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Yesterday I shunned my favorite sushi restaurant and went to Ubu (205 Hudson St) for a quick bite.

I walked into the small restaurant and asked if they served beer. They didn't, so I ran up to Washington Street and bought my tall Sapporo and went back to try their sushi deluxe & edamame.

I thought the quality of the edamame was so-so. They steamed it nicely but I wished they used a kosher salt on the beans, rather than a table salt. Also there were lots of "bad" ones in there and I had to push those aside.

Trying the sushi deluxe I was presented with two tuna, salmon, yellow tail and halibut (I think, it was a white fish), along with 1 shrimp and a california roll. Not a huge fan of california rolls, I like it when sushi deluxes are served with a spicy tuna roll (which can nearly be the most common roll ordered at all sushi restaurants).

This brings up an interesting segue. Ever look at a sushi restaurants roll list. Check out how much a plain tuna roll costs versus a spicy tuna. The markup at some restaurants is incredible - and what are you getting with a spicy tuna roll? Mayonaise and spice? Some rolls I have seen a price difference of $1.50-2 a roll! Incredible!

They first served miso soup & a salad, which I only tried the miso soup. I like the miso soup at Maru better, but it was satisfactory.

Ok, so I thought the fish was fresh and tasty. The waitress asked before ordering if I liked my sushi spicy, I said I did and they added to the top of each fish a small drop of spicy mayo & soy. I didn't have to dip the fish into anything and I wolfed them down so fast that the chef remarked, "You certainly are hungry!"

The california roll was satisfying enough, and the total cost for the meal was a shade over $20. There were only 2 other people in the restaurant and the service was fast and attentive. The place only seats about 20 people, so I don't think i'd be very worried about slow service.

I'd go again, but i'd choose Maru over Ubu any day of the week. But i'd choose Ubu over the super expensive Sushi Lounge across the street. I'm still pissed that they serve Sapporo beer for like $7 a pint. You can BYOB to Maru or Ubu and it is $3.75 for a 20 ounce can of Sapporo at the Liquor Store on 2nd & Washington. I understand paying more at a restaurant or bar, but Sushi Lounge should be charging like $4.75 for a pint of Sapporo.

I got this from a friend of mine:

The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life will be taking place in Hoboken on May 20th from 11 a.m. to midnight on Pier A. RFL is a community celebration where individuals and teams come together to camp out, barbecue and walk around “relay style” to honor cancer survivors and pay tribute to those who have lost their battles with the disease. Funds raised support cancer research, education, advocacy and patient services in Hoboken.

Cancer survivors are invited to celebrate their triumph over cancer by participating in an inspirational “Survivors’ Lap” to open the relay. Come nightfall, the Luminaria Ceremony will light up Pier A with hundreds of candles - each one purchased in honor or in memory of a loved one who has faced cancer.

Club H has also organized a simultaneous event called Spin For Line – a one-hour spin class that will be held at Sinatra Park. Classes will take place between 10 a.m – 4 p.m. for $25 per person.

Teams can still sign up to participate in either event, whether made up of friends and family, colleagues or community organizations.

The Young Professionals Committee of the ACS will also be hosting a happy hour at Tenth and Willow this Thursday, May 11. In the spirit of competition, the theme of the night will be baseball, as the Yankees take on the Red Sox and the Mets face the Phillies. The cover fee is $5, with total proceeds being matched by the bar and donated to the ACS. Drink specials will be also be available, including half price martinis and bottled beers. Festivities begin at 7:00.

For more information, contact Christina Attardo at clnyu78@hotmail.com or visit www.cancer.org.

Mikie Squared Update


I went to a meeting for Mikie Squared on Sunday. It was our first staff meeting.

We had the owners, the bar manager, the floor manager, the overall manager, and the employees all gathered in the newly renovated bar. It was a meet & greet time for everyone to say hello and fill out some paper work. The owners went over the rules & expectations of the staff.

Where do I start?

First, the bar is still the way everyone will remember it. But everything has been cleaned up & painted. The bar has been re-sanded & will be stained and sealed soon. The ceiling was removed and the original tin ceiling has been painted and restored. The area behind the bar has wine racks, instead of mirrors. Most of the TVs are gone and will be replaced by 3 large plasma TVs behind the bar. The dartbone is gone and will be replaced by a nice seating area in front by the bay windows. We have wonderful new comfortable chairs for sitting outside. They will be building an retractable awning to cover the sidewalk on rainy days.

Second, the bar is more upscale but not pretentious. The owners are really focusing on the simple idea of "the customer comes first" like the staff did at Dipper's. We want a professional but fun atmosphere. There will be a dress code for the employees (all black) & black polo shirts with "Mikie Squared". The food is going to be bar food, but the key will be FRESH. Fresh burgers, wings that are meaty, tasty ribs and delicious salads. Also there will be specialty drinks - mojitos, frozen margaritas & pina coladas, martinis and sangria. We will have an extensive wine list, great wines by the glass (with a vaccum system to keep it FRESH) and PORT wine. I told them to get Taylor Fladgate 20 Year Old Tawny for me.

Third, the name. In case you haven't heard the owner's name is Mike. His son is Mikie. The bar is Mikie...squared. It was "the best we could do on short notice" as Mike said. It is a trillion times better than working under the name "Dipper's". Maybe if we were serving ice cream Dipper's would have been a great name...

Lots of ideas are bouncing around. The owners are interested in all sorts of things to try. It was like when we first opened up Dipper's - everyone is involved and excited. I, myself, feel very happy to be working there only because both the owners have been extremely nice with me. They have been nice enough to let me keep working on Saturday nights (I might be doing some Fridays, too) and I might do some fill-in work during the week.

They expect to be open very soon. No official word yet, but if everything goes as planned, they hope to be open this weekend. After seeing the bar and the kitchen - I think the BAR could be open by the weekend, but the kitchen might need some work. Who knows? We certainly want the old regulars back to the bar along with a new crowd of people. I think Larry is getting his own monogrammed chair, along with a personalized Guinness glass.

I will keep you updated with the grand opening and get some pictures on the site when I can.

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