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The Eagles Club - next season!

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This blog first started with the idea that I would make an Eagles website for fans living in Hoboken. Then, I just canned that idea because I barely have enough time coming up with creative ideas for my blog.

After living in Hoboken the last 10 years, and being an Eagles fan, I used to spend my days at The Farside bar, watching the game with the regulars. Since I was behind enemy lines, my game was usually with no sound - and I had to endure years of a crappy Eagles team and the ridicule that came with it.

About two years ago when I was bartending at Dipper's, I was always thinking about making it a "Eagles Bar", but never went through with it. I seriously never thought we would get that many people into the bar, and I didn't think the owners would like that so much since he was a Redskins fan.

Last summer I told a friend of mine about my ideas, and it turned out that McMahons Brownstone would be a good fit for the idea that I had: Find a bar that was willing to show the Eagles games with sound (instead of the Giants or Jets) and make it an "Eagles Bar". Organize a bunch of people, get them to one bar in town & take over the place with a sea of Eagles green. The idea morphed from an "Eagles Bar" into trying to promote an "Eagles Club" (and not necessarily tied down to the Brownstone - we did Monday Night Football at different bars).

Future Hall of Shamer Eli Manning

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Got this picture forwarded to me...Welcome to New York, Eli. Lookin' sharp, pal.


We have all been there, buddy. Wrecked after a night of boozing. Of course the only difference is that we THOUGHT the girl we took home was as hot as yours.

I expect to see this same dazed and confused expression in years to come after my Philadelphia Eagles lay out a few hits on Future Mr. Hall of Shamer Eli Manning.

Thanks for the laughs, Eli.

Even more laughs coming up when I watch the Giants give up their first round draft pick to the Chargers for this guy.

Please, make me laugh and lets hear your own caption for this picture.

Super Bowl Random Thoughts


I'm back.

What can I say? We lost. There isn't anything else that can be said, but here are my random thoughts on everything this weekend:

-The Eagles should have won. The Eagles could have won. The Eagles didn't win. The majority of blame must rest on DMac's shoulders. I'm sorry to say that, for whatever reasons - it was his performance which largely contributed to the loss. He had some crucial interceptions that were HIS FAULT, and not the tremendous skill of the Patriots secondary. The one he threw into double coverage towards Westbrook I could have intercepted.

-Jacksonville is an interesting dilemma. Its a second rate town, but it really tried to be first rate. The people of Jacksonville were wonderful - extremely friendly and accomodating. They have more "Waffle Houses" down there than we have pigeons in New York. It should be called Waffleville. Or JacksonHouse. Wacksonvilouse.

-But, on the other hand, the price gouging was sad. I went to eat with 3 friends at a Sabarro. We had about 10 slices of pizza ($4 each), and each got a beer ($8 each). Do the math.

-The taxi situation got better when taxi drivers started to come from out of the city & state (one I met was from Atlanta) to "help". They were absolutely raping customers with their prices. I paid $40 to get from Jax to my hotel room after the game, which was a 20 minute drive. I had no choice - it was 3am, I was drunk and there wasn't any public transportation I could have used. I figured, how many times have I paid $30-40 for a taxi ride from Manhattan to Hoboken?

-My hotel room was, on a scale of 1-10, about a 3. This was a dive of a motel that tried really, really hard to spruce itself up for the Super Bowl. They installed new carpet and new curtains - but that couldn't hide the fact that this place wasn't worth more than $100 a night. Super Bowl price? $300 a night (4 night minimum stay). I compared notes with everyone else in town and very few nice hotels exist in the city. Like I said before, this is a second rate town.

-My seats were ridiculously great. I was sitting field level, with a great view of the action. The (active) crowd was about 65% Eagle fans and 35% Patriot fans - the active crowd comprised about 70% of the people at the game. The "inactive crowd", the media types or old people who sit on their hands the entire game was about 30% of the people there. It kind of drove me nuts when you looked around and knew that there were some people here who really didn't appreciate what they were experiencing - those rich, old bastards who just sat there and didn't clap very much.

-Back to the Eagle to Patriot ratio - we owned that town. The night before the game Jacksonville landing had to be about 80% Eagle fans by my estimates. It was basically like being in Philly - we were razzing their fans the whole weekend. Of course they got to laugh last - after the game. I went to Jacksonville Landing after the game and got drunk with Eagle fans (we were all wearing our jerseys proudly in a sea of Pat fans). I looked around and watched the Pats fans party and just kept thinking - "They really didn't know how to party...." - I would guess that there were like 800-1,000 Pats fans at the Landing (near the main stage). If the Eagles won, I would guarantee that there would have been about 5,000-8,000 Eagle fans going bonkers.

-I got to meet Martin Brodeur at Twisted Martini near the Landing on Friday night. He was hanging out with some friends of Matt and he was very approachable and friendly. My first words were (I was smiling when I said it) "Martin - i'll admit i'm a huge Flyers fan and I hate you." He laughed and I added,"The Devils wouldn't be half the team they were in the last number of years if they didn't have you as a goalie." He thanked me back and I got a picture with him along with an autograph for Fireman Joe. I limited my ass kissing to that moment.

-Kathy emailed me this joke...McDonalds announced a new sandwich. It is called the "McNabb." After you pay for it, the clerk either throws it on the floor two feet away from you, or into the hands of the guy behind you in line.

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