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If I were in discussions with NJ Transit this is what I would want. Some kind of bridge for pedestrians and bikes that go over the train tracks to 18th street.

You can walk along the waterfront to Jersey City, but the path is like being caught in a mouse maze. You zig and zag around the Train terminal and light rail stop and then get to Newport. It's OK, but not ideal. Plus it's only good for people who live downtown near the train station.

Marin Blvd is like playing "Frogger". There's a billion cars, and crossing the street is a nightmare - even when you have the light. Ever try crossing the street at 18th street and Marin Blvd near the A&P? You have to have eyes in the back of your head.

What they need is a bridge that connects Hoboken to Jersey City. Similar to what they did in Philadelphia: Schuylkill River Parks Connector Bridge.

Now, of course, that bridge was paid for with federal money - for 5.6 million. Considering what NJ Transit proposes here, I think it's a drop in the bucket to get a bridge to connect our two cities. Think about how easy it would be to get to Newport Mall?

That's what I would do. Of course it will never happen - why would NJ Transit ever want to help us?

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