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Eagles Post-Draft Thoughts

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138 days to go.

I had my pre-draft thoughts here, which I found were on the money (for the most part).

Here are some of my thoughts about the draft.

First, I grade it a "B". I think only time will tell if its an "A" or a "C". I think we made solid, good choices which cover those positions that were very much needed.

Here were the picks:

Rd. (Overall) Player Pos. School
1 (31) Mike Patterson DT Southern Cal
2 (35) Reggie Brown WR Georgia
2 (63) Matt McCoy OLB San Diego State
3 (77) Ryan Moats RB Louisiana Tech
4 (102) Sean Considine FS Iowa
4 (126) Todd Herremans OT Saginaw Valley St.
5 (146) Trent Cole OLB Cincinnati
5 (172) Scott Young G Brigham Young
6 (211) Calvin Armstrong OT Washington State
7 (247) Keyonta Marshall DT Grand Valley State
7 (252) David Bergeron ILB Stanford

LB: Also, where are the naysayers who kept telling me "Eagles NEVER draft linebackers!!!" - I called this one. We drafted three. How many "Real McCoy" signs to you expect to see in the Linc next year. McCoy should be the new Ike Reese on special teams.

OL: Long in the teeth and we drafted depth there - another 3 for the Eagles. 1 guard and 2 tackles.

RB: Welcome to the NFL, Mr. Moats. Some great signs are gonna be made here for this guy.

FB: At the time of writing my predraft, we didn't sign Ritchie.

DB: Sean Considine is here to help.

WR: At the time of my pre-draft the whole Owens thing didn't crop up. I think that Reggie Brown was simply a good player on the board that the Eagles grabbed, rather than someone they targetted to pick up.

QB: No biggie here, since we signed free agent Mike McMahon on March 11. I should have taken that into consideration on my draft thoughts, but forgot.

TE: Pittsburgh picked up Heath Miller before us at #30 and i'm fairly sure that the Eagles would have grabbed him. I'm very concerned about our TE situation and i'm very much expecting a free agent pickup here.

DT: Like I said - Simon is leaving and we grabbed a new, young first round prospect called "Baby Sapp" in Mike Patterson. Will he be as good as Simon? That is a stretch to compare a #6 pick to a #31 pick - but I do think that Patterson should be capable and good. I don't think Simon ever lived up to his hype.

Overall i'm excited about our team. I think what people should also be excited about is that we grabbed two #4 picks for the 2006 draft by trading on draft day. We keep doing very smart picks and grabbing young, fresh talent - we will be a team in contention for years to come.

I think of the Eagles like the Atlanta Braves. A good organization that understands the nature of the game. We cannot afford Simon, his price simply is too high. What do we do? We draft a new, young, fresh talent to replace that.

Welcome to football. Welcome to the business of football.

The Eagles can really only afford so many 'A' players. They pay for that talent, and then draft or sign free agents to fill in the gaps.

People can cry all they want to - but i'm in the minority of fans that think Andy Reid is doing an outstanding job and that everything the Front Office does is the right thing to do.

Owens crying? You signed the contract! You wanted to come here! Shut up!

I like Owens and respect his talents. I even went out and grabbed a new Owens jersey and it won't take away from how talented I view him. But this new (and yet, old) twist of his makes me shake my head and wonder if people ever do change.

Does he deserve to be paid more? I suppose. But as a business if the Eagles did pay him more - what if every player does this and becomes a prima donna?! Good buy salary cap. Good bye Eagles.

They have to stay firm with the Owens situation. If he wants to sit out a year - fine. Trade him or dump him. Its business, people.

I expect out of the 11 drafted we should get about half of them as decent players. I expect about 5 or 6 of these guys to step up and be the future generation of the Eagles. In a worst case scenario, maybe its only 3 that have any talent. In a best case scenario, maybe we get 8 or 9 talented players.

Only time will tell. I'm already looking forward to next season.

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