

I hope to see a few people who still believe next Sunday. We got the Redskins to take care of before our big showdown with the Giants. Stay tuned people, we aren't out of this yet.

OhHi! Welcome to being a Philly fan!


Of the many things in life I have learned, it is that being a Philadelphia sports fan is all about disappointment.

Yes, we had our years to celebrate...the last celebration I remember was at 11 years old, in 1983.

Otherwise, we seriously have a "lost generation" of fans. Sure, other franchises can point to longer draughts for a championship, like the Chicago Cubs. But i'm talking about an entire generation of fans in a city that has 4 major sports teams and haven't had a reason to cheer in 23 years.

Its always something as the reason why we are "thisclose" to doing well, only to have it ripped out from under us. Should I start listing all the tragedies over the years? Injuries, deaths, strikes, prima donnas and bad fortune boil down to years of angst and disgust.

Bad fortune struck this year, and we lose Donovan McNabb. 3rd time in 5 years we lose our franchise quarterback to injury. Certainly a case can be made for backup quarterbacks who step up when the starter goes down and becomes the next star that takes the team to the next level.

Jeff Garcia isn't that guy.

A.J. Feely was that guy in 2003 and even took an Eagles team to the playoffs when we lost McNabb.

My take is give Jeff Garcia his chance this week against the Colts, and the following week against Carolina. See how he does. If we lose both, switch in A.J. Feely for the rest of the season. We didn't sign Jeff Garcia to hold a clipboard, and he should get 2 games to prove himself.

For me, certainly this really makes the Eagle season a near fatality and the thought of playoffs a sad joke. But the difference between me and other Eagle fans is that i'll still watch my birds, good or bad. I'm not the guy who walks out of the bar in disgust when they play badly. Sure, I won't be happy about it. But for good or bad i'm still proud to be an Eagle fan, if a bit saddened that our starting quarterback is injured until next season.

It's like seeing all those Rutger fans. You know when they are 9-0, EVERYONE was a Rutger fan. They would be walking down the street with their Red shirts, with tags still attached from the Modell's store that they bought it from an hour ago. Where were those fans last year? Or the year before? I heard stories that people at Rutgers could get school credit for attending games when their team was playing poorly. I give props to those Rutger fans who sat in the stadium and watched a bad team play football.

Because i'm that kind of fan, too. For better or worse, i'll keep coming back every year to watch my boys in green and support them when they are up or down.

But, hey, that's just me.

2006 Eagles Photos


Here are some pics I have taken from Mulligan's bar this year:

Thanks for coming out this year and I hope to see you all soon.

The Future Season


This is what I wish I had to report if I had a time travelling machine...

Washington: Lots of Eagle drama on this rainy day. Boo-birds are out in full force. 1st quarter it looks like Clinton Portis is going to kill us, running for 2 TDs and 54 yards. But hold on. Eagles, down 14-3, start to claw back, starting with a bomb to Hank Baskett for a 61 yard TD catch (I think, it was hard to remember but it was nice he was in single coverage) to go into the half 14-10. McNabb and Westy take the lead in the 3rd, and the Eagles don't look back. Final score 14-31.

Eagles are 5-4 and play the Titans.

Tenn: Vince Young is coming along, winning against Houston and squeaking past Jacksonville. They are 4-5 and have a chip on their shoulder. That chip gets knocked the f-out by our bliztes. Vince gets sacked 5 times in the first half alone. Eagles dominate and cruise to a 24-10 victory, with McNabb racking up 300 yards again in the air. Now Eagles are 6-4.

Indy: The Colts are 9-1, after losing to the Pats on Nov 5th, but they beat Buffalo and Dallas. Philly comes to town and they are already ready to get into double digit wins. Petyon uses a great audible mix & run package to destroy us in the first half up 28-0. Its horrible. Eagle fans are booing and during halftime the analysts consider the game over. It could be called the "Game That Changed History" when the birds come out throwing, like they always do. A nice pass interference call on the first play sets up a 30 yard TD run by Westbrook. Next series has the colts out after 6 plays, and the Eagles score again - down 28-14. Peyton tries and aerial attack and gets intercepted by Dawkins who runs for a 39 yard return. Its 21-28 and the mid fourth quarter. Eagles stall a bit but do get 3 points with an Akers 47 yard field goal. 24-28. A fumble recovery on the kickoff and the Eagles feel that momentum change, but can't score again. They get 3. 27-28. Peyton isn't done and rolls down the field for his own 34 yard FG. They get to 27-31. Buckhalter comes up huge. You don't think there is gas in his tank until he rumbles a 43 yard bolt down up the middle, shedding two tackles and stiff arming the strong safety until he is run down by the free safety (he was fast, just not that fast). Eagles are on the 10, there are 46 second on the clock and the Colts are pumped. 1st play is a knocked down pass to LJ Smith. Second play is a Westbrook scamper for 4 yards, with even McNabb trying to block for him. Third play it is 6th and Goal. Buckhalter in. Buckhalter gets the ball, flips it back to McNabb, McNabb rolls out, fakes the pass to the end zone and barrels in for his own TD. The place goes BALLISTIC. Fans screaming and jumping up and down. Time expires off the clock after Akers boots the TD. Eagles are 7-4 and everyone in ESPN-land who wrote off the Eagles are preparing some crow pie.

Carolina: People are talking about an "emotional let down" if the Eagles can't get it together for Carolina. It is a Monday night game, and the hype is HUGE. Carolina has been playing great football the last few weeks beating Tampa, Rams and Washington - off their own bye week they are 7-4 now also. This could be the division decided right here. The game is actually a bore. McNabb and Co don't do very much the first half, scoring 3 points. Carolina scored 6. For all the hype before this game, it was BORING. We get a TD in the late 3rd quarter and hold on to win 10-6. McNabb throws for about 180 yards and 1 TD. Westbrook is held to 36 yards. A lot of 3 and outs on either side and a battle of field position. Oh, interestingly enough we catch, with Pakisatan's help, Osama Bin Laden this night, so a lot of people are happy about that.

Washington: We are 8-4. We go into Redskin country and its a bloodbath. Eagles get the lead early and never look back (which is helpful in stoppin Clinton Portis in being effective). McNabb throws for 400 yards and 5 TDs. Greg Lewis is the man today, with 175 yards and 3 TDs alone. Westbrook has a great day, 121 yards rushing, and 1 TD. Eagles are 9-4 and then comes the greatest game of the season:

New York Giants.

You heard it here first from your future time traveller. This game was awesome. First off, the Giants lost a few games game, but still doing good. Houston (loss), Chicago (loss), Jacksonvile (win), Tennessee (win), Dallas (win) and Carolina (loss). They are 8-5 and comping at the bit to beat the Birds. The game is mayhem. Eagles play a solid game, but the Giants are swarming them. McNabb is sacked 3 times in the 1st quarter. Eagles offense is sputtering. Eli, with thanks to good field positions on those sacks, manages 10 points in the first half. Eagles are blanked. Word has it that from the locker room, Andy Ried took a chair and threw it across the room in anger, which is very unlike him. He has a half-time pep talk out of a Notre Dame movie talking about character, fight the good fight and this is your entire season, blah, blah, blah. The Eagles repond with some good news and bad (sort of). I never like to see players get hurt, but Eli's leg bent very awkward on a sack by Trent Cole. Eli is taken off the field. Sorry Giants fans, he is done for the year. Eagles take advantage of this and win 14-10 in a hard-fought, smash mouth ending.

Merry Christmas! Its Dallas. Ho ho ho. Terrell Owens hosts the Eagles and Romo gives a gift of 0 TDs in the first half. McNabb and company play great, maybe they have some extra pickle juice from 2003. Westbrook has a great day, rushing for 108 yards, catching for 71 and 2 TDs. Buckhalter also is impressive for 76 yards. McNabb is good enough, 256 yards, 1 TD (Westy) and 1 interception return for a TD. Final score 17-7.

Atlanta comes up for the New Year and the Eagles play 8 in the box, forcing Vick to throw and making sure he has no room to run. Falcons have a miserable 7-8 record at this point and are already out of playoff contention. It is a cold, snowy day at the Linc. Hank Baskett and Reggie Brown get 2 TDs each. Westbrook is contained for only 71 yards on 15 carries. We get a scare when McNabb gets a late 2nd quarter hit that he looks like he got his hand stepped on. He appears to be ok, but they put in Garcia just in case. Eagles cruise to a win and finish the season 12-4, winning the NFC East.

Unfortunately the Bears win the conference with a perfect season (16-0).

Why I Don't Cry For Yankee Fans


I was going to write this on Karen's blog, but I figured i'd just post it here for all to see:

As a long suffering fan of another team, The Philadelphia Eagles, I feel your pain for being villified as a fan.

Two very different teams, with two very different reasons for hating, but we still have to bear the burden of rooting for the team we love.

I won't get into a Philadelphia rant here about how a few bad apples make the 99% of the normal fans look like idiots, I will get into a semi-rant about why, I hate the Yankees and don't cry for their fans.

First, I don't hate the Yankee fans. I think your passion is great.

Second, I have no hatred towards the organization itself, I think Steinbrenner is simply doing everything in his power to make your team contenders.

I don't like the baseball system, and no salary cap. Yes, we can go into the adage "You can't buy championships". Once again, it was proven this year by the Yankees.

Yes, we have had seen certain teams rise to win Championships (Marlins, Diamondbacks) - but how many can keep that together with the current system? When a small-market team raises a great player from their farm system, they can never keep those players due to the big payday lure of larger-market teams, like the Yankees.

How can you blame the Marlins for having "cheap" owners? Do you really compare the earning potentional of small market teams to the Yankees? Do you think that in a city like Miami, which has a population of about 1 million people that can even generate the same revenue as New York City? We are talking about millions and millions of fans and the money that they pay to watch their favorite team.

No, I know, it isn't your fault. I know you are going to say "We didn't make the rules!"

But you know why I like football better? Because of the salary cap. My Eagles have done a fantastic job of finding good talent (ok, lets not talk about TO), diamonds in the rough, and cobbling together a couple of "A" players surrounded by a decent amount of "B" players.

I think the same would make baseball a great sport of, instead of one or two powerhouse All-Star teams, you were to spread that talent out amongst the other teams.

Really you have a two tier system in baseball right now. You have certain teams that most years will field a good competitive team that will be in a *position* to make it to the post season.

Again, is that the fault of the Yankees, their fans, or the players?


I think its an extremely poor arguement to use the tired "But when the Yankees come to town ticket sales go up!"

Of course the sales go up. The Yankees basically have an all-star team. From top to bottom, they have an incredible amount of talent. Of course people want to see that, much like people in the world want to see Team USA basketball get knocked off by another country. Much like we savored beating the Soviet Union hockey team in 1980.

It's a classic case of trying to beat the bullies.

Look, I feel for you as a fan, but most Yankee fans don't see the big picture of baseball. To them they just point at dollar signs and attendance when the rest of us simply want a fair system, much like the NFL.

The system works great for the NFL. Players get paid, owners get money, fans get to see bottom barrel teams rise to the top (Bengals, anyone?). If a organization plays their cards right you can find your team in the mix of a playoff race every year, barring major injuries or player squabbles (Eagles). Or you can also be an NFL team that keeps trying to buy championships and failing (Redskins, Raiders).

I'm a Phillies fan. It's been 26 years since we had a championship, so I can't say we are "long suffering". I certainly can't say it's the fault of anyone but the organization for our woes. Fortunately in the last 4 years I do like the direction our team is headed, and being able to identify young talent (Utley, Rollins, Howard) and shedding expensive players of questionable team value to salary ratio (Abreu, Thome).

I have heard the responses plenty of times from my other Yankee fans. The say the same things "It isn't our fault" or "Baseball is making money, why change it?"

Again, not looking at the "big picture" of why fans like myself hate the Yankees. They simply represent everything that is wrong with baseball, from those fans who are continually disappointed with their own teams. One way, in our minds, to fix that would simply be spreading the talent out by creating a salary cap. Seems like it would be fair to everyone, to get the good players on multiple teams, rather than just a few "haves" and many, many "have-nots".

Case in point: Where do you think Zito will be playing next year? My guess is in pinstripes.

Mr. Ultimate Philadelphia Sportsfan

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This is a must-listen to any Philadelphia fan, absolutely hilarious:

Thanks to Mel for the email!

I sat down at Mulligan's bar, ready for a good football game on Sunday. We had a decent, crowd of about 40 people at the bar. I didn't expect a tremendous showing since the game was on national TV and a few of our friends would be going to the home game.

