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Premier Soccer Shop

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Opening up last weekend at 157 First Street, was Premier Soccer Shop, catering to fans & players around Hoboken & northern 062707a.JPGNew Jersey. I had a chance to stop by and speak to the owners, who told me that they will be the place to shop for everything soccer. They have videos/DVDs, soccer balls, turf shoes, bags, referee equipment, shorts, t-shirts, shinguards, outerwear, socks and any other accessories you may need. Featuring such brands as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Diadora, Lotto, Sells, Sondico, Umbro, and more. Premier Soccer Shop have team jerseys from the American to European leagues. Are you jonesing for that new Barcelona Thierry Henry jersey? Sorry Arsenal fans!

When I spoke to the owners, asking why open a soccer shop - it was simple really. While in college, studying for an MBA, they felt the demand was strong in our area for such a store. They first pointed out how far someone from our area had to travel to find a good soccer store. Secondly, the owners played in the Hoboken Adult Soccer Leage, which has 800 people alone, and doesn't include all the various schools, NJ leagues and enthusiasts who love soccer - and concluded that Hoboken was ready for such a store.

Where else would you build a soccer store (or should we say "football"?), but next to the best soccer bar in Hoboken - Mulligan's, which has plenty of fans watching various American and International Soccer. The owners of Premier Soccer Shop are partnered with the New York Red Bulls, and plan on having player appearances and cross promotions in the coming months.

The store062707b.JPG is very large, bright and has a beautiful plasma TV showing GoalTV all the time. When I walked in I was greeted by employees wearing soccer jerseys, and asked a few questions, to which they were very helpful and interested in answering. I have to say that one of the grestest strengths of the success of any business are the owners AND the employees, and Premier Soccer Shop certainly will make you feel welcome no matter what skill or knowledge level you may have.

They have also partnered with Sound Soccer Academy, which develops soccer players of all skill levels, from recreational/intermural to ODP, College and perhaps even the future professional. The owners stressed that they really want to develop and encourage the love of the sport and hope that their store will become the one stop shop for everything soccer related. They can discuss team & league packages, and you can also inquire about how Premier Soccer Shop can be your club's official sponsor. They are always open for suggestions and comments, and can be contacted at info@premsoccershop.com.

Help Stop Urban Sprawl!

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In life there comes a moment when we all need a little help from our friends.

This is one of those moments.

No, I don't need a kidney. My heart is ticking just fine, thank you. I'm not in dire need of money, my cashflow is fine even with evil PSE&G taking $100 away from me per month.

What I need are bodies. Lots and lots of bodies.

Evil genetic experiments? No.

Porn shoot? I wish.

Stop the evil developers of Hoboken? Yep!

Yes folks, I need you to stop the sprawl. Developers in Hoboken are looking to make a seven story building at the corner of 1st and Clinton. It is currently the site of The Jefferson Trust Bank Building.

I'm all for the renovation of the bank building, and think there are lots of uses that the building can be used for, but we don't need more luxury condos in town. Developers are flooding the market to meet a supply that just isn't there.

A strong show of support against this would be a great way of helping me and my fellow residents of this neighborhood. How can you help?

Look, it's simple, i'm only asking for an hour of your time. There are two meetings:

June 12th at 7pm (Historic Preservation Committee) and June 19th at 7pm (Hoboken Planning Board) at City Hall.

Even if I can get 5, 10, 15 extra people to these meetings to show that we are against this development, it would be a huge help and I would absolutely appreciate it. You can email me for details or questions.

Thanks again.

Bar Tips For Newcomers


Last Friday, I got off the PATH train, and was flagged down by Steve, sitting outside Texas Arizona and watching The Parade. It was Friday, I didn't have nuthin' to do, so I said, "Fuck it".

Sitting down, he introduces me to the 3 girls at table sitting next to him, Jen, Kelly and Carrie. Kelly and Carrie are new 24 year old transplants to Hoboken, and brimming with questions.

One question was, "Where can we go to DANCE?"

Steve and I collectively rolled our eyes and I laughed because it was such a 24 year old question of a girl to ask. Yes, I know the fairer sex likes to dance, but I have noticed that the desire to find a place to dance lessens over the years with Hoboken women (oh, if dancing is doing on - any woman of any age will partake, don't get me wrong).

My answer to their question was that i'd suggest Willie McBrides, Whiskey Bar or O'Donohughes for live music. I'd suggest The Madison or The Bar at 10th and Willow for a DJ.

They asked, "What about Black Bear - is that fun?"

Steve and I both groaned and gave a very similar answer, "Sure, its great when you are a 22 to 26 year old frat boy who likes to stand elbow to elbow in a packed bar. I stopped going there 10 years ago, but you are 24 so maybe you like that scene."

They asked, "How about Bahama Mama's?"

We answered, "You can't be seriously considering going there? They put the 'ass' in 'class'. We wouldn't be caught dead in that bar. Plenty of better bars to choose from."

Our suggestions were Green Rock or Black Bear, taking into consideration their age and what they were looking to do.

Then that got me to thinking. I have lived here quite some time and maybe I should add my .02 cents out there about what I think about local Hoboken bars, and what I think you can expect from going there. So, here's the Philly2Hoboken list of bars, and my commentary...

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