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Eagles Pre-Draft Positional Analysis

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Ok Eagles fans - its been 36 days since The Game.

Lets not talk about The Game. What happens in Jacksonville...well it doesn't stay in Jacksonville it gets replayed OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I HAVE WATCHED THIS FUCKING GAME ABOUT 5 TIMES ON TIVO...

Ok, wait. I'm fine. I'm fine. Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean. Ah, much better.

This is Furey's Pre-Draft Spotlight. April 23-24 is the draft, and i'm excited because its always fun to see what new and exciting players we get. Here are our draft picks:

1st Round - 31st Overall

2nd Round - 35th Overall (from Miami)
2nd Round - 63rd Overall

3rd Round - 77th Overall (from Kansas City)
3rd Round - 94th Overall

4th Round - 132nd overall

5th Round - 146th overall (from Washington)
5th Round - 167th overall
5th Round - 172nd overall*
6th Round - 211th overall*

7th Round - 245th overall
7th Round - 247th overall*
7th Round - 252nd overall*
* = Compensation pick, CANNOT BE TRADED

Here are my thoughts on what positions the Eagles need to address, as of now, due to free-agency losses, injuries and releases:

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