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Love Me

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Awwww. This was my lame attempt from getting away from depressing posts.

My Blog Is Depressing

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"Your blog is so depressing, are you going to commit suicide?", asked a friend of mine on Sunday night.

She said this jokingly - and pressed further.

"I mean everything is so 'down' in your life, i'm worried about you! Aren't you worried about him?", she asked her husband.

I went on to explain that my leg is broken and i'm a recent recipent of the "I Don't Think I Could Love You Award" from Lisa. I assured her that I have no intention of killing myself, and that if she were to read more of my blog she can see that everything isn't that terrible in my life.

Well, maybe that isn't 100% true. I have a new problem in my life.

Its a bird. She (He?) is outback of my apartment, and s/he likes to sing. S/He likes to sing at 1am. I'm not kidding. I have a freaking bird outback that begins to happily chirp-chirp-chirp at 1am. I have to do the "Two Pillow Ear Plug Technique (2 PEPT)" first designed by the Scottish Highlanders in 1693 to drown out neophyte bagpipers.

As we all know, it isn't as comfortable to sleep this way because your head gets hot and you have to position the pillow right or you won't get fresh air - and no one likes breathing in your non-fresh pillow breath. I mean its like when you tried to sleep with the comforter over your head as a kid to block out light - fresh air rules!

If anyone around midtown wants to assist here - I will be happy to contribute to the "Kill Night Bird" fund. Or we can be nice and do a "Capture and Relocate Night Bird" too. I won't ask any questions.

That is all of the bad stuff for now. Good news is that i'm going to Vegas in late August. My roommate Jon and his pals were going, so Kristen and I tagged along. We are staying at The Palms.

I have been to Vegas before, and as a special treat, I will write about that first experience, which basically destroyed a friendship.

Oh shit, i'm being depressing again.

Legwatch: Week 2

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I decided to name my leg status into "Legwatch", a take off of The Weather Channel's "Stormwatch" series. I was thinking I could do "Tibia-Gate" or "Heal Factor" or "Hoboken Thigh Idol".

Latest and greatest updates because I know you are all dying to find out how my leg is healing 2 weeks after surgery.

Right now i'm in very little pain. Occasional soreness, tenderness and discomfort depending on how i'm sitting. I have a brace for my leg when i'm mobile - but I usually take it off when i'm sitting or lying down for extended periods of time.

Crutches are getting slightly better, but i'm still very immobile. I am getting driven to and from work - and I basically go up to my room after work and lie down. I have been getting delivery each night, and found that Lisa's Deli makes a very good turkey burger. I have also been disappointed with Cafe Michelina's take out.

I visited Dr. Delaney and we removed the stitches and remaining ace bandage. We also took x-rays and I was floored at the size of the screw in my leg. This isn't a small pin - its HUGE. It spans the entire bone from one side to another. Also the end of the pin, where they inserted it, is right under the skin line - so a small bulge can easily be seen. Dr. Delaney informs me that we can remove the screw in about 9 months with an outpatient procedure at Lennox Hill Hospital.

I took my first shower today. Up until now, I have been sponge bathing at the sink and washing my hair under the faucet. My doctor freaked me out by saying that if I am not careful my leg could get infected, so I have been very hesitant to try and take a shower out of fear that i'd get my bandages wet (even if I wrapped my leg in plastic bags).

You ever notice that when you tell the truth to doctors you get into trouble?

Today he asked "Are you wearing the brace when you sleep?"

I'm in no pain and this big bulky brace is like trying to sleep with a bicycle. Its large, unwieldy and has metal parts that scrape my other leg while I roll over in bed.

Of course, I'm dumb and I tell the truth.

He gave me a withering stare and went on to tell me how weak my bones were and I shouldn't be taking the brace off...


It's like when you go to the dentist and they say, "Have you been flossing?"

The answer is YES. The answer is always YES.

I'm here to help.

My Volvo Is Ruined!

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I wake up this morning and noticed that my Volvo was having more fun than me last night!

My Fight At The Pub

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(All names have been changed in this story, FYI)

Back in 2001, I was a regular & a card checker at a local bar.

When it first opened in the bar was empty. It took a solid year of promotions, free drinks and festivals to get the word out that it was a fun pub. I have many stories of what happened at that bar over the last number of years, but my favorite is The Fight.