In walks an older couple, who look to both be in their 50's. They walk around the bar a bit, and seem a bit out of place. I ask, "Are you Eagle fans?"

The gentleman scrunches up his face and makes a "Psstch" sound, like air blown out of a tire. "Eagles? No way! Giants!"

I jokingly tell him and his girlfriend that they are in the wrong bar, that this is the Eagles bar.

They basically pooh-poohed my suggestion to change bars and they seemed harmless. Of course they sit down at the bar right next to me, and are mostly very nice to everyone around the bar, so i'm thinking its no big deal. They cheer a bit when the Giants do good but also come off as not very knowledgable about the Giants. They know about four players - Shockey, Manning, Barber, and Strahan. They are homers, born and raised in New Jersey. They didn't know much about the Eagles. They asked me about some of the players and we joked a bit with each other during the first half.

They asked me about the Eagles fans and I went to tell them how the football is more than just a game to the fans. Its a sense of identification. Around here people enjoy football, but its not the game for a Philly fan. We love football much like Yankee fans love baseball. Losing a game is not just watching a team lose, but can sour the mood for most fans for days. Winning a game can be like a natural high. Compound that with living in Hoboken and working in New York City - any time we play any New York team we really want to win. They are interested about what I have to say, we talk a bit more and one Eagle fan remarked next to me, "They seem nice enough." I reply back, "Yea, that's because we are winning the game."

The bar is having a great time for the better part of the game. The Eagles looking great, we are cheering with every score, and doing our normal chanting and singing. Its the Eagles bar, I explain to the Giants fans, we come here as an oasis from the other bars in town. We celebrate in our victories and console in our losses.

The fourth quarter arrives and the game slowly starts to change. Our once dominate team looks like a deer caught in headlights. My once quiet Giant fans become rambunctions and loud. I can feel my blood start to boil, and i'm just watching the game get from bad to worse. I listen to their comments next to me, and its simply irritating. If I wanted to be next to Giant fans I could choose about 57 other bars in Hoboken. I get enough grief listening to every co-worker come up to me with a jab about Eagles football during the week.

The game goes into overtime and the couple next to me are drunk and happy with glee. The fans in the bar are subdued, but not quiet. We can feel another monumental collapse coming. When you are a Philly fan, you can see these things coming. Someone commented to me in overtime that I looked like I was angry. Hell yes, I was angry. Not only was my team losing, but I have to sit next to two Giant fans for the entire game.

The game ends with the Giants beating the Eagles in overtime, after coming back from 21 points down. The Giant fans are cheering, clapping and making obnoxious hoots and hollers. It was only the two of them. The other assorted 40 people are Eagle fans. The Eagles fans are quiet and saying their goodbyes to each other and the two Giants fans still continue clapping and high fiving - for a long enough period of time that it starts to go from them being happy to them being obnoxious. I had few drinks in me by the end of the game, and simply couldn't stand listening to it anymore. I turn to them and say, "OK, you had your fun, now get the fuck out of the bar."

They both are wide eyed with shock and their jaws drop open in mute surprise.

I can't say this was my finest moment, but I was upset not only for me, but also for the other Eagle fans who had to listen to these two nimrods.

I continue my rant with the vitriol of anyone who sat in the 700 Level, "This is an Eagles bar. You wanna watch the Giants game? Go to another fucking bar. You got your win, congrats, just don't sit here and rub it in our faces. Everyone here are Eagle fans, I told you that when you sat down and still wanted to watch the game here.", I gestured to everyone around the room, "You had to watch the game HERE. You couldn't go to the room on the other side of the bar or another bar in town. No, you HAD to watch it amongst the Eagle fans and when you won - you had to whoop it up and make us all feel lousy even after we feel bad enough for losing the game."

The woman shot back, "Oh, you are just a sore loser."

I reply, "Nah, that's not it. I take my wins and leave it at that. There is a fine line between good natured heckling and rubbing it in someone's face. You are simply throwing salt on our wound and enjoying it."

She countered, "The rest of you were clapping and cheering earlier, when the Giants were losing, how is this different?"

I replied, "This is the EAGLES BAR. I told you that when you sat down. Everyone here is an Eagles fan except for you two. We come to one bar for that reason, it is a haven from the rest of the rude and obnoxious Giant fans."

The manager of the bar, Jim, who was bartending, and incidently a Jets fan, was watching this had come around before I started my tirade. He approached us both and put his hand on her shoulder, saying that he agreed with me. He said that he also felt that they crossed the line from cheering to making the people there feel bad over the loss. I'm guessing that Mulligan's may have some experience in passionate fans having to nurse a loss amongst opposing fans. I thanked Jim and ended my conversation with the two Giant fans, turning my attention to saying good-bye to friends and watching the closing interviews on the TV.

I'm not proud about what I said to them, I might have been a bit rougher in the wake of the loss. But I do write, warts and all, what happened. I know that some people are going to read this and not understand how someone can get so upset "over just a game". I think the only people who could understand are people from Philadelphia or true Boston Red Sox fans. It was a bitter, ugly defeat. It's not like we are talking about a loss to the Bengals. It was the Giants. At Philadelphia. After a game where for the first 3 quarters we looked like a Super Bowl team. The Eagles sacked Eli Manning 8 times. I was already looking foward to going to work for that week. It was going to be great to read perrenial nay-sayers about the Eagles, like Cris Collinsworth and Deion Sanders, have to praise our Birds. I could already see us being 4-0 and headed to the Dallas game with a chip on our shoulder.

Now we are 1-1. Could we afford losing? Sure. I don't know if we could afford such a disasterous loss, however. It was a demoralizing defeat, but also a good lesson learned. When you have your foot on the enemy's throat, you have got to put him away.

Another lesson learned?

Never watch the game with strangers who are opposing fans again.

2006 Week 1: Eagles at Houston


New Eagles team.

New Eagles bar.

New and old Eagles fans.

Week 1 was both nervewracking and exciting, with the anticpation of so many things for me. Some of my thoughts about the Eagles: How will the Eagles respond without T.O.? Will Andy Reid shake off the losses of last season with an opening victory? How will McNabb look after his surgery? Will Buckhalter be healthy to make a difference?

I also had some misgivings about my Eagles club. Will people show up to the first game at the new bar? Will everything go smoothly? Will everyone be happy?

I can say that my fears were allayed by halftime, when it appeared that everything was moving along just fine, both with the Eagles team and our club here in Hoboken. I did an informal head-count during halftime and I counted 70 fans on our side of the bar. I was especially happy with this because it was a locally televised game, and I know some people would stay home rather than go to a bar to watch the game. Next time we do a group picture I will make sure we make an announcement a bit louder to get people who were on the other side of the bar into the picture, too.

Paul, Jim and Sara at Mulligan's were extremely accomodating to us, and a special thanks to them for their hard work.

Also a big thanks to Steve Galletta, the sales representative of Anheuser-Busch, who connected us with Mulligan's. We had the Bud-Light girls on hand this weekend giving out two footballs in a raffle to the Eagles fans at the bar. Remember that every Eagle game, Mulligan's has buckets of Bud Light beer, 4 for $10, and drafts of Bud Light for $2, pitchers of Bud Light for $9, along with other specials for our fans.

I hope to see everyone next weekend, when it is Giants vs Eagles. It was great to see some old faces and meet some new people this weekend. If I don't know you, please don't be a stranger and come up and say hello.

You can see all the photos here:

Oh, I spoke to Paul. He expects to have more seating in the forthcoming weeks.

10 Days until 2006 Eagles Season Begins!

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I have off from work tomorrow and off all next week. Posting might be very light.

Meeting the owner of Mulligan's tonight to talk about food and drink specials at the bar. We spoke over the phone yesterday and he was very excited about getting The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken for next season. He already had people coming up to him saying, "I heard that the Eagles Club is going to be here next year". He was shocked how quickly word got around Hoboken.

I hope to have a nice draft special and a buffalo wings special (since they are near and dear to my heart). I will keep everyone informed.

First Eagles meeting is in 10 days on Sept 10th at 1pm! Like I have been warning people for the last 2 years: Get there early if you want a seat (I'd recommend 45 minutes early). Last year, at Dipper's, we had 90 people in the bar for Week 1. I have no idea how many people will come this year (I have about 200 people on the email list). If we have 20 people or 100 people, it doesn't matter. Just be ready to sing "Fly Eagles Fly" with every touchdown.

You will find me there, wearing my Westbrook Villanova Jersey. Gotta represent my alma mater and The Main Line.

2006 Season: At Mulligan's Bar


If you haven't gotten the email from me it means you aren't on my email list anymore (I deleted it by accident and had to rebuild it!). So email me at to get back on the list!

If you didn't get the email - this year we were fortunate enough to have Mulligan's Bar host the Eagles Club for 2006.

I liked my rotating bar idea, but this was too good to turn down. Mulligan's has a back bar area with 6 flat screen TVs, a full bar, plenty of seating, a nice boxy layout, kitchen and the volume will be at full tilt. I spoke to the manager, Jim, and he says there will be beer and food specials for the Eagle fans.

In a perfect world, i'd love a bar in midtown like this, but sadly, I couldn't get any of the midtown bars to commit to having us for the season. I think this is the best solution out there, and I look forward to seeing everyone this year.

Here is the Eagles Schedule, I hope to see everyone on Sept 10th!

2006 Schedule / Results
Sep 10 - at Houston, 1:00 PM
Sep 17 - vs. NY Giants, 1:00 PM
Sep 24 - at San Francisco, 4:15 PM
Oct 2 - vs. Green Bay, 8:30 PM
Oct 8 - vs. Dallas, 4:15 PM
Oct 15 - at New Orleans, 1:00 PM
Oct 22 - at Tampa Bay, 1:00 PM
Oct 29 - vs. Jacksonville, 1:00 PM
Nov 7 - Open
Nov 12 - vs. Washington, 1:00 PM
Nov 19 - vs. Tennessee, 1:00 PM
Nov 26 - at Indianapolis, 1:00 PM
Dec 4 - vs. Carolina, 8:30 PM
Dec 10 - at Washington, 1:00 PM
Dec 17 - at NY Giants, 1:00 PM
Dec 25 - at Dallas, 5:00 PM
Dec 31 - vs. Atlanta, 1:00 PM

Mulligans Irish pub
Address - 159 1st St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-3543
Telephone - (201) 876-4101



I have been working on the schedule for the last two days.

I have been keeping in mind the Giants games, Jets games and "special" Eagles games when crafting it. Added some new bars to my list (Nine, for example) who really want the Eagles club to stop at their bar on a Sunday.

I'm mostly done the list, just need to get the approval from a few more bar owners to make sure they are ok with this, but everyone I spoke to seemed really enthusiatic about us stopping by for one Sunday. Its sort of like having relatives come visit: "Sure come on down! Just don't stay more than 3 days!"

I updated the list here (and on the entry from Monday). Again, its not official, but at least you can get an idea what i'm thinking. Only 4 bars we visit more than once.

Sep 10 - at Houston, 1:00 PM (Farside)
Sep 17 - vs. NY Giants, 1:00 PM (Black Bear)
Sep 24 - at San Francisco, 4:15 PM (10th and Willow)
Oct 2 - vs. Green Bay, 8:30 PM (MNF - Mikie Squared)
Oct 8 - vs. Dallas, 4:15 PM (Scotland Yard)
Oct 15 - at New Orleans, 1:00 PM (Nine)
Oct 22 - at Tampa Bay, 1:00 PM (Liberty Bar)
Oct 29 - vs. Jacksonville, 1:00 PM (Willie McBrides)
Nov 7 - Open
Nov 12 - vs. Washington, 1:00 PM (McMahon's Brownstone)
Nov 19 - vs. Tennessee, 1:00 PM (Trinity)
Nov 26 - at Indianapolis, 1:00 PM (Scotland Yard)
Dec 4 - vs. Carolina, 8:30 PM (MNF - Mikie Squared)
Dec 10 - at Washington, 1:00 PM (10th and Willow)
Dec 17 - at NY Giants, 1:00 PM (Farside)
Dec 25 - at Dallas, 5:00 PM (No meeting - Merry Christmas!)
Dec 31 - vs. Atlanta, 1:00 PM (No meeting - Happy New Year!)

Ego Stroking And "Plan B"


philly2hoboken@gmail.comSaturday night at the bar was somewhat good night. One nice woman came into the bar and asked if I was "Phil". I looked at her quizzically, repeating "Phil?", and she said "You know, the website!". I told her, no, "It's FUREY. Not Phil."

