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Birds In The Playoffs!

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I haven't written much on the birds this season. With the Phillies overshadowing the Eagles regular season, and many games that tore my heart out, it has been hard to get excited for the Birds.

Suffice to say, today was the best Eagles game I have watched in the last...20 years.

Complete domination. Against a team that every Eagles fans hates...Dallas.

If you told me the final score was going to b 44-6 today, I would have assumed you meant Dallas beating Eagles. That's Philly. That's our history. That's our legacy. But it seems that things have been changing.

Phillies won the World Series and it's like all the rules are going out the window. The cursed teams of my generation are gone, replaced by inspired teams of a new generation.

Eagles to the Super Bowl? Who knows?

But honestly to end the season this way, with a remarkable win over a dreaded rival. The stars align just right for us to get a playoff shot. We get the #6 seed with the Vikings next week. Christmas was 3 days late for a bunch of Eagles fans.

The bar was out of control at Mulligans. Haven't seen that much excitement and cheering since October. Win or lose, this was a game to savor not just this week, but for years to come. A delightful win to a tough season.

Bring on the Vikings!

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