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Gym Renovations

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Ok, a break from Rocco this week.

I moved into my condo in April 2007, and one of the many reasons I liked it was that our building (which has 100 units, and 8 floors) also had a in-house gym. The condo dates from 1985, and the gym equipment were all from that era.

It was amusing to me, because in about 22+ years our focus on health has shifted a bit from the focus of 1985 America. The gym equipment they had were decent. Here's a list of what the building originally had (the pictures aren't the exact equipment, just an idea of what they are):

1. A rack cage with a standard bar.
2. A smith press with Olympic plates.
3. A multi gym.
4. A Dual Abduction / Adduction Leg Machine
5. A broken Roman Chair.
6. An Abdominal Machine.
7. Two old treadmills from 1985.
8. One non-functional upright bike from 1985.
9. One StairMaster 4000PT from 1987.
10. One elliptical from 2003.
11. Olympic and Standard plates, along with Olympic and Standard bars.
12. A metal hex dumbbell set from 5 pounds to 40 pounds.

Also the gym had a real thin layer of carpet, over concrete flooring. It was coming up in various places, ripped from years of use. The room was stark white in appearance and the vertical blinds were cheap, and some were missing.

About a month after I moved in, I asked the board, who have done an excellent job at managing our funds at our building, if I could be in charge of a gym overhaul. I told them that I would create a presentation addressing what we have, what we should get rid of and what we should buy to modernize our gym.

I'm not a gym expert, but I know a bit about what I do, and what my friends do at the gym. My goals were simple:

1. Our condo gym won't replace a commercial gym, but will be beneficial to the majority of our residents.
2. Modernize our equipment, discard or streamline unneeded equipment.
3. Enhance our gym aesthetics, for owners to their prospective buyers or renters.

Most of the equipment we chose were considered commercial grade over light commercial. We felt that the better quality would last us longer over light commercial.

Here were my proposed changes:

1. Remove the carpet flooring and replace it with rubber flooring. It would reduce noise and be more resistant to stains and odor.
2. Replace the metal hex dumbbell set with a rubber dumbbell set from 5 to 75. Also add in proper dumbbell racks, to hold them.
3. Remove all our Standard plates and bars, replacing everything with Olympic bars and plates.
4. Remove the rack cage. It can be a liability if someone uses it for benching or squatting and they are unsupervised. Even when someone spots someone benching, accidents can happen. My goal was to increase the dumbbell weight to replace this cage and the smith press can also be used for benching or squatting (but won't be as good as "regular" benching - but that's a sacrifice we made for safety).
5. Replace the unusable Roman Chair. We chose Cybex 5411.
6. Replace both treadmills. One was old enough to be considered an antique. We chose Star Trac S-TRc.
7. Replace the existing elliptical and then add one more. We chose True CSX.
8. Replace the upright bike with a recumbent bike. Recumbent bikes actually may seem easier - but actually burn more calories over upright bikes, because gravity isn't assisting your pedaling when you are seated. We chose True CS8.0.
9. Replace the existing benches (which were in bad shape) with two Cybex adjustable benches (0 degrees to 80 degrees) and one Cybex decline bench (-10 degrees to 80 degrees). We chose Cybex.
10. Replace the StairMaster 4000PT with StairMaster SC916.
11. Add a medicine ball set, along with a Swiss ball for abdominals.
12. Add a water fountain & filter.
13. Paint the room, add more lights, change the blinds, change the signage, grout the bathroom tiles,

It sounds like a lot, but I worked with Jay from The Gym Source, and he was great. I was able to make a plan, put it together, along with proposed costs and present it to the board.

It took a long time, but our hard work was finally completed last night, with the board members and other residents who joined our "Gym Committee" to make it happen. We kept some of the old equipment, like the Smith Press, the leg machine, the abdominal machine, and the multi gym. If I had my choice, I would have liked to replace a lot of those also, but we didn't have infinite funds and had to keep our budget around $30,000-40,000.

The gym isn't 100% complete, we still have to get some pictures for the walls. I was thinking of trying to find some old, cool illustrations from the 1900's of people at the gym, boxers, weight lifters, etc. Anyhow, that's still being worked on.

I wish I had some "before" pictures to give you an idea how everything looked. I regret not taking those, but at least above are the completed work. Enjoy!

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