I'm not a fighter. Sure, I had my days of being a bully growing up, but that mostly ended by the time I entered 6th grade and the rest of the kids hit puberty. Since i'm nearly 6'4 (techincally i'm 6'3 and a HALF!), I have found that most people leave me alone simply because i'm taller than them. I may not be stronger, but my height alone has gotten me out of a lot of fights.

Except for this one night.

I was at the watering hole, and during that time it was month before I got mugged. Seems like my bad luck just comes in waves.

The 80/20 Rule

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"Don't tell people your problems. 80% don't care and 20% are happy you have them."

I guess people are enjoying my problems. My highest ever stats were reached yesterday when I had 70 people visit my page with 140 page loads. Considering that I don't do any real advertising, with exception to Hobokeni posting a link to my site on their page, i'm amazed that there are 70 different people reading my site on a daily basis.

I figured on friends, family and "the 20% people" reading this site to add up to like...20 or 30.

What else can I tell you that is going wrong in my life? Seems that bad news is the best way to drive traffic on this site. That or porn.

Maybe I should just add keywords to the text like:

Hot Hoboken Women Sexy Lesbian Anal Porn.

Now that I got the attention of the 12-56 year old Hoboken male demographic, we can begin.

A friend of mine said to me today:
" you are the single cute guy on crutches...that's like have a puppy with you, you'll get the chicks with the crutches"

I was flattered that Tom would say that. Until I realized Tom said it.

Just kidding, it was Tina. I didn't know crutches got the ladies. Maybe the latest meeting girl tactics of single Hoboken guys this season won't be getting a Pug or French Bulldog - but getting your ACL/MCL torn or legs broken to meet women.

I'm trying to now figure out a good opening line with the crutches. Maybe I could say:

"I fell for you."
"You were running through my mind and I just can't keep up."
"My third leg is stiff, too."
"Do you like Forrest Gump, too?"

I'm kidding. I don't use lines. I believe in gutteral noises following with thrashing bush leaves like a gorilla.

Watch out next time you see a hairless oranguatan come into Trinity with crutches and yells out his best Chewbacca growl to get the ladies. It just might be me.

Driving Mr. Daisy

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Dominique, my cousin, was my latest victim whom I got to help with my transportation into New York City. She drove my car into the city with me as her passenger. When I got to my car, I saw a TYPEWRITTEN note on my windshield:

"Please deactivate your alarm. It has been chirping non-stop for a day now.
If you do not deactivate it, I will have the police deactivate it for you.

No one would steal this car anyway...

Garden Street"

My car is a soon-to-be-vintage 1993 Volvo, my friends. Vintage in about 23 years. Matt, who drove me into surgery on Thursday, must have returned to Hoboken, parked my car and set the alarm. I forgot to warn him that my car alarm is buggy and simply goes off on its own. I should have told him to lock the car and not set the alarm. Fortunately, the police stopped by on Saturday to tell us my alarm was going bonkers - and Kristen fixed it. But it still was funny to see this note today. Whoever I angered on Garden Street - sorry! I have a good excuse!

I saw Dr. D (my orthopedic doctor) today and he removed my bandages, inspected the stitches and reapplied new bandages. Everything looks good. I was expecting to get the stitches out today, but I didn't realize they had to stay in about 2 weeks after the surgery. My next appointment is for Wednesday of next week to remove the stitches. I was surprised by how small the incisions were, and how few stitches were applied.

He told me to keep off the leg, but i'm allowed to bend it. So i'm happy that I can bend it now, because sitting in one position with the leg stretched in front of me gets very old, very fast. Sadly, I still have to wear the brace at all times. I hate the brace, its uncomfortable and annoying.

I'm going back to work tomorrow. Since the brace allows me to bend my leg while sitting there is no reason for me to stay home. I'm not in any pain, only my knee is tight from not moving it very much.

I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to work, only because i'd like my life to get back to the way it was. With everything that has been going on the last couple of weeks - my world has been turned upside down.

When It Rains It Pours

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Lisa and I broke up today.

I'm writing this only moments after she left my house to kind of get a written record of "in the moment" feelings about all this.

