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I can't win sometimes.

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TO suspended from practice today. Here is what they said on WIP:

According to Cobb, the player told him that Owens was supposed to be off today in order to rest his strained groin muscle and Reid was upset to see him running pass routes at full speed. When Reid suggested that if Owens felt good enough to run routes all out, he should be good enough to attend practice, and the player told Cobb that the argument escalated from there.

Owens is now suspended for 7 days (unconfirmed) and drove back to his NJ home.

What pisses me off about all this?

I have Corey Simon & Terell Owens jerseys!! I bought Simon's because he was supposed to be the next Warren Sapp. I bought Owens because he signed a 7 year deal (I figured it was good for 4 years at least). I don't want to get a McNabb shirt (everyone has that). Maybe I will get a Kearse one - he is in year 2 of an 8 year deal.

But seriously - we lost Pinkson, I don't think we can afford to have a guy like Owens in our locker room for the whole season. It is really sad because I thought the guy was changing for the better. You would read about Owens and McNabb and how well they got along. It was so much fun to watch them, now it's like watching a train wreck about to happen.

Pinkston Out for Season



I was never a huge fan of Pinky's, but the news just came out on the wire that Todd Pinkston ruptured his Achilles tendon - and he will be out for the season.

I think two things: a) Greg Lewis was showing flashes of brilliance last season and lots of people wanted to see him as a #2. Now he has his chance. b) Suddenly TO is much, much more important to the team - if I were in their shoes i'd start to think about making him happy.

I hope Pinky gets well, and it's sad to see a player go down. Lots of Pinky lovers thought this was going to be his year to shine.

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