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My hair and I have quite a history.

Back when I was in NROTC at Villanova, I had the high and tight hair, parted on the side. Once the program was terminated, I grew my hair long, went to Italy and came back as Eurotrash. Then I cut it for graduation, since my parents pleaded with me to do this.

When I moved up to town, a co-worker told me about a place 092005c.JPGon 22nd and First called Sigfrido's. I loved this place, it was an italian barber shop, open 7:30am to 6pm Monday thru Saturday. I think a haircut was $12, and they did the hot shaving cream and straight edge shave, too.

Then, I got a roommate from London named John, in 1999, and it was downhill from there. Sad to say, but he was the first guy I saw with the "bedhead" haircut. I was a fan, and knew that my italian barbers wouldn't have any idea what i'm talking about.

I have two rules when I shop for things - one, I like to buy the best I can. Two, I want to be as efficient as possible when I shop.

This was true for choosing a new place to get my haircut. I did a few internet searches on Metro New York. I really couldn't decide on a place, and finally broke down and chose Vidal Sassoon and met a great stylist named Barbara.

Yes, I know i'm going to get grief over this. We all spend money on what is important to us but frivilous to others. Clothes, hair, golf, food, wine, cars, PS2 games, whatever.

Expensive? Very. Great hair cut, loved it. Barbara was a cool woman, older - used to be in the punk rock scene at CBGB's in the 80's and had great stories.

I went to her for the last 5 years and each year Vidal kept upping the price of a haircut. As a guy paying for the haircut and tip every 5 weeks drains your wallet after a while.

I decided to try something local. But, i'm not the kind of guy that is going to go to Supercuts and get my hair trimmed by a pimply 17 year old kid from North Bergen who secretly hates yuppies.

I discreetly asked around to some guy friends about where they get their hair cut.

As a guy, have you ever tried to ask 092005b.JPGANOTHER guy where they get their haircut? It's breaking all sorts of hetero-guy rules. I may as well say, "Hey did you see the score of the Giants game...and by the way your ass looks great in those jeans, Bob!"

Alright. Maybe it's not that bad. You just have to make sure you ask someone you know.

If you are a guy who doesn't relate to my story, see if Sigfrido's is still open, 212-475-9513, and get a $12 buzz cut there (don't forget to tip!). If you are a guy who relates to my dilemma, I have a place for you in Hoboken to try: Mad One Jacks.

Have a doggie that needs walkin?

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A friend of mine has started a dog walking business. Her name is Kathleen and if you have a pooch in town that needs an hour walk a day - this is your girl.

I have known her for the better part of a year and met her through The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken. But she gives the same kind of good lovin' to all dogs - even those that are Giant fans. :)

Know someone in Hoboken or Jersey City that needs their dog walked daily? She plays with the dogs and sends me emails about each of her little fellas that she walks. I'm jealous, it sounds like fun. Now if I could get a 401K and healthcare benefits, I just might quit my day job.

Of course, for her its fun NOW - just wait until winter, Kathleen!

I'm not sure on her rates, but if you shoot her an email: wardk66@yahoo.com - she certainly can talk to you about it.

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