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A new year approaches and I figure it's time to update the site with a new design. What do you think?

I know some of of my readers check this site daily and some just check in from time to time. But here's the entries I wrote over the last year, and think you should check out if you missed it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Also I updated my site. Try to comment if you can...I think they have been fixed. If not just email me and I will keep trying to fix it.

Body Balance Review: I wrote this last year, but they have new owners and a special until 1/3/09, $59 for 1 hour massage and $80 for a 1.5 hour massage. You should really treat yourself and get a massage here. It's great!

Omaha Bedding Company: Bed lumpy? Not getting a good night's sleep? My bed is redunkulously awesome. Check these guys out.

Put Up Your Dukes! - I'm many things, but I don't back down easily. Another amusing story about the trouble with alcohol.

St. Patrick's Day Advice - Good even during Christmas. I'm still hoping one day to meet that girl in the pink shirt and fedora.

Ego & Self Worth On The Internet - Do you read Hoboken411 or any other site with heavy commenters? Tell me that this entry doesn't sum up all those commenters.

Good Manners In The Big City - a friend and I were trying to understand what's the problem with the world and I think it's just that Generation X doesn't have any consideration for anyone else. It doesn't matter if you are single, married or a parent with a behemoth baby stroller...too many assholes that don't care enough about each other.

Snacks For the Active Hobokenite - I know this is the time of the year for diets...read this. Seriously. Small changes in your diet with great food = keeping the pounds off. I know far too many people who change to a radical diet, it lasts three months and they are miserable again. My key word is "moderation".

Vera Gets Serenaded - our neighbor at Bradley Beach was never the same again, after my singing performance to her.

Top 5 Rules For Shore Roommates - one year at the shore, and i'm already making rules. I had a good time at Bradley Beach this year, I should be back next year. Now is the time to plan for those things!

Top Five Casual Restaurants That Would Own in Hoboken - I stand by all of this. Problem with most restaurants in Hoboken is that they are woefully average and often inconsistent with the quality of their food.

World Series Game 5 Video At Mulligan's - if you haven't seen this video, it was taken at Mulligan's right at the moment the Phillies won the World Series. Easily one of the favorite moments of my life, it was a sea of joy and happiness. The song that comes on is Queen, "We Are The Champions". Great job by the crew at Mulligan's to play the song and hand out bottles of champagne for us to spray the crowd.

Blogging Is Dead. Long Live The New Facebooking! - Do my descriptions sound like anyone you know? :)

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