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Kim Selby, an Eagles fan living in Hoboken, was vacationing in Phuket, Thailand during the Tsunami tragedy.

She is a survivor, and of course made of some tough stuff since she has green blood flowing through her veins. Kim is on the email list for The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken. I don't know her personally, I haven't met her yet.

You can read her story here.

Kim, glad to hear you are ok. The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken looks forward to seeing you in our ranks cheering the team on for its playoff run.

Happy New Year, everyone. If you can, please donate to the relief:

www.amazon.com is collecting money for the American Red Cross, to give direct aid to the people of South Asia. Please donate what you can.

Show Your Philly Pride


Next Monday night (December 27), The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken is going to hit Dipper's Bar on 616 Washington Street.

What's so great about Dipper's? I am friends with many of the bartenders. Plus, its got an open kitchen, its a nice central location & its something different to do. Heather, the manager, assures me there will be drink & food specials.

The game against the Bengals will be back at The Brownstone.

Time to show your Philly Pride this week. Now we get to see who are the bandwagon fans are and the real fans. Also, expect that this game will be a "statement" game by the Eagles. Remember when Donnie went down and Detmer/Feeley stepped it up against San Francisco two years ago? I'm sure that the Eagles are going to want to let the rest of the NFL know that they are the team to beat with or WITHOUT T.O..

Game is Monday night vs St. Louis - 9pm. Be there or jump off the wagon. We are going to the Super Bowl, dammit!

T.O. Breaks Fibula & Needs Surgery

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Well its official.

For the fourth year in a row the Eagles have another catastrophic injury that is set to possibly derail our playoff hopes.

2001 - Buckhalter injured in the St. Louis NFC Championship game, when he was playing great for the first half.

2002 - McNabb injured in Week 9. Comes back for the playoffs, but is too rusty to get the win.

2003 - Westbrook injured against Redskins. Duce can't produce.

2004 - Owens broke his fibula & has an 'outside chance' to make Super Bowl (assuming we even made it).

I'm sure a lot of people will want to think positive about this & I would like to see us to well. But I have to say that things aren't going to be easy. Can we win?


Will we? Well it was certainly looking a lot easier last Saturday. We have basically 4 weeks to prepare Greg Lewis and Freddie Mitchell to become the new #2 guy. So its a new kind of training camp. The name of the game, for someone like Mitchell, is that he is really playing for a new free agent contract after he is done this season.

You want to prove you are a #1 pick - time to step up, kid.

Greg Lewis has got to prove why we just signed him until 2010. Reid sees some talent - I haven't really seen anything from him, but lets see what he can do.

I guess what is even more special about this whole situation is that the COWBOYS, who are without a doubt the #1 bane to all of Eagles existence are the ones to blame for this. So to twist that knife a bit deeper, the Cowboy fans can grin to themselves and be content that their team may suck - but at least the Eagles are pulled down a notch.

Right now i'm somewhat hopeful that a miracle will happen and Freddie Mitchell suddenly becomes THE MAN. Message board guys have been clamoring for Freddie to get his shot over Pinkston - well now he has that chance. If someone becomes the unsung hero of the playoffs and we happen to have a miraculous recovery from Owens, who knows.

What I do know is that we certainly can win the NFC playoffs without Owens. What I suspect is that against any of the AFC teams come the Superbowl - we really need a great WR like Owens to win.

I'd like to put a great spin on this, but it just is going to be extremely hard to win without T.O. - but not impossible.

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