I think she was trying to say PHILL (Like in Philadelphia), but forgot the important "EEEEE" at the end. If she said that I would have immediately known what she was talking about. Her name was Judy and she runs a Hoboken blog at

Later, a nice girl who I was a longtime reader and I have been emailing with came into the bar with a friend. It was our first meeting face to face and it was very nice to meet her.

Then, i'm talking to a blonde and a brunette and I start riffing about my entry "What Your Drink Says About You In Hoboken". The very cute brunette says, "That's funny, someone wrote something similar on" She gestures to the blonde, "I emailed that to her!"

I smiled, "I wrote that."

Surprise from both, ego boosting from me.

Then I got talking to Mike, the owners of Mikie's Squared, about the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken.

Let's back up, shall we?

For those of you new to reading, I decided 2 years ago to start a Philadelphia Eagles Club. It was inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers Club, who were running out of Liberty Bar (and moved to Texas Arizona). I'm all about Philly. The people. The food. The quirks. The sports. So I wanted to get those people who were like me - born and raised around the greater Philadelphia area, who were Eagles fans and wanted to meet similar people and cheer together in a bar.

A friend of mine who worked at McMahon's Brownstone suggested that I bring the club to her bar and that Francis, the owner, would be happy to get some extra business. It was a great success, we found some new fans and the following year moved to Dipper's bar at 616 Washington. McMahon's was great, I loved the bartenders and Francis. But deep down I wanted a more central location for everyone in Hoboken, more seating and food. Dipper's fit the bill, except that little did I realize how popular the club was going to be.

Week 1 at Dipper's we had 90 Eagle fans in the bar. Dipper's has a capacity of about 70, so the place was PACKED. Last year's regulars would come up to me, angry, that there were so many people in the bar and that they couldn't sit down! I guess you can't make everybody happy.

This year I tried to talk Mike into hosting the Eagles club. Sadly, after much talking on the subject, he couldn't see the bar hosting the Eagles club. I understood his reasons. First, any bar that gets our club immediately alienates their "regulars". If you didn't get the memo - we are in the heart of Jets and Giants country. As much as Mike and Cindy want to make money, they don't want to shut out other sports fans from watching the game. Giants and Jets fans will want to watch their game, and not be surrounded by a bar packed with only Eagles fans each week.

Also, Mike is a die hard Giants fan. Big time.

Think about it. If I owned a bar in Center City and someone with the Giants Club of Philadelphia approached me - what would I say if they wanted to have their club come to your bar each week? I think the answer would be "no".

Then there is Scotland Yard, or "The Yard". The owner, Ned, emailed me last week. We had a nice email chat about me bringing the Eagles Club to The Yard. He is a HUGE Eagles fan - he goes every home game at The Linc. His bar is an Eagles bar. He very much would like to have everyone that I have gathered over the last two years to come to his bar and watch the game each week.

I went to The Yard late last week and looked it over. I mulled his consideration.

Then yesterday I had a revelation. During Saturday night's conversation with Mike he actually made some great points about running his business that applied to the Eagles Club. It was about being flexible, and catering to the wants and desires of your patrons. Would Mike like our club to come to his bar? Absolutely. Does he want the bar to be the home base for, "The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken". No.

It seemed to be the same echo that I got from a lot of other bar owners (well, except Ned). They certainly would love to get 45-90 people into their bar for a game, but aren't so psyched about having that many Eagle fans into their bar every single week.

My idea?

I went to a bunch of bars on Sunday. I told them I run the Eagles Club. I said that twice during the NFL season we would like to come to your bar and would you host us?

So far Mikie's, Liberty Bar, 10th and Willow have agreed. I'm sure The Yard will be happy to see us. I am going to approach Black Bear, McMahon's, Rogo's, Farside, Willie McBrides, Moran's and Texas Arizona also, i'm fairly sure they will be acceptable to having the Eagles Club for one or two Sundays next season.

It would be something similar to this, this isn't official!!!:

Sep 10 - at Houston, 1:00 PM (Farside)
Sep 17 - vs. NY Giants, 1:00 PM (Black Bear)
Sep 24 - at San Francisco, 4:15 PM (10th and Willow)
Oct 2 - vs. Green Bay, 8:30 PM (MNF - Mikie Squared)
Oct 8 - vs. Dallas, 4:15 PM (Scotland Yard)
Oct 15 - at New Orleans, 1:00 PM (Nine)
Oct 22 - at Tampa Bay, 1:00 PM (Liberty Bar)
Oct 29 - vs. Jacksonville, 1:00 PM (Willie McBrides)
Nov 7 - Open
Nov 12 - vs. Washington, 1:00 PM (McMahon's Brownstone)
Nov 19 - vs. Tennessee, 1:00 PM (Trinity)
Nov 26 - at Indianapolis, 1:00 PM (Scotland Yard)
Dec 4 - vs. Carolina, 8:30 PM (MNF - Mikie Squared)
Dec 10 - at Washington, 1:00 PM (10th and Willow)
Dec 17 - at NY Giants, 1:00 PM (Farside)
Dec 25 - at Dallas, 5:00 PM (No meeting - Merry Christmas!)
Dec 31 - vs. Atlanta, 1:00 PM (No meeting - Happy New Year!)


The is *one* downside. I can't guarantee that each week that the bar will put the sound on for us each game. But maybe if 45-90 Eagle fans all show up, they will hook us up that week.

Also - maybe some of you are in good with a certain bar. If you know the owners and think they would be interested, have them email me. I have no problem changing the schedule to fit in new bars.

Lasty - keep checking the website each week. I will put the schedule on a link and add it to the side of the page. You can just check each Monday to see if the schedule has changed. If you have buddies who need to get on my email list - send me an email at

Bandwagon vs Real Fans

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I was talking to some friends of mine at the bar about bandwagon fans.

Now that the Giants are leading the NFC East I find it funny to walk around Hoboken and see everyone wearing Giants t-shirts and hats. People talking about an "All Manning Superbowl". Giant fans who don't know anyone on the team besides Eli, Tiki, Plaxico, Shockey or Strahan. Hey fans - name me the starting offensive tackles!

Then it really boils down to a certain level of elitism that exists in our society. We, as a society, have a tendancy to always want to be better than our peers.

We buy expensive clothes. We wear needlessly expensive jewlery. We buy super SUV baby carriages. Our bank accounts become our definition of self-worth. Our wedding days need to be "perfect" - with no expense spared for the perfect caterer, band, table settings, cake or location. We are a society of selfish consumerists constantly hoping to one up our neighbors and feed our hollow souls with trinkets and baubles.

Something a simple as being a sports fan is tainted by our culture.

What's a "Real Fan" in American society?

  • Watch the game every week at home? (Superior Fans response: "Bah! You watch the game from your couch, you aren't a fan!")
  • Watch the game every week with friends? (Superior Fans response: "Bah! You don't go to the games!")
  • Watch the game every week at the stadium? (Superior Fans response: "Bah! You don't EVEN tailgate!")
  • Tailgate every week at the stadium and then watch it in the stadium? (Superior Fans response: "Bah! You leave in the 4th quarter to 'beat traffic'!")
  • Tailgate every week at the stadium, watch it in the stadium, then taildate after the game? (Superior Fans response: "Bah! I'm more of a fan - I fly with the Green Legion to the games!")
  • Tailgate every week at the stadium, watch it in the stadium, tailgate after the game, and follow the team to away games? (Superior Fans response: "Bah! You don't attend training camp and have every article of clothing signed by players like me!")
  • Tailgate every week at the stadium, watch it in the stadium, tailgate after the game, follow the team to away games and also attend the NFL draft and training camp? (Superior Fans response: "Bah! Do you know the QB stats of the 1963 Eagles? I didn't THINK so!")
  • Tailgate every week at the stadium, watch it in the stadium, tailgate after the game, follow the team to away games, attend the NFL draft and training camp and can recite every player's number, birthdate, college they attended and you have 10,000+ posts on the NFL teams messageboard? (Superior Fans response: "Bah! I snuck into McNabbs house and stole his Chunky Soup cans!")

    You think i'm kidding? You know it is true. You say you are a fan and someone will show up proclaiming that, "They are MORE of a fan than you are!"

    Or conversely, you watch the fans who are the morons that show up when their team is doing well. They don't know anything about their team except what they read in the newspaper or watch on ESPN. They become little talking heads spouting stats and comments that they heard during the game by the commentators.

    What's a fan?

    I'm a fan of the Eagles. I certainly was excited when the Sixers play well. I know that two years ago I was really excited for Flyers hockey. I still try to get tickets to watch the Phillies play every year they come up here to play the Mets.

    It is hard to get excited for a team that is losing. I remember first moving up here, I would wear my Eagles jersey at the Farside bar (before that I was across the street at the defunct "Small Burgers" restaurant that is now Venue) and watch my team bumble around.

Eagles Fan Gets Busted


Only a few weeks ago I wrote about how I would want my ashes spread on Lincoln Financial Field, and someone decided to steal my idea!

PHILADELPHIA Nov 29, 2005A man arrested for running onto the field during the Philadelphia Eagles' game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday told police he was spreading his late mother's ashes.

Christopher Noteboom, of Tempe, Ariz., ran onto the field holding a plastic bag, leaving a cloud of fine powder behind. 112905.jpg

As he reached the 30-yard line, he dropped to his knees, made the sign of the cross and lay down on his stomach. Security personnel reached him moments later and he offered no resistance as he was escorted from the field.

The 33-year-old Noteboom, a native of Doylestown, said his mother died of emphysema in January 2005, shortly before the Eagles' Super Bowl appearance.

"She never cared for any other team except the Eagles," Noteboom told WPVI-TV after he was released from custody Monday. "I know that the last handful of ashes I had are laying on the field, and will never be taken away. She'll always be part of Lincoln Financial Field and of the Eagles."

Noteboom, a bar owner in Arizona, was charged with defiant trespass. He has a hearing scheduled for Dec. 27.

"It's bizarre, but we have a zero tolerance for people who run on the field," Police Inspector William Colarulo said. "We especially have a zero tolerance for people who run onto the field and dump an unknown substance in a stadium full of people."

Eagles spokeswoman Bonnie Grant said the team has declined requests to spread ashes on the field.

If I had to do this, I wouldn't do it while a game was being played - i'd just get a job at the Linc doing some menial job, like janitoral services or working in the food court. First night on the job, walk down to the field, spread the ashes and then quit the next day. No fuss, and no lawsuit.

Of course, we won last weeks game - maybe we should do this every week to get another victory?

How Times Have Changed


From Super Bowl contenders to playoff pretenders, our Eagles are having a terrible season. Why?

I think there is a fine line between our 4-6 record and being 6-4 right now. Here are what I see as the Eagles problems, and I don't know if this season it can be fixed:

1) Special Teams - I think I wrote about this weeks ago, and our special teams have been killing us most games. Against the Giants, the blocked punt is beyond terrible, how many times do you snap a ball low? Come on.

2) Derrick Burgess - think we miss him much? I do. Corey Simon - think we could have used fat boy now? Our defensive line just isn't getting pressure on the QBs like they used to. I think Mike Patterson is a bit green, and didn't live up to the pre-season hype. Kearse is just above average, and not the factor that he was hyped up to be. Losing Jerome McDougle certainly didn't help.

3) Don't blame this on TO, wrote Rich Hofmann in the Philadelphia Daily News: "You want to pin this on Terrell Owens, go ahead. But unless Jeremiah Trotter was searching for T.O. in the middle of traffic when Tiki Barber cut back for a 55-yard run that set up a Giants field goal, Owens had nothing to do with it. T.O. had nothing to do with the pass interference in the end zone that set up another score, on a play in which a referee's flag and hat joined Michael Lewis' jock in the laundry pile on the field. And unless Sheldon Brown was distracted by visions of Owens dancing in his head when Plaxico Burress ran by him for the final TD, well, you get the idea." Defense wins championships.

4) McNabb. I don't think the team lives and dies by one player, but having Koy or Mike at QB certainly is a different team versus having McNabb. I still like what I see from McMahon, but it may be until 2 games from now that the guy gets into a better rhythm with his center on how to snap the ball. But I still don't place too much blame on McMahon - he scored 17 points against a very good defense.

I said it before, I know we are a better team than 4-6, but unfortunately the door is nearly closed on us this season. I expect to win 5 of the next 6. I would like to end this season on a high note, with some wins, even if we miss the playoffs.

But football is a crazy sport. Who knows what will happen to Dallas and the Giants in the coming weeks?