Plus, its not like I can really go anywhere with my leg in a super huge brace.

I feel fairly unhappy that things didn't work out - but this outcome, if you asked close friends of mine, isn't surprising.

I just didn't feel that "chemistry" with Lisa. She is a fantastic person and I feel like we will always be friends. She, on paper, has every quality that I look for in a woman: kind, considerate, smart, athletic, beautiful and determined.

This is the *kind* of person that i'd marry.

But it just wasn't THERE.

90% of the relationship was there. We have fun times together, we enjoy many of the same things - but we didn't have that SPARK.

There have been other women in my life that I get a great spark from - but they miss on those other things that I am looking for in a woman.

I guess that is the great dilemma in life. We are all filled with our qualities. Our strengths and our weaknesses. Sometimes you can make it work, sometimes you can't.

I think that mostly everyone will agree that the most important thing in a relationship is the spark. It's that chemistry bond that never dies out.

Lisa and I always had a good friendship, we always had a good repore, but I never felt that spark that I felt the first time we dated.

I can't believe its over, in a way. I was so looking forward to this summer with her - I knew that we would have a lot of fun.

Talk about your double trouble. First I bust up my leg, now I bust up my relationship.

I'm sure everyone is going to want to know the "Who broke up with who" story. I have been telling my close friends (Brad, Matt and a few others) about my feeling about Lisa (it's not like I could BLOG these feelings - Lisa reads the site, too). They all know how I felt about this. They all know that my attitude was a "why rock the boat" - even though I didn't feel "the spark".

I suppose Lisa started to feel that from me, and she grew distant also.

I sensed this before I broke my leg. Lisa has been extremely helpful after I broke my leg, but I still could tell "something was wrong".

Well, when you can tell "something is wrong" and you have very little to do all day besides watch TV and surf the internet - it eats away at you.

I asked her last Thursday, that night after my leg surgery, when she came to visit if everything was cool. She said everything was fine - I really didn't believe the way she answered me.

I was talking to Kristen on Friday, my roommate, and she said "Is everything ok with you and Lisa - she seems different."

So now my friends are sensing it too - its not just me.

Today Lisa came over to see me and I had to talk about what I was feeling. She was basically feeling the same feelings I had - everything about me she likes, but she didn't feel that spark. It was interesting to hear her say this, without me saying it, because it was the SAME WAY I WAS FEELING ABOUT HER.

We talked, chatted and shed some tears. I think we both agreed it was good - just not great. We both agreed that we will always love each other, as friends. It's hard that we have to be going through it right now, in this situation. But I couldn't go through my therapy wondering the whole time what was up with Lisa. I had to confront it and get it out in the open.

Life goes on. These are the trials and tribulations that make life what it is - sometimes wonderful and sometimes difficult. I know that things will get better. Just having a rough month, ya know?

Back To Life, Back To Reality...

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Last night I was slept like a baby.

Waking up every hour and crying.


Thank you, I will be here all week, don't forget to try the veal.

I'm the type of sleeper that likes to spread out on a bed and I move all over the place. So slap a brace on me and when i'm forced to lie on my back all night with my leg still in pain from the surgery equals little sleep for me.

My leg is very sore this morning and the wounds still sting a bit. Fortunately, my ligaments and tendons are fine - so getting around is a bit easier on my crutches. Unlike last week when my leg blew up and the slightest bend would wrack my body in pain.

I was able to make myself breakfast fairly easily. Today I had one of my poor-irish meals from Philly:

Cream of Chicken on Toast.

1 Can of Cream of Chicken, heated up with 1/2 can of water.
8 slices of toast (Pepperidge Farm white bread).

Pour the cream of chicken on each slice, stacking it up vertically and viola! You have the infamous "Cream of Chicken on Toast" breakfast which I grew up on.

The Shop Rite online delivery came thru for me. They were at my apartment by 8:30pm last night. I ordered the food at 6pm, so I don't think that was so bad for them to take 2 1/2 hours - yet they even wrote me a note saying "Sorry we were late" and gave me $5 back off the delivery charge! I took the $5 and tipped the delivery guy with it.

So far everything I ordered is there, and they did a great job. I certainly can see myself using them quite a few times over the next 6 weeks, since I will be on crutches and can't put any weight on my leg.

