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Eagles vs Browns


What a wild weekend game!

Only a few days ago i'm talking about how I quit smoking cigarettes and during that game I turned to Melissa and said, "Its games like this that make me WANT to smoke again."

We had the largest crowd to date this week, I counted 63 people in the bar at its peak! I keep meeting new people each week, and this is very exciting. The bartenders were nice enough to turn all the TVs on to the Eagles games, so we had the entire bar to ourselves.

Here are some pictures from yesterday...

Living in town for the last 10 years the majority of my Eagles games were spent watching them at The Farside with a few regulars - most of whom were either Giant fans or just plain didn't like the Eagles.eagles 017.jpg

They had my game on, but I never got to listen to the game, unless the Giants and the Jets weren't playing. Even then I had to plead to the bartender to turn the sound on for the Eagles.

Well, thanks to The Brownstone that is all over.

I mentioned before the season to a bartender and friend of mine asking what kind of crowd they got for Sunday football. From what I understood it was a small crowd of regulars, about 20 people or so, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on what game was playing. Plus the bar was arranged in such a way that multiple TVs could have the sound on without interfering with each other.

One thing led to another and I got the helpful guys at Hobokeni to put an notice up on the front page of the site - I went to the Eagles website and put a notice up on their boards - and I got the word going thru my bartending friends in town - and its amazing what happens.

The last 3 weeks at the Brownstone, we averaged about 40 Eagles fans at the bar. It seems like every week new people are showing up. Here are a few pics from week 6, its great to see a bar full of green jerseys...

Week 4 Pictures

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Here are some pictures from week 4 at McMahon's Brownstone, I will post more later...plus some color commentary...

eagles 015a.jpg
Dave, A Guy Who-I-forget-his-name, Eddie, Furey and Mel. Disregard what you see in the background of the picture - by week 12 we will have a game called: "Giants Neon Sign Pinata"

eagles 006a.jpg
I think this was when Mel was trying to convince me that this is Todd Pinkston's year. On a side thought what is Na Brown doing now-a-days? Same guy who had the "softest hands in the NFL".

eagles 010a.jpg
Was it the camera getting blurry or the "T.O. shots" affecting me? This group was very cool, but their girlfriends need to sport some Eagles gear next week!

eagles 011a.jpg
"Hey Mom, forget the tour of Hoboken - I have a great idea - lets go to McMahons and watch football!" This chick has immediate coolness in my book.

Philadelphia Eagles Club in Hoboken

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Too long Eagle fans have been denied watching their games in Hoboken.

Too long Eagle fans were treated like second class citizens, forced to endure the tepid Giants and fickle Jets fans in Hoboken.

No more!

The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken is rallying the troops and drafting the "Green Legion" to build our own army in Hoboken.

Get the word out - the draft starts NOW! The Green Legion won't be denied any longer!

2005 Update: We now meet at Dipper's Bar on 616 Washington Street, Hoboken for every Eagles game! See this link:

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