56 Minutes Of Good Football

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Football is a funny game sometimes. And if by saying 'funny' I mean 'drives me insane' then you get what i'm saying.

It is hard to write a post where your team looks excellent for about, oh, 56 minutes. It is holding the other teams offensive challenges and doing a decent job on offense. In the 4th quarter, up 13 points and only 4 minutes left, the Gods of football would say that you have a pretty good chance to win. Heck, they even flashed a stat up on the screen "Eagles have won 36 consecutive games when leading by 10+ points in the 4th quarter - the longest streak in the NFL!"

Dallas, the bane of the Eagles existence, decided to add just another reason for Eagles fans to hate them after this Monday Night loss. What was poised to be a rejuvenated team, a phoenix rising from the ashes of the firey citadel of Rosenhaus & Owens, get a rude awakening to the current state of the NFC East:

You are no longer the big kids on the block.

Hats off to Dallas, because they won with a fairly incredible comeback. Much like the Redskins/Dallas MNF football game on Sept 20th, the visitor team was just close enough to rally for a win.

What does it mean for Eagles country? First off, we need Dallas to continue to do well, in the regular season, and win the NFC East. Yep, I just wrote that. I know most of you want to see the entire Dallas team die in a plane crash, but hear me out.

Right now at 4-5, with 7 games left, I just don't see the birds winning 7 in a row. Here would be my non-baised prediction on the upcoming games, if McNabb's newest groin injury doesn't sideline him:
Nov 20 - at NY Giants - loss.
Nov 27 - vs. Green Bay - win.
Dec 5 - vs. Seattle - loss.
Dec 11 - vs. NY Giants - win.
Dec 18 - at St. Louis - win.
Dec 24 - at Arizona - win.
Jan 1 - vs. Washington - win.

I think we are going to win 5 of the next 7 and end up 9-7 now.

I think the Giants can go 2-5 absolutely lose the following games:
Seattle, Dallas, Philly, KC, Washington

Here is the kicker. Lets say we sweep the Giants & my other predictions hold true. They go 1-6, which, if you look at who they are playing, is entirely possible.

We end up 10-6.

Now how about those pesky Redskins? With 7 games left, they are playing so haphazard it will be hard to predict what they will do in any game. San Diego, Dallas & Philly could be losses. Oakland, St. Louis and Arizona are probable wins, but who knows? Hope they beat Giants. If the Redskins win 4 of the next 7, they end up 9-6.

What's my point? Losing to Dallas certainly hurts, not only from a personal hatred standpoint, but also from a playoff picture. If the Eagles can put this loss behind them and win at least 5 of the next 7, along with the Redskins and Giants having troubles, we aren't doomed yet.

A longshot? Yes. Probable? No. Possible? Absolutely.

The Tired T.O. Arguement


"Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to victoryyyyyyyyy!", sang two patrons off key at the bar. "Hey Eeeeeagles fan? How about T.O.?", they mocked.

The two patrons were bar regulars, one wearing a Yankee cap, and the other shorter and unshaven. Both were obviously drinking all day. I was fiddling with the lights, trying to darken the bar, before my shift started at the bar on Saturday night. It reminded me like schoolchildren at Richboro Elementary playground in 3rd grade. I felt my blood boil a bit and I was more than happy to set the record straight, like I have been doing all week.

"Hey, I think most Eagles fans were fooled by the act from last year.", I began, "We thought that San Fran was a unique case and he got a fair deal with us. It wasn't until Rosenhaus showed up that Owens turned into an asshole."

The drunken Yankee fan, with bleary eyes said, "You all loved him, saying he was the key to a Super Bowl! Now you homers are saying how you don't need him anymore! I hate you Philly fans!"

"I said it before, I think he is the most talented wide receiver in the NFL. I loved him as a player, and hoped he was just in a bad situation in San Francisco. The Eagles did get to 4 NFC Championships and 1 Super Bowl without him. We were just wrong about the guy, he proved he has the maturity of a twelve year old. What can I say?", I stated.

"Philly fans are so two-faced! What do you think of McNabb? Great or good?", he grunted.

"I think he is good, but not great. He isn't Marino or Young quality yet. He has two key problems: One is time management, and second is his 'touch' when passing. Over his career, McNabb has always used timeouts at the wrong time in a game or can't run the 2-minute offense effectively. As for his touch, I think he has a rifle for an arm, but never learned a consistent touch on the ball, either overthrowing or underthrowing passes.", I analyzed.

"Dude, you should have your own TV show!", the other scruffy drunk guy exclaimed.

"Hey, I may be an Eagles fan, but i'm not a homer. I know what is wrong with my team. Plus lets talk about some New York issues.", I started my offensive on them.

"First, before you start with your gay-T.O. tirade on me. Let's talk about a player on the YANKEES named A-Rod? Remember him?"

"Yea? So?", said the one with the Yankees cap.

"Hmmmmm. Let's go back to oh...I don't know...when he was going to sign with Boston...", I started.

The Yankee fan shifted uncomfortably and rolled his eyes.

"Why yes...that was a good week of trash talking I heard from New York fans about how much A-Rod sucked. How he wasn't going to help Boston. How overrated he was. Then look what happens when New York signs him, hmmmm? Everyone is running down Madison Avenue and sprinkling rose petals to welcome their new hero to the team. So don't talk to me about two faced fans. You know that you Yankee fans are just as bad when you lose a player."

"I didn't bash A-Rod!", he sputtered.

"Whatever, maybe YOU didn't. But you know you had fans doing it.", I said.

"Well...", he sheepishly agreed nodding his head.

"As for overrated teams, you cannot sit here and mock my birds and think that the Giants aren't overrated. Defensively - doing a great job, my hats are off to them. Offensively? Hell, no. Manning is doing just enough to keep his team winning, but he is still a work in progress. Reminds me of Ben Rothlisberger last year, who had a very good Steelers defense, but was passing for 225 yards and 1 or 2 TDs to win games. His run offense was the real gem last year, much like the Tiki Barber show this year. Manning is showing flashes of brillance, but he is also making some huge green mistakes. San Francisco, Arizona, Redskins. Take the score out of the game and look at Manning's stats. Terrible.", I vented.

"Yea, I guess you are right. One last question. If you could have T.O. back would you take him?", one asked.

"Tough call. I think no one can hold a candle to his talent, and we have a bunch of rookie WRs that are untested, which doesn't make me confident. But, I think his distraction is too much. So I would say, no.", I conceded.

I guess we will see tonight what the Birds can do.

My Take On T.O.

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Nothing is final, but it does appear that the Owens era is over for the Eagles.

I feel many things about this situation. Resentment. Anger. Relief.

I resent the idea that once again a Philadelphia sports team loses a star player. We can talk about "Owens the man". But i'm talking about "Owens the athlete". No one can deny his talent. Everytime he had the ball & had open field you knew something was going to happen. He was exciting to watch, and so exciting that I bought his jersey last year.

Slowly my appreciation of him dwindled. I thought the situation with the 49ers was just a situation of bad blood between an employer and an employee. Owens was upset at his old "company", bad words were said and that would be over once he changed jobs. Some people called it - telling me he was a locker room cancer. I personally thought he was put in a bad light by the media and would come around now that he was on a team that wanted him. I was wrong. I hate being wrong.

Owens started to say the wrong things and started to act like his old self, after the Super Bowl and once Drew Rosenhaus entered the picture. Contracts are interesting things. Look at Freddie Mitchell. The Eagles signed that first round draft pick for a decent clip of money and he didn't pan out. Do the Eagles get some money back? No. Ok, now look at Owens. We paid him a decent clip of money, and he did pan out. Does that mean he gets a raise? No.

I'm relieved that part of this soap opera is over. I'd like to finally read some news that talks about the Eagles and not Terrell. I'd like to read about players thoughts about the upcoming game and not about locker room chemistry.

As for the Owens apology, I just don't buy it. That was a well crafted letter by his PR people to do some damage control on the situation. They know that he needs to come out looking repentant, and write a letter making it seem that he was sorry for his actions. Where was that letter before he got suspended? I will guarantee that if he read the same letter, he would be still wearing an Eagles uniform. But reading such a letter is just a simple way of making sure that T.O. plays football again. There are teams, that aren't doing well, but have money to spend that a playmaker like Terrell can make them from a pretender into a contender - like Miami or New Orleans. It also is possible that Falcons will take a shot at Owens, also, I heard that he is friendly with the Wide Receiver coach there.

And so ends another chapter in the Philadelphia sports team & another star leaving our beloved city.

At 4-4, I think it would be foolish to just count the Eagles out of anything. The NFC East is crowded with talented teams. It will be a dogfight to see who wins the East and who wins the wildcard. A good first step is beating Dallas on Monday Night Football. Just one game at a time and let the chips fall as they may.

Week 9: Scalped!


Here we are. 4-4.

Redskins beat us. The Redskins. Are you fucking kidding me?

4th and 4. McNabb throws into the arms of the Redskins secondary. Seriously, what the fuck?

I'm not a doom and gloom kind of fan. My brother always was. Years I would try and sit on the Eagles bandwagon and say things would get better. This year? Wow. I don't know what to say.

Our offensive line looks beyond horrible. McNabb barely has any protection. He can't get any plays off including the dump pass to Westbrook.

Eagles defense, once maligned for its rush defense, is now looking terrible against the pass. Can we stop 3rd and 5 anymore?

Welcome to being a Philadelphia fan, I suppose. On paper, our team, before the season began, looked good. Now, at 4-4, and with our performance tonight, I have strong suspicions that we are going to have a hard time making the playoffs. I still believe in my prediction (before the season started) that the Eagles were going 10-6.

I know they aren't playing great, but I still believe. I believe that we are a better team and I believe that we will come around. It is easy for Philly fans, the Negadelphians, those fans that are always negative about the Eagles to pipe up and say that we aren't going to make the playoffs. I don't agree with that. I think the birds are a world class organization and will find a way to win.

But I guess that is the difference between a bandwagon fan and a real Eagles fan. The bandwagon fan sits at home and watches the game. The real fan wears the Eagles colors and supports his team in thick and thin. Which kind of fan are you?

Week 8: Eagles at Denver

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From heroes to zeroes.

I went into this game expecting a loss, but not a massacre. Mischief night was in full effect at mile high, and everything simply went wrong during the game. The Eagles pass defense is a joke, and after watching the front line barely put any pressure on Jake, he picked us apart. The Denver run game was excellent, and we had barely any answers for it.

We lost to Denver, and AFC team, in Denver. End of the world? No. I think if you had to lose games all season, I would certainly pick the AFC games. But we have 3 big games coming up: Washington, Dallas and Giants. Unfortunately you have an Eagles team floudering and ripe to lose those games.

But you have to take it one game at a time. You lost to Denver. Identify what is wrong and move forward. McNabb at Denver showed signs that he is really, really not fit to be a starting QB and showed other signs that he still has some magic left. The only way i'd want McNabb out is if he is getting surgery to fix the hernia. Otherwise, i'd say keep him in. Could you imagine Detmer playing against Denver? He would have gotten killed out there.

The Eagles nearly pulled off another comeback (like they did against Kansas City), and when it was 21-28, I thought we were going to pull it off. Then a terrible pass picked off by the Denver corner Foxworth, who was subsituting for Bailey sealed the game. If McNabb saw that Westbrook was WIDE OPEN, he would have easily scored for a touchdown. But it is easy to see these things when we are watching it on TV and not down on the field.

Now that half the season is over, I think the next half will be much like the first. Before the season, I expected our record to be 11-5. I think the defense is showing glaring signs of weakness and the teams we face are showing much better football prowess, it could be an 9-6 season. The next 3 games will be more telling than you think. We go 0-3 or 1-2 in the next 3, you can stick a fork in us. We win 2-1 or 3-0, then it will be a footrace to see who can make the playoffs.


It was another nationally televised game and we still had a decent crowd of people on hand. Misery loves company. We raffled off a XL Eagles jersey (hey, it was free!) and the photo above is the lucky winner. If I remember correctly, she is a FRIEND of an Eagles fan, and is actually a Steelers fan! Lets hope to convert another to our cause with the T.O. nightshirt - it is almost as large as her! The next 3 games are nationally televised, but come down to Dipper's we are planning on doing more raffles each week of Eagles gear.

Week 7: The Newest Jinx of Jinxes

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There is nothing like a good serving of crow on a Sunday.

I got a text message while bartending, when the Eagles were down 13-17 and the San Diego Chargers were lining up:

"Can you say...last place?", it read from Chris S.