Today I will spend the day doing what I normally do. Playing World of Warcraft and watch whatever is on my Tivo.

Thanks again for all the emails and kind words over the last couple of days, the help and outpouring of assistance has been much appreciated.

Successful Surgery

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Hi everyone, here is the latest update on: Furey vs his leg.

The surgery was a success. The doctor elevated the depression and made it flush with the top of the tibia. I was kind of fortunate, he didn't have to drill under my tibia and tap upwards - he was able to drill one hole, leverage the depression and push upwards to get the depression flush with the bone. Also we didn't need to get a bone graph done, either. He placed one screw in my leg to keep the fracture in place and my leg is in a enormous brace (much larger than the St. Mary's foam one) with a lot of gauze padding.

My leg is, one again, very sore and now its coupled with the stinging pain of the stitches. This is, as my second mother "Mrs P." (Brad and Matt's mother) told me, "You may have some short term pain but long term you'll be much better off."

I agreed with her logic and thanks to the wonderful world of painkillers I feel very mellow and my leg is mostly ok.

My only downer, once again, is that i'm basically immobile for the next 3-4 days. So I went online and tried out Shop Rite's online delivery.

The website is amazing, and much like - just plug in what you want, the quantity, and it keeps a shopping cart of your items. I ordered about $85 worth of food to keep me ok for the weekend, and the delivery charge is $15.

I called the store, because I ordered around 6pm and gave them my sob story about surgery on my leg and how I couldn't get out of my house. The girls there were super nice and said they would get the order out for me today by 8pm! I will have to remember to call their manager tomorrow and thank them for going the extra mile for me.

Just the FAQ's

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I'm getting a lot of emails, which is super nice of everyone, and here are a lot of questions which are popping up...

Q: Are you nervous?
A: Not really. I kind of resigned myself to the situation and i'm just looking forward to getting it over with and moving on.

Q: When & where is the surgery?
A: 7:30am, Thursday, at Lennox Hill Hospital.

Q: How are you getting to work?
A: My company provides me a towncar to and from work, which is very nice.

Q: How's the leg?
A: Its sore like the day after a workout. I expect to be in pain this weekend and that is the only thing i'm not looking forward to.

Q: How are the crutches?
A: They suck. Its amazing how difficult it is to get around on crutches, when you can't put any weight on your foot. I went to vote yesterday on my crutches and I was sweating after going 2 blocks.

Q: How long are you in rehab for?
A: 6 weeks non-load bearing and 6 weeks with a brace. I should be mostly mobile by the end of June and I hope to be 100% by end of July.

Q: Do you need anything? Can I do anything?
A: Everyone have been great - and i'm mostly ok. Aside from my laundry piling up.

Q: How did this happen again?
A: Read it all here.

Q: Is the BBQ cancelled?
A: Yes, we won't be having the BBQ next week. I plan on a mid-summer one instead.

Everyone is out to trick me

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Now that i'm a temporary cripple I decided to take a break from my "diet".

My diet was basically eating right coupled with bad food in moderation. I stopped drinking soda all day and switched to water. I ate about 5 "meals" a day. Each "meal" was about 400-600 calories. This has been going on for a year, and its good and its bad.

The good is that I felt a lot better, I got more out of my workouts and my caffiene intake plummetted - so I slept better.

The bad is that it turned me into a man with an eating disorder.

Like I said - I ate bad food "in moderation" but would feel guilty when I wolfed down 12 oreo cookies or went and got a Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I was constantly reading the nutrition labels of foods, checking for saturated fats.

Also who the hell makes these nutrition labels? I'm eating Grandma's Vanilla Mini Cookies package - hey only 150 calories and 60 calories from fat...

Wait a moment...that is per serving (9 mini cookies)!

Servings per container...About 2.

Who just eats 9 mini-cookies and then closes the bag saying, "Woo! I'm stuffed!" Everyone eats the entire bag! This pisses me off.

I was drinking a iced tea last night which was 16 ounces - servings per container? 2.5!

They expect us to drink 6.4 ounces of that bottle, close it and feel refreshed?