Obviously, Chris didn't read my story The Jinx of Jinxes. We all know what happened next.

Blocked field goal. Dipper's goes bonkers, and all is well again in Eagle Country.

Congrats, Chris. You are the new Jinx of Jinxes. See Tom from Moran's, and he can hand over the crown to you.

Wow. What a game. I think I can speak for most level headed Eagles fan to agree that it was great to win the game - but this isn't the Eagles team from last year.

Mistakes, penalties and injuries are making us look woefully average. Cowboys, Giants and Redskins are playing much better football from last year and are all in contention now for the NFC East crown. Gone are the days where we would dominate games against all opponents.

Sadly, since I was bartending, I didn't get to watch the game as intently as I did in weeks past and can't give my in depth analysis. From what I did get to watch, i'm tired of hearing everyone bemoan the Eagles run game. Here's why:

1. McNabb completes passes. He has, to date, a 62% completion rate (254 attempts / 158 complete), and has passed for 1751 yards. He has 5 interceptions. I have said it once, and I will say it a million times, we are running Andy Reid's WEST COAST OFFENSE. Every conservative football guru is going to drive home the "run run run" philosophy. I don't agree with it, I think Andy is doing a great job, should close his ear to the critics and keep doing what works.

2. We aren't designed for the run. Westbrook isn't a between the tackles running back. He is a shifty scat back. Warrick Dunn and Tiki Barber are the same type of running back as Brian. Tomlinson, James and Alexander are the other type of power back. If we had Tomlinson on our team - I would certainly be crying about our running game. Anyone watch Westy try to run the ball yesterday? 10 attempts for 25 yards. Conversely he had 10 catches for 75 yards. Throw to Brian. He has outstanding hands and is deadly when given the short pass while he is in the flats.

3. Owens changes the game. I have people who come up to me all the time and say, "How can you wear number 81? Come on - you hate him, don't you?" When he was on the 49ers, I thought Owens was a flashy annoying player that had a lot of talent. Now that he is on the Eagles, I think he is a flashy, funny player that has a lot of talent. Some people don't like his showboating, and I certainly didn't when he was on the 49ers. Now - I find it funny and think, "If I were on the Eagles - THAT is what I would do when I score a touchdown!". Aside from my critique of Owens, we have the #1 deep threat in the NFL. Some may argue for Moss, but I disagree. I think Owens is hands down better than "Starvin'" Marvin Harrison (don't throw stats at me, i'm just calling it like I see it). You send Owens down the sidelines and that is going to open up the short passing game for...LJ Smith. He caught 6 catches for 63 yards. He already has 34 catches for 350 yards this year (10 yards per catch!). That is more than Greg Lewis, our #2 WR.

Bottom line is that we are nearly at midseason and the ship is taking on water. It is my sincere hope that the Eagles can plug the holes and start to show a consistent passing attack. They play Denver last week at Mile High Stadium - and I will guarantee that the Broncos are extremely angry for losing to the Giants. They are coming to play.

Are we?

God Is On Our Side

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"Gnats" is a small insect that bothers you during summer or also a derogatory term for the Giants football team.

"Cowgirls" refers to the Cowboys.

For all of you that didn't get the joke.

Beat My Quote



"Soon after this photo was taken, Suzy, Jill, and Dallas Parcells got to meet their new mother, Michael."

"Is that a A cup, Bill?"

"Throwing convention to the wind, Michael Strahan and Bill Parcels touch hips while hugging, breaking all sorts of Guy Rules."

Week 5 Photos


Week 5: Cowboys stun Eagles!


The Eagles crashed and burned in Dallas last Sunday and what can we learn from that game. If you want to be a Eagles homer - you can stop reading now, because I will give credit where it's due.

First and foremost, Dallas played a great game. You can't take away from their team, on both sides of the ball, how well they played. The pair of TD passes to Terry Glenn (118 yards, 2 TDs) by Drew Bledsoe (289 yards, 3 TDs) were simply great passes. Drew proved he has still a great touch with his accuracy and is tremendously dangerous when sitting in the pocket. Julius Jones, with only a half played, attemped 16 times for 72 yards (4.5 yards per carry), and his backup Thompson ran 20 times for 75 yards (3.75 yards per carry) - the Eagles run defense did a good job there, in my opinion.

Here is what I saw as the key factors to the loss:

  • Not enough pressure on Bledsoe. How many times did you hear the broadcasters say, "Eagles blitz..." and just watch the Dallas offensive line pick it up easily? Again, great job by Dallas and a poor job by Eagles. No matter how you slice it the Eagles need to re-tool the blitz against Dallas next time they meet.

  • Terrible special teams. I have said it before, and I will say it again - do you think we miss Ike Reese? I'm not saying one player makes that special team special - but we have a glaring problem with a) people that over run coverage or b) giving our punt/kick returners lanes to run. Eagles gave Dallas tremendous field position and Dallas may us pay for that - by either converting for points or giving us terrible field position. Also we couldn't move the ball very well with special teams, but i'm guessing we are 26th in the league on punt and kickoff returns.

  • Dallas & Falcons learn how to beat the Eagles. Step 1 - pressure McNabb with blitz packages. Step 2 - force him to throw in a hurry. Step 3 - watch as the Eagles offense sputters. Why? Simple - we don't have a running back named Tomlinson, Alexander or James that can threaten the opposing team. Westbrook is very good, I think he deserves a good contract, and I hope he remains on the team for a long time. But, with that being said, I don't think he is an upper echelon back that can change the dynamic of the game with his running. I think of Westy got the ball 30 times a game, he would be injury riddled by Week 14 - if not sooner. You have to think of Westbrook more like a shifty wide receiver that is playing a running back role. Eagles need a powerhouse back. We can absolutely win with our team, but here is the kicker: When McNabb is off his game (either because of defense or himself) - like against Dallas or Falcons - our team will lose. Why? Because we are a pass happy offense that needs him to be extremely accurate to win. If he isn't crisp, we are in big trouble. We have the weapons to win, but the linchpin is McNabb.

The haters will read this as an Eagles fan who trashes his team when they lose and praises them when they win. Everything I mentioned above is the same for all the Eagles games - special teams, pressure of McNabb or defense.

The bye week, at week 6, is fairly crucial for the Eagles, especially for McNabb. I think the injuries are going to be a nagging factor all season, and it is up to Donovan to either say if he wants to sit or not. Personally, if I were Reid, I would sit McNabb until Nov 6. Give him 4 weeks of rest.

Yep, you heard it here first.

I know everyone is going to go bonkers when they read this, but my attitude is remember that we did win without McNabb 2 years ago. It is the Philadelphia Eagles, not the McNabb Eagles. Rest him up, and let the chest and hernia heal more. Gear him up for the next meeting against the Redskins.

By that time we will be 3-5, 4-4 or 5-3. The next 2 games we play, both of them are against AFC teams, and not as crucial as playing an NFC team (especially an East team) when it comes to getting a playoff spot.

I think by keeping him in, we are playing on borrowed time. What if we keep him in - win the next 2 games, and by week 15, the tank is out of gas? Come the playoffs we can't have him hobbling on the field, just to prove to everyone how tough he is, and watch as teams swarm him.

Also consider the rest of the NFC East's three games:

Dallas will play Giants, Seattle & Arizona - two tough games, one easier one.
Giants will play Dallas, Denver & Washington - all not easy wins.
Redskins will play K.C., SF & Giants - don't count SF as a win with this team!

Because of the matchups, Dallas vs Giants and Redskins vs Giants, this means that two of three NFC teams will lose 1 game. Lets just imagine that Dallas goes 2-1, Giants go 2-1, and Redskins go 2-1:

Washington 5-2
Giants 5-2
Dallas 5-3
Philly 5-2, 4-3 or 3-5.

Now, Philly has the next 3 games against divisional rivals, with a healthier McNabb. For certain, this is a gamble. But ask yourself - would you rather have a battered McNabb walking into the Redskins game or a McNabb who just took the last 4 weeks tending to his injuries, stretching and practicing? Hey, maybe it is just me. But that is what I would do.

Sometimes you have to roll the hard six.

Week 4: Never Say Die

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Can words be put into emotion on how great of a comeback that game was? That is what you call a "gut-check" victory. You are deep in the hole and pull yourself out of it. I think if we lost that game you would have us at 2-2 and the pundits foaming at the mouth that the Eagles are finished. The injuries are too much. We can't expect to keep winning like last year.

We have been winning. I'm not a huge stat person (I think they are deceptive), but, still. McNabb has Week 1, 257 (1); Week 2, 342 (5); Week 3: 365 (2), Week 4: 369 (3). 11 touchdowns after 4 games, he is on pace for a 44 touchdown / 5300 yard season, similar to Peyton (4559 yards 49 TDs) last year. Can he keep this up?

Westy had a quiet day. 9 attempts at rushing for 15 yards. 6 catches 33 yards. Again, a very good RB, but he isn't on the same level of LT or Alexander. He is a different back, and will have slow weeks like this.

Fortunately we have others to step it up, like TO. 11 catches 171 yards, 1 TD. LJ Smith 9 catches 67 yards 1 TD. Even Bartrum gets into the mix for a TD.

If you were watching the game, like me, and wondering what the hell our defense was doing, they looked miserable for the first 20 minutes of the game. Chiefs were humiliating them. It was like our secondary fell asleep. But, Trent only threw 221 yards, and 2 TDs - but was picked off twice. Eddie Kennison - KENNISON?! - caught 7 passes for 109 yards. Sheldon Brown kicked off the comeback with his impressive 40 yard TD return.

In other news...

Phillies are out of the playoffs, but was this a Championship team? I'd say no - but I did enjoy (some of) the season. I got to see them play the Mets, and blame them missing the playoffs because of my jinx. Had I not attended that game at Shea, the Phils would have won and they would be in the playoffs now. My apologies to the City of Philadelphia.

I really want to see an Eagles game at the Linc. I have only been to that stadium once, but fear that the jinx will come into play.

Eagles are headed to Dallas next week for a 4:15pm game. Very exciting football next weekend!!

It Pays To Be A Member

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I spoke to the owners of Philly's Cheesesteaks and we are happy to announce that members of The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken are getting a discount - $1 off cheesesteaks!

This is how it works:

  • Come to the Eagles game at Dipper's on the weekend.
  • After the game find me (hint - I look like the guy in the picture in the upper right corner of the website).
  • Get the $1 off coupon from me.

It is that easy. The coupon will be good for 24 hours. No, you can't buy a cheesesteak from Philly's and bring it back to Dipper's, sorry. I had a cheesesteak after the game last weekend and it hit the spot.

Week 3 Pictures

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Here are the links for week 3 and week 2 pictures, given to me by Thom, the unofficial Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken photographer (i.e. we pay him with free booze):

Week 3:
Week 2:

Thanks Thom!

Week 3: When Eagle Fans Attack

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Just when you thought it was safe to go to an Eagles bar, they strike!

Oh, what sweet, sweet justice it was yesterday! I'm sure if you were one of the smart ones who heeded my email and joined me at the bar early - you got to hear Chris, a Giant fan and Sunday's bartender (with Heather), yapping and ridiculing all the Eagle fans within earshot. Who was laughing after the game. Chris was a good sport about all the "Fly Eagle Fly" songs he had to endure.

Eagles vs Raiders wasn't a pretty game. Penalties, injuries and a near-upset wracked on every fan's last nerve. The largest crowd to date was at the bar yesterday - we may have broken a few Hoboken regulations on doing so - and we still had a line outside the bar. I'm very sorry to anyone who had to wait or was turned away.

Ok, now here are a few thoughts, observations and ramblings from me:

  • "Run! Run! Donovan!", I heard one fan yell next to me. The guy has a groin injury. Abdominal or a hernia. Donny isn't running anywhere, it is extremely tender in his groin. It's like someone kicking a guy in the nuts and saying "Ok now, run!" Not. Gonna. Happen. I'm frankly amazed at how tough Donovan has been over the years. Plays on a broken ankle, busted ribs, hurt thumb, etc. McNabb gets some serious props. The latest injury this week is a shin contusion (i.e. a really bad shin bruise). Anyone think a Week 6 Bye is really going to help us? I do.
  • Akers, Akers everywhere and not a kicker to kick. What can you say when a 3 time pro bowl kicker, and fan favorite, has a hamstring tear? Everyone say hello to Todd France, the new kicker we signed last week. I don't know what we were thinking not activating France for the game. That was stupid. I expect Akers will be out at least 4-6 weeks, but don't quote me on that. Don't buy into the "season ending injury" doom and gloom posters on the message boards. If that were true, Akers would be on IR.
  • Run Defense looked tremendous. Pass Defense looked poor. Dear Lord, can we ever have a year where our pass rush and our defense stopping capabilities are on the same level? Either way, we just have to see Kearse start to step it up a notch at Arrowhead next week.
  • Kerry Collins stats: 24 for 42, 345 yards, 2 TDs, 1 Bottle of Jack Daniels (post game). Stats are deceptive, I think the secondary did a much better job than these stats show.
  • The messageboards are filled with posts saying how "we owned the Raiders". We really dodged a bullet more than anything else. If it wasn't for Janikowski's 2 missed field goals (the 49 yarder I can understand, but to miss a 30-39 yard field goal is ridiculous for someone of his caliber. 6 points off the board right there and a huge morale deflating effect it would have had at the Linc. There is something to be said about momentum, penalties and the other team beating themselves.
  • The love-fest continues for Owens. 9 catches, 80 yards, 1 TD last game. Year to date, after 3 games: 21 catches, 335 yards, 3 TDs. Lets go back in time, to a more simple age, when our primary #1 receiver was: James Thrash. His stats in 2002? 52 catches, 635 yards, 6 TDs - FOR THE YEAR. Seriously, folks. Are you still saying we shouldn't pay Owens? We are the same people that ran Charles Barkley out of Philadelphia. For the love of Pete, can we just keep a superstar in our town?
  • Westbrook vs Jordan. Jordan rushed 16 times for 19 yards and 5 catches for 53 yards. Westbrook? 13 rushes, for 68 yards 1 TD. 6 catches for...listen up...140 YARDS and 1 TD. We are $12-13 million under the cap this year and we are hand wringing over paying Westbrook? We know that LaMont got a 5 year deal worth 27.5 million --including a $7 million signing bonus. He will receive $11 million in guaranteed money and $17.8 million over the first three years of the contract, including $15.7 million in bonuses. I'm not an accountant, but 7 million bonus, still leave the Eagles with another 5-6 million this year to play around with to either keep Owens happy or sign someone for a long term, like Michael Lewis (Mark Eckel, of the Trenton Times, reported on Sept 4th that the Eagles are in talks with him over this).
  • Talking about our corners, chew on this. We have Sheldon Brown (CB) until 2012. Lito Sheppard (CB) until 2011. Brian Dawkins (FS) until 2010. We have a crew that is locked in until 2010? 5 years of these great players shutting WRs down? That is exciting, to me. If we can just finish the last piece of the puzzle, that really can make fans breathe easier knowing that for the next 5 years, we pretty much will have a very good to great pass defense.
  • We really, really, really could have used Trotter in our first game. Hands down we should be 3-0 right now.
  • Just because the Eagles aren't on TV tonight, doesn't mean to not watch Monday Night Football. Chiefs, who we are playing next week, are fighting Denver in Mile High Stadium. We are going to really need our run defense to be ready for next week. Good news is that the Chiefs will have one less day of rest and preparation for us. Did you know that since the merger in 1970 (excluding post-merger entrants Baltimore, Houston, Jacksonville and Carolina), the Eagles and Chiefs have only played 4 times? I can only find the last 3 games, we won 23-10 at Arrowhead in 2001, lost 24-21 at the Vet in 1998 and lost in Arrowhead 24-17 in 1992.

    That is all for this week. Great to see a full house at Dipper's. Next week the game is at 4:15pm & it is an away game - I fully expect the bar will be very packed next week, so get to the bar early if you want a seat.

    -$10 for a Bucket of 5 domestic beers (choose from Bud, Bud Lt, Miller, Coors Lt)
    -$3 domestic drafts / $3.50 imported drafts ($1 off regular price)
    -$8 Pitchers of Coors Lt and Bud Lt
    -$5.50 for a basket of wings ($1 off regular price)
    -$12 Dipper's BBQ Rib Special ($2 off regular price) - a delicious half rack of ribs with a tasty bbq sauce.

    On a side note, i'm talking with the owners of Philly's Cheesesteaks right now to get a special coupon for everyone in The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken - $1 off cheesesteaks! More details to follow, more than likely club members who attend Dipper's bar for the game, will get a $1 off coupon or voucher after the game. I had a cheesesteak after yesterday's game. So tasty.

2005 Week 2: Eagles vs 49ers


Week 2 and things are much more calm in Eagles Country. We got another nice crowd to Dipper's Bar on Sunday afternoon, watching the Eagles humiliate the 49ers on national TV. 091905a.JPG

My few thoughts on the game:

1) I know everyone is going to look at the stats and say how great Donovan did - I agree, he was tremendous. What worried me was that on a few closeups of him - how tired he looked. Maybe it's just me. Plus there was one time he scrambled to the sideline, and you could tell, by the way he ran, how his chest was hurting still. He just had this "stiff upper chest" run thing going.

2) I find it funny how when we win - everything is just lovey-dovey with McNabb and Owens. I still say that there is some tension there, despite the media clips of them laughing on the sidelines. But this is what makes a person a professional - go out and play the game.

3) What's up with Akers? I was saying before the regular season that he deserves a raise and he has to go embarass me like this. Maybe we can see if Simoneau wants to kick FGs now.

4) Once again - everyone who questioned the front office on jettisoning Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent can eat some more crow. Our secondary is outstanding, kudos to Andy Reid for picking such great talent.

5) As happy as I am with our passing game, Westbrook keeps disappointing me. He isn't consistent enough as a rusher to make me happy. Yes, he breaks out a big run like once every four or five carries. I think he is right for our system, but if we ever encounter a team where we just have to throw our rushing attack at them - we will be in big trouble.

6) Eagles don't have a rushing game, we are really a team that airs the ball out to multiple receivers. If McNabb is off, or we face an aggressive secondary (Pats in Super Bowl, Falcons last week), along with a strong front four - we are in trouble. I think defenses are wising up to our achilles heel.

Listen up for NEXT WEEK!!!!!

We play Oakland next week at 1pm. Next week is the Hoboken Arts and Music festival. Bars are very, very busy that day and the police heavily enforce the occupancy laws of all bars. Dipper's has a capacity of 66. Dipper's opens at noon on Sundays. I'd get to the bar early to make sure you can get inside. Dipper's will have a bouncer that day and once we hit 66 - a line will start. I don't want to see anyone upset when they stroll to the bar 10 minutes before kick off and they are shut out.

Specials (in case you forgot):
-$10 for a Bucket of 5 domestic beers (choose from Bud, Bud Lt, Miller, Coors Lt)
-$3 domestic drafts / $3.50 imported drafts ($1 off regular price)
-$8 Pitchers of Coors Lt and Bud Lt
-$5.50 for a basket of wings ($1 off regular price)
-$12 Dipper's BBQ Rib Special ($2 off regular price & just added in Week 2) - a delicious half rack of ribs with a tasty bbq sauce.

Great to see everyone this week, here are some pictures after the jump...

2005 Week 1: Eagles vs Falcons


Another opening game, another opening loss. How many times is that now?

Do you think we missed Trotter? I do.091305a.jpg

Do you think that early hit on McNabb to his chest upset his performance? I do.

Do you think that the offensive line did a poor job? I do.

Do you think Westbrook or Owens aren't going to be chirping about getting paid more money this week? I do.

But, it was still a very exciting game. Plus, it was great to kick off a new year with the Eagles club. Tonight we had about 70 people packed into the bar and the energy was palpable.

The waitress Liz, pulled me aside later and said, "Even with the crowd people - they were so polite to me when I had to get past them. They were great."

Week 1 is over, and we have the Niners next week at home. Should be a great game, and I would be amazed if the Eagles weren't fired up to win this one.

I'll hand it to the Falcons, they played a great defensive game and deserved to win. Vick proved how incredibly dangerous he is - I turned to my friends and said he should have just been a running back. Unbelievable quickness.

More pictures from the bar after you click...

Eagles Questions & My semi-rant

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A lot of people have been asking me questions and I figured that I can try to answer a few of them.

Q: The Yard near the PATH says they are "The Philadelphia Eagles Bar of Hoboken" - what gives? Which bar do I go to?

A: We are The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken. I came up with the idea in mid-August 2004, and didn't even know The Yard was doing a bar promotion. We aren't associated with The Yard. The club isn't set to any bar. 2004 we were at The Brownstone. 2005 we are at Dipper's Bar. Dipper's is located at 616 Washington Street, if you want to come join us.

The Yard is located at 72 Hudson Street. They have a website: I wish them the best of luck - Michelle, one of the bartenders there, is a good friend of mine. I think there are enough fans for all of us.

Q: How many people show up to Dipper's each week?

A: Last year the attendance (at The Brownstone) would rise and fall depending on these factors:

  • Nationally televised games, like Monday or Sunday Night Football kept Eagle fans at home.
  • Eagle home games would hurt our attendance - people would go to the games or to the tailgate.
  • The colder it got, less people showed up - the Brownstone was a bit off the beaten path, i'm hoping a more central location encourages more people to show up on a consistent basis.

Q: How soon before the game should I get to the bar for a seat?

A: This can be tricky. Dipper's has about 20 seats at the bar and about 20 seats at the indoor tables, and 16 seats outside (and plenty of standing room). I'd just say get there at least 1 hour before the game. I remember last year people were showing up 90 minutes before the game to get a seat at the bar. The bar handles large crowd on Festival Days, and there is no reason why it can't handle a large football crowd, either.

Q: Will all the TVs be tuned into the Eagles games? And Sound?

A: Yep. Dipper's has 8 TVs in all corners of the bar, and nearly everwhere you sit you will be able to watch the game. The sound has been connected into the stereo speakers so everyone can hear the play-by-play.

Q: Are you guys going to go to any games?

A: I'd love to do it, if we can get some kind of ticket package to Giants stadium or The Linc.

Q: What about other Philly sports teams - are you planning on expanding the club to those sports?

A: I'm thinking about that. My other favorite team are The Flyers. I certainly could talk to Dipper to see if he can get other Philadelphia sport packages if there is interest.

Q: Did you see how fat Corey Simon was last night? Why would we just lift the tag and get nothing for him?!

A: Wow. I have his freaking jersey and I feel bad. We saved 6 million on not re-signing Simon. Plus we found out that DT Mike Patterson is looking like an unbelievable pick at #31. Word on the street is that he could be a top ten rookie this year. We get someone who plays just as well as Corey Simon at a fraction of the cost. That is some great scouting and some great work by the front office. Plus, even with Simon lost, we will get a compensation 3rd or 4th round pick for losing him in the 2006 draft.

Q: What do you think the Eagles record will be this season?

A: I'll go on record saying they will be 11-5. If it wasn't for the whole TO and Westbrook drama, i'd nudge them to 13-3. Also my score depends upon the key players (McNabb, Owens, Westy) staying healthy the whole season.

Q: Why do the Eagles treat their players so badly?

A: I think the Eagles pay, what they consider "Fair Market Value" to a player. The player feels they are owed more, because of skill and contribution to the team over the years. Lets look at some players we "lost":

  • Barber: To Chiefs - solid guy, i'd like him back
  • Staley: To Steelers - everyone loved him but the front office made the right call here, what has Duce done?
  • Trotter: To Redskins - we offered nearly the same package and he still spurned us for Redskins. Lasted a year and came back.
  • Douglas: To Jags - same as Trotter. We gave him a good deal, and he still turned us down to "get paid". He should have never left.
  • Bobby Taylor: To Seahawks - four year 11.3 million contract that lasts 1 year. I bet there are a whole bunch of fans saying Bobby who?
  • Troy Vincent: To Bills - Someone tell me you really want him back?
  • Buckhalter: We offered him a 1 year deal because the FO thought he was fragile. Turns out that they were right.
  • Westbrook? I think they gave him a fair deal, but are thinking that Moats can easily replace him.
  • T.O.? Hands down i'd wait this season see how he does and restructure his contract next year. He is a prima donna, we can all agree, but he is also one of the best WRs in football. To lose Owens would be like the day we drafted Mike Mamula over Warren Sapp. A big mistake!
  • Akers - we are $12 million under the cap, pay him!
  • M. Lewis - are you kidding me? Please lock this guy up! We have the money.

    If you were able to lock up Westbrook, T.O., Akers and Lewis for good deals I think we would easily have one of the premier teams for the next 4 years. I don't understand how the Eagles can be $12 million under the cap and not spend it when it only behooves the organization to have a good team without all this controversey. I want to buy a Westbrook jersey, for example, and i'm waiting to see if they sign him or not. That is revenue that the team is losing. You have to spend money (on players) to make money (from the fans).

    Q: Why doesn't Westbrook just shut up and play?

    A: Actually i'm on his side. He is an injury away from selling pretzels outside The Linc. Westbrook's original contract gives him a $423,000 bonus and $648k his first year. Year 2, he made $303k, and year 3 he made $383k with bonuses of $3,000 each! Compare that to Freddie Mitchell, who got 8 million over the life of his contract and is a huge bust. Who do you think really needs to be paid? If, God forbid, something happened to Westbrook, all of his efforts and contributions in the last 3 years equals, what - 2 or 3 million?

I can't win sometimes.

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TO suspended from practice today. Here is what they said on WIP:

According to Cobb, the player told him that Owens was supposed to be off today in order to rest his strained groin muscle and Reid was upset to see him running pass routes at full speed. When Reid suggested that if Owens felt good enough to run routes all out, he should be good enough to attend practice, and the player told Cobb that the argument escalated from there.

Owens is now suspended for 7 days (unconfirmed) and drove back to his NJ home.

What pisses me off about all this?

I have Corey Simon & Terell Owens jerseys!! I bought Simon's because he was supposed to be the next Warren Sapp. I bought Owens because he signed a 7 year deal (I figured it was good for 4 years at least). I don't want to get a McNabb shirt (everyone has that). Maybe I will get a Kearse one - he is in year 2 of an 8 year deal.

But seriously - we lost Pinkson, I don't think we can afford to have a guy like Owens in our locker room for the whole season. It is really sad because I thought the guy was changing for the better. You would read about Owens and McNabb and how well they got along. It was so much fun to watch them, now it's like watching a train wreck about to happen.

Pinkston Out for Season



I was never a huge fan of Pinky's, but the news just came out on the wire that Todd Pinkston ruptured his Achilles tendon - and he will be out for the season.

I think two things: a) Greg Lewis was showing flashes of brilliance last season and lots of people wanted to see him as a #2. Now he has his chance. b) Suddenly TO is much, much more important to the team - if I were in their shoes i'd start to think about making him happy.

I hope Pinky gets well, and it's sad to see a player go down. Lots of Pinky lovers thought this was going to be his year to shine.

Last year, we had a great time as a club at McMahon's Brownstone for our opening season. The bartenders & Francis, the owner, were great and very accomodating. We thanked them with our patronage and last Christmas I gave both of the Sunday bartenders each a gift certificate to a NYC Spa on behalf of the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken.

For the next season, we decided to change bars. The main reasons were the following:

1. We wanted a bar with a full service kitchen on the Game Day.

2. We wanted a bar with more TVs, larger TVs and better line of sight to view the action.

3. We wanted a bar more centrally located to Washington Street.

After reviewing what was out there, we decided to go with Dipper's Bar on 6th and Washington. They fill the requirements that we were looking for, and we hope that it will be a smooth transition. I used to bartend at Dipper's and I know the owner and all of the bartenders very well.

We wanted to get the word out early. We have 3 months until kick off to next season - we hope to see everyone MONDAY NIGHT Sep 12 at 9:00 PM - the Eagles are playing Atlanta for the opening game.

Here is the schedule:

Sep 12 - at Atlanta, 9:00 PM (Monday Night Game)
Sep 18 - vs. San Francisco, 1:00 PM
Sep 25 - vs. Oakland, 1:00 PM
Oct 2 - at Kansas City, 1:00 PM
Oct 9 - at Dallas, 4:15 PM
Oct 17 - Bye Week
Oct 23 - vs. San Diego, 1:00 PM
Oct 30 - at Denver, 4:15 PM
Nov 6 - at Washington, 8:30 PM
Nov 14 - vs. Dallas, 9:00 PM (Monday Night Game)
Nov 20 - at NY Giants, 1:00 PM
Nov 27 - vs. Green Bay, 4:15 PM
Dec 5 - vs. Seattle, 9:00 PM (Monday Night Game)
Dec 11 - vs. NY Giants, 4:05 PM
Dec 18 - at St. Louis, 4:15 PM
Dec 24 - at Arizona, 4:05 PM (Saturday Night Game)
Jan 1 - vs. Washington, 4:15 PM

See you soon!!

Eagles Post-Draft Thoughts

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138 days to go.

I had my pre-draft thoughts here, which I found were on the money (for the most part).

Here are some of my thoughts about the draft.

First, I grade it a "B". I think only time will tell if its an "A" or a "C". I think we made solid, good choices which cover those positions that were very much needed.

Here were the picks:

Rd. (Overall) Player Pos. School
1 (31) Mike Patterson DT Southern Cal
2 (35) Reggie Brown WR Georgia
2 (63) Matt McCoy OLB San Diego State
3 (77) Ryan Moats RB Louisiana Tech
4 (102) Sean Considine FS Iowa
4 (126) Todd Herremans OT Saginaw Valley St.
5 (146) Trent Cole OLB Cincinnati
5 (172) Scott Young G Brigham Young
6 (211) Calvin Armstrong OT Washington State
7 (247) Keyonta Marshall DT Grand Valley State
7 (252) David Bergeron ILB Stanford

LB: Also, where are the naysayers who kept telling me "Eagles NEVER draft linebackers!!!" - I called this one. We drafted three. How many "Real McCoy" signs to you expect to see in the Linc next year. McCoy should be the new Ike Reese on special teams.

OL: Long in the teeth and we drafted depth there - another 3 for the Eagles. 1 guard and 2 tackles.

RB: Welcome to the NFL, Mr. Moats. Some great signs are gonna be made here for this guy.

FB: At the time of writing my predraft, we didn't sign Ritchie.

DB: Sean Considine is here to help.

WR: At the time of my pre-draft the whole Owens thing didn't crop up. I think that Reggie Brown was simply a good player on the board that the Eagles grabbed, rather than someone they targetted to pick up.

QB: No biggie here, since we signed free agent Mike McMahon on March 11. I should have taken that into consideration on my draft thoughts, but forgot.

TE: Pittsburgh picked up Heath Miller before us at #30 and i'm fairly sure that the Eagles would have grabbed him. I'm very concerned about our TE situation and i'm very much expecting a free agent pickup here.

DT: Like I said - Simon is leaving and we grabbed a new, young first round prospect called "Baby Sapp" in Mike Patterson. Will he be as good as Simon? That is a stretch to compare a #6 pick to a #31 pick - but I do think that Patterson should be capable and good. I don't think Simon ever lived up to his hype.

Overall i'm excited about our team. I think what people should also be excited about is that we grabbed two #4 picks for the 2006 draft by trading on draft day. We keep doing very smart picks and grabbing young, fresh talent - we will be a team in contention for years to come.

I think of the Eagles like the Atlanta Braves. A good organization that understands the nature of the game. We cannot afford Simon, his price simply is too high. What do we do? We draft a new, young, fresh talent to replace that.

Welcome to football. Welcome to the business of football.

The Eagles can really only afford so many 'A' players. They pay for that talent, and then draft or sign free agents to fill in the gaps.

People can cry all they want to - but i'm in the minority of fans that think Andy Reid is doing an outstanding job and that everything the Front Office does is the right thing to do.

Owens crying? You signed the contract! You wanted to come here! Shut up!

I like Owens and respect his talents. I even went out and grabbed a new Owens jersey and it won't take away from how talented I view him. But this new (and yet, old) twist of his makes me shake my head and wonder if people ever do change.

Does he deserve to be paid more? I suppose. But as a business if the Eagles did pay him more - what if every player does this and becomes a prima donna?! Good buy salary cap. Good bye Eagles.

They have to stay firm with the Owens situation. If he wants to sit out a year - fine. Trade him or dump him. Its business, people.

I expect out of the 11 drafted we should get about half of them as decent players. I expect about 5 or 6 of these guys to step up and be the future generation of the Eagles. In a worst case scenario, maybe its only 3 that have any talent. In a best case scenario, maybe we get 8 or 9 talented players.

Only time will tell. I'm already looking forward to next season.

Eagles Pre-Draft Positional Analysis

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Ok Eagles fans - its been 36 days since The Game.

Lets not talk about The Game. What happens in Jacksonville...well it doesn't stay in Jacksonville it gets replayed OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I HAVE WATCHED THIS FUCKING GAME ABOUT 5 TIMES ON TIVO...

Ok, wait. I'm fine. I'm fine. Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean. Ah, much better.

This is Furey's Pre-Draft Spotlight. April 23-24 is the draft, and i'm excited because its always fun to see what new and exciting players we get. Here are our draft picks:

1st Round - 31st Overall

2nd Round - 35th Overall (from Miami)
2nd Round - 63rd Overall

3rd Round - 77th Overall (from Kansas City)
3rd Round - 94th Overall

4th Round - 132nd overall

5th Round - 146th overall (from Washington)
5th Round - 167th overall
5th Round - 172nd overall*
6th Round - 211th overall*

7th Round - 245th overall
7th Round - 247th overall*
7th Round - 252nd overall*
* = Compensation pick, CANNOT BE TRADED

Here are my thoughts on what positions the Eagles need to address, as of now, due to free-agency losses, injuries and releases:

The Eagles Club - next season!

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This blog first started with the idea that I would make an Eagles website for fans living in Hoboken. Then, I just canned that idea because I barely have enough time coming up with creative ideas for my blog.

After living in Hoboken the last 10 years, and being an Eagles fan, I used to spend my days at The Farside bar, watching the game with the regulars. Since I was behind enemy lines, my game was usually with no sound - and I had to endure years of a crappy Eagles team and the ridicule that came with it.

About two years ago when I was bartending at Dipper's, I was always thinking about making it a "Eagles Bar", but never went through with it. I seriously never thought we would get that many people into the bar, and I didn't think the owners would like that so much since he was a Redskins fan.

Last summer I told a friend of mine about my ideas, and it turned out that McMahons Brownstone would be a good fit for the idea that I had: Find a bar that was willing to show the Eagles games with sound (instead of the Giants or Jets) and make it an "Eagles Bar". Organize a bunch of people, get them to one bar in town & take over the place with a sea of Eagles green. The idea morphed from an "Eagles Bar" into trying to promote an "Eagles Club" (and not necessarily tied down to the Brownstone - we did Monday Night Football at different bars).

Future Hall of Shamer Eli Manning

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Got this picture forwarded to me...Welcome to New York, Eli. Lookin' sharp, pal.


We have all been there, buddy. Wrecked after a night of boozing. Of course the only difference is that we THOUGHT the girl we took home was as hot as yours.

I expect to see this same dazed and confused expression in years to come after my Philadelphia Eagles lay out a few hits on Future Mr. Hall of Shamer Eli Manning.

Thanks for the laughs, Eli.

Even more laughs coming up when I watch the Giants give up their first round draft pick to the Chargers for this guy.

Please, make me laugh and lets hear your own caption for this picture.

Super Bowl Random Thoughts


I'm back.

What can I say? We lost. There isn't anything else that can be said, but here are my random thoughts on everything this weekend:

-The Eagles should have won. The Eagles could have won. The Eagles didn't win. The majority of blame must rest on DMac's shoulders. I'm sorry to say that, for whatever reasons - it was his performance which largely contributed to the loss. He had some crucial interceptions that were HIS FAULT, and not the tremendous skill of the Patriots secondary. The one he threw into double coverage towards Westbrook I could have intercepted.

-Jacksonville is an interesting dilemma. Its a second rate town, but it really tried to be first rate. The people of Jacksonville were wonderful - extremely friendly and accomodating. They have more "Waffle Houses" down there than we have pigeons in New York. It should be called Waffleville. Or JacksonHouse. Wacksonvilouse.

-But, on the other hand, the price gouging was sad. I went to eat with 3 friends at a Sabarro. We had about 10 slices of pizza ($4 each), and each got a beer ($8 each). Do the math.

-The taxi situation got better when taxi drivers started to come from out of the city & state (one I met was from Atlanta) to "help". They were absolutely raping customers with their prices. I paid $40 to get from Jax to my hotel room after the game, which was a 20 minute drive. I had no choice - it was 3am, I was drunk and there wasn't any public transportation I could have used. I figured, how many times have I paid $30-40 for a taxi ride from Manhattan to Hoboken?

-My hotel room was, on a scale of 1-10, about a 3. This was a dive of a motel that tried really, really hard to spruce itself up for the Super Bowl. They installed new carpet and new curtains - but that couldn't hide the fact that this place wasn't worth more than $100 a night. Super Bowl price? $300 a night (4 night minimum stay). I compared notes with everyone else in town and very few nice hotels exist in the city. Like I said before, this is a second rate town.

-My seats were ridiculously great. I was sitting field level, with a great view of the action. The (active) crowd was about 65% Eagle fans and 35% Patriot fans - the active crowd comprised about 70% of the people at the game. The "inactive crowd", the media types or old people who sit on their hands the entire game was about 30% of the people there. It kind of drove me nuts when you looked around and knew that there were some people here who really didn't appreciate what they were experiencing - those rich, old bastards who just sat there and didn't clap very much.

-Back to the Eagle to Patriot ratio - we owned that town. The night before the game Jacksonville landing had to be about 80% Eagle fans by my estimates. It was basically like being in Philly - we were razzing their fans the whole weekend. Of course they got to laugh last - after the game. I went to Jacksonville Landing after the game and got drunk with Eagle fans (we were all wearing our jerseys proudly in a sea of Pat fans). I looked around and watched the Pats fans party and just kept thinking - "They really didn't know how to party...." - I would guess that there were like 800-1,000 Pats fans at the Landing (near the main stage). If the Eagles won, I would guarantee that there would have been about 5,000-8,000 Eagle fans going bonkers.

-I got to meet Martin Brodeur at Twisted Martini near the Landing on Friday night. He was hanging out with some friends of Matt and he was very approachable and friendly. My first words were (I was smiling when I said it) "Martin - i'll admit i'm a huge Flyers fan and I hate you." He laughed and I added,"The Devils wouldn't be half the team they were in the last number of years if they didn't have you as a goalie." He thanked me back and I got a picture with him along with an autograph for Fireman Joe. I limited my ass kissing to that moment.

-Kathy emailed me this joke...McDonalds announced a new sandwich. It is called the "McNabb." After you pay for it, the clerk either throws it on the floor two feet away from you, or into the hands of the guy behind you in line.

The Jinx of Jinxes!

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Poor Eagles. Jinxed again.

I am guessing there is a Patriots fan who works at Sports Illustrated who decided, once again, to throw a jinx our way.

Not only do we have The Curse of William Penn, but now the SI Jinx to double our chances of losing the Super Bowl.

If you are unfamiliar with the Philadelphia Jinx, the William Penn Jinx, its fairly simple. For a very long time there was a gentleman's agreement in Philadelphia that stipulated that no building would exceed the height of City Hall - so that the William Penn statue would grace the skyline unimpeded atop City Hall.

In 1984, Liberty Plaza was the first skyscraper to break that agreement and since then no major sports team in Philadelphia has won any championships (I guess Villanova in 1984 doesn't count, since its a college). Plus, we get a lot of "oh so close moments".

The Flyers made it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1985, 1987 and 1997. Lost. Lost. Lost.

Phils were there in 1993...but that was the Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams Jinx.

The Sixers were in the NBA finals in 2001, and were swatted by the Lakers.

Then there is the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx.

The claim is that when someone, or team, is on the cover of Sports Illustrated, there is a "demonstrable misfortune or decline in performance following a cover appearance roughly 37.2 percent of the time."

Also note that this article was written in 2002 and they wanted to put KURT WARNER on the cover. Look at Kurt now, the towel holder for Eli Manning on the Giants. Just the THOUGHT of putting Kurt on the cover jinxed him. Poor Jerimiah Trotter, I liked that guy.

This figures about our luck in Philadelphia. I'm guessing that right now the anti-fans are running under ladders, smashing mirrors and carrying around black cats while wearing Eagles jerseys for the next 2 weeks.

I do have one story about "The Jinx of Jinxes".



Finally over the hump - the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl bound!

How does it feel? I'm actually a mix of emotions, but the most overwhelming feeling is relief.

I'm relieved that we got that monkey off our back. The last 3 years of listening to Eagle-haters and co-workers who gave me grief is over.

Win or lose for the Super Bowl - we can finally say we won the "big game" and are able to get to the final one.

What an amazing game. The Eagles defense stepped it up and held Falcons to a mere 10 points. The Eagles offense, which was written off after T.O. went down, scored a solid 27 points. No one can call this game "lucky" - we beat the Falcons on both sides of the ball, with our offense and defense.

This was a complete game and a methodical win. We took away Vick's running game, and he proved that he could not win with his arm. I look at Vick and see Donovan McNabb in the early stages of his career. I think the Falcons are going to be a dangerous team in the future and this won't be our last post-season meeting in quite some time.

I'm very excited because, if you didn't know, i'm going to Jacksonville.

Yep. I was confident that the Eagles were going to win it, and I bought the ticket 3 weeks ago on Continental. I don't have a Super Bowl ticket, I plan on going down there and winging it. I don't care, I just want to be in the city for this game - its been 24 years since we had this shot and I figure that I better take advantage of it now while i'm young and single.

I know my father is looking down upon this game with a sense of pride and I know he is happy for me. Our one major bond was Philadelphia sports and talking about the Eagles over the years was one of our favorite subjects. I emailed my friend Brad before all the games started and told him my dad was going to make this our year:

Me: "The fix is in. We are going to the Super Bowl."
Brad: "Well, I hope so."
Me: "No, I know it. The fix is in. Frank is taking care of it."
Brad: "That would be great."

There was a sense of calm I had before this game. In years past, I felt nervous - but this year I was very relaxed (but excited) about everything. Last year I had nightmares of the Eagles losing to Carolina, and it came true.

This year I felt like we should win, and was confident but also wary of prior disappointments.

I'm happy for the city of Philadelphia and its long enduring fans. We deserved this after so many years of the NFC Championships, and wonderful seasons.

In two weeks and i'm off to Jacksonville to watch my Eagles face either the Patriots or the Steelers.


Kim Selby, an Eagles fan living in Hoboken, was vacationing in Phuket, Thailand during the Tsunami tragedy.

She is a survivor, and of course made of some tough stuff since she has green blood flowing through her veins. Kim is on the email list for The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken. I don't know her personally, I haven't met her yet.

You can read her story here.

Kim, glad to hear you are ok. The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken looks forward to seeing you in our ranks cheering the team on for its playoff run.

Happy New Year, everyone. If you can, please donate to the relief: is collecting money for the American Red Cross, to give direct aid to the people of South Asia. Please donate what you can.

Show Your Philly Pride


Next Monday night (December 27), The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken is going to hit Dipper's Bar on 616 Washington Street.

What's so great about Dipper's? I am friends with many of the bartenders. Plus, its got an open kitchen, its a nice central location & its something different to do. Heather, the manager, assures me there will be drink & food specials.

The game against the Bengals will be back at The Brownstone.

Time to show your Philly Pride this week. Now we get to see who are the bandwagon fans are and the real fans. Also, expect that this game will be a "statement" game by the Eagles. Remember when Donnie went down and Detmer/Feeley stepped it up against San Francisco two years ago? I'm sure that the Eagles are going to want to let the rest of the NFL know that they are the team to beat with or WITHOUT T.O..

Game is Monday night vs St. Louis - 9pm. Be there or jump off the wagon. We are going to the Super Bowl, dammit!

T.O. Breaks Fibula & Needs Surgery

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Well its official.

For the fourth year in a row the Eagles have another catastrophic injury that is set to possibly derail our playoff hopes.

2001 - Buckhalter injured in the St. Louis NFC Championship game, when he was playing great for the first half.

2002 - McNabb injured in Week 9. Comes back for the playoffs, but is too rusty to get the win.

2003 - Westbrook injured against Redskins. Duce can't produce.

2004 - Owens broke his fibula & has an 'outside chance' to make Super Bowl (assuming we even made it).

I'm sure a lot of people will want to think positive about this & I would like to see us to well. But I have to say that things aren't going to be easy. Can we win?


Will we? Well it was certainly looking a lot easier last Saturday. We have basically 4 weeks to prepare Greg Lewis and Freddie Mitchell to become the new #2 guy. So its a new kind of training camp. The name of the game, for someone like Mitchell, is that he is really playing for a new free agent contract after he is done this season.

You want to prove you are a #1 pick - time to step up, kid.

Greg Lewis has got to prove why we just signed him until 2010. Reid sees some talent - I haven't really seen anything from him, but lets see what he can do.

I guess what is even more special about this whole situation is that the COWBOYS, who are without a doubt the #1 bane to all of Eagles existence are the ones to blame for this. So to twist that knife a bit deeper, the Cowboy fans can grin to themselves and be content that their team may suck - but at least the Eagles are pulled down a notch.

Right now i'm somewhat hopeful that a miracle will happen and Freddie Mitchell suddenly becomes THE MAN. Message board guys have been clamoring for Freddie to get his shot over Pinkston - well now he has that chance. If someone becomes the unsung hero of the playoffs and we happen to have a miraculous recovery from Owens, who knows.

What I do know is that we certainly can win the NFC playoffs without Owens. What I suspect is that against any of the AFC teams come the Superbowl - we really need a great WR like Owens to win.

I'd like to put a great spin on this, but it just is going to be extremely hard to win without T.O. - but not impossible.

11/15 Eagles vs Dallas: MNF at Farside!



Hey guys! I hope you are all had a great weekend!

Just letting you know that *This Monday* for Monday Night Football, we will be having our gathering at The Farside Bar and Grill on 5th and Washington.

I spoke to the owner, he will have SOUND on all the TVs along with
drink special: $3 for all domestic beers (bottle or draft). The owners are also working on a food special for all Eagle fans tonight.

Its just for this Monday night. Farside has 7 TVs, a full service
kitchen, and a nice central location for all our fellow Eagle fans to
gather. The game starts at 9pm.

Just something different for our mid-season game, since I know a lot of you have asked about a full service kitchen, and The Club will be back at McMahon's the following weekend.

Eagles vs Browns


What a wild weekend game!

Only a few days ago i'm talking about how I quit smoking cigarettes and during that game I turned to Melissa and said, "Its games like this that make me WANT to smoke again."

We had the largest crowd to date this week, I counted 63 people in the bar at its peak! I keep meeting new people each week, and this is very exciting. The bartenders were nice enough to turn all the TVs on to the Eagles games, so we had the entire bar to ourselves.

Here are some pictures from yesterday...

Living in town for the last 10 years the majority of my Eagles games were spent watching them at The Farside with a few regulars - most of whom were either Giant fans or just plain didn't like the Eagles.eagles 017.jpg

They had my game on, but I never got to listen to the game, unless the Giants and the Jets weren't playing. Even then I had to plead to the bartender to turn the sound on for the Eagles.

Well, thanks to The Brownstone that is all over.

I mentioned before the season to a bartender and friend of mine asking what kind of crowd they got for Sunday football. From what I understood it was a small crowd of regulars, about 20 people or so, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on what game was playing. Plus the bar was arranged in such a way that multiple TVs could have the sound on without interfering with each other.

One thing led to another and I got the helpful guys at Hobokeni to put an notice up on the front page of the site - I went to the Eagles website and put a notice up on their boards - and I got the word going thru my bartending friends in town - and its amazing what happens.

The last 3 weeks at the Brownstone, we averaged about 40 Eagles fans at the bar. It seems like every week new people are showing up. Here are a few pics from week 6, its great to see a bar full of green jerseys...

Week 4 Pictures

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Here are some pictures from week 4 at McMahon's Brownstone, I will post more some color commentary...

eagles 015a.jpg
Dave, A Guy Who-I-forget-his-name, Eddie, Furey and Mel. Disregard what you see in the background of the picture - by week 12 we will have a game called: "Giants Neon Sign Pinata"

eagles 006a.jpg
I think this was when Mel was trying to convince me that this is Todd Pinkston's year. On a side thought what is Na Brown doing now-a-days? Same guy who had the "softest hands in the NFL".

eagles 010a.jpg
Was it the camera getting blurry or the "T.O. shots" affecting me? This group was very cool, but their girlfriends need to sport some Eagles gear next week!

eagles 011a.jpg
"Hey Mom, forget the tour of Hoboken - I have a great idea - lets go to McMahons and watch football!" This chick has immediate coolness in my book.

Philadelphia Eagles Club in Hoboken

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Too long Eagle fans have been denied watching their games in Hoboken.

Too long Eagle fans were treated like second class citizens, forced to endure the tepid Giants and fickle Jets fans in Hoboken.

No more!

The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken is rallying the troops and drafting the "Green Legion" to build our own army in Hoboken.

Get the word out - the draft starts NOW! The Green Legion won't be denied any longer!

2005 Update: We now meet at Dipper's Bar on 616 Washington Street, Hoboken for every Eagles game! See this link:

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