This is exactly what is wrong with the world. You bascially have people who are outright tricking the public. We have a government in place that obviously isn't doing ANYTHING to fix this. Why? Well i'm sure that the food manufacturers don't want the REAL stats right in your face on their packages. These cookies i'm eating are 300 calories - so its HALF of my "meal" (my other half is water and a tuna sandwich on whole wheat).

It seems like everything in this world is about tricking people. You watch a car commerical and its "HEY GET THIS BMW FOR $399 a month!" and then at the end of the commerical they put in blurred small print "with 3500 down and taxes, titles, surcharges, your first child extra..."

Every commerical out there tries to trick people. I used to play a game where at the end of every commerical I would translate them.

"Buy a Volkswagon Touraeg - get ex-girlfriend on the side of the road to notice you = YOU WILL GET LAID IF YOU BUY A VW!"

"Take a certain non-specified drug, throw a football through a tire hanging from a tree, get a hug from a older woman = YOU WILL GET LAID BY OLDER WOMEN IF YOU TAKE THIS DRUG!"

"Buy a case of beer, invite the TWINS...this is too easy."

How about ads for families? Two key words: Babies and Children.

How about that ad for the car commerical that has the adorable kids saying "Hi Mom and Dad can we get anti lock breaks...PLLLLEEEAASSSE!" - with the blonde haired girl in pony tails ripping out your heart strings because you were too much of a selfish bastard father to not get anti lock breaks to save her from becoming a cripple if you only got those anti lock breaks you bastard i hate you i ha...

Sorry. Those are some powerful commericals.

Women's commericals are much trickier. While Men's commericals can basically be summed up into "this will get you laid" or "fart jokes" - the young women advertising (i.e. most girls in Hoboken) is very hard. Two women on a sailboat talking about "that unfresh feeling" doesn't cut it in today's world.

I'm going to do some research here in my free time (read: recovery from surgery) to see how they target the ladies.

A time to heal...

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I saw a new doctor today, for a second opinion. Lisa's father and uncle both had surgery with him and he was highly recommended.

He took one look at my MRI results and was much more definititive about surgery saying that given my age and the type of fracture that it should be operated on.

I then suggested if he could do the surgery - since I was unfamiliar with the other doctors and he was known to be very good. He had no problem with this and we are scheduling surgery for Thursday.

They are basically going to fix the "dent" that was formed when my fibia hit my tibia. He told me "imagine if you have a smooth mohogany tabletop and someone hit a hammer to it - creating a dent in the surface". That is what my fibia did to my tibia when I landed on my leg.

My leg feels tremendously better than it did last week. It is still sore, like the day after a workout, but I can get around without my crutches. My new doctor was incredulous when I walked into his office without crutches - saying that I can't put ANY weight on my leg for 6 weeks.

It's back to crutches for me. I was feeling a lot better and walking with a limp - but it was nice to be free of the crutches. Oh well.

I'm thinking that i'm ok enough to go back to work for Tuesday and Wednesday. I will be out for Thursday and Friday. I'm not looking forward to going back to work - this was a nice break from the office.

Pothole in my leg?


I just got back from the orthopedic doctors, and I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that my ligaments are fine and I don't have any major tears. The bad news is that I have that compound fracture at the top of my tibia. The fracture created a sort of "pothole" at the top of my bone. There is a depression that is 5 millimeters deep, which, if not treated, could bring about an early onset of arthritis.

Otherwise my leg is fine. It will heal normally in 12 weeks, with the first 6 of non-loadbearing weight and the next 6 with load-bearing weight. If all goes well I should be ok by late July.

But, they are recommending that I have surgery to correct my pothole condition. 5 millimeters is the "grey-area" of this condition. Anything greater than 5 - they suggest to correct it. Anything less than, say, 3 millimeters, they suggest you can leave it alone.

So I have a decision to make.

Part of me wants to fix it - because I don't want to be 45 or 50 and waking up in arthritic pain every morning.

Part of me simply DOESN'T WANT SURGERY. They indicated that the surgery is fairly simple and I will have 4 small scars around my left knee. Also its possible I will have one or two pins in my tibia for the rest of my life.

Part of me really, really wants to get rip roaring drunk tonight to forget this problem - if for only one night. I haven't had any good wine since last week. Also I haven't really been able to cook for myself in over a week - mostly been having take out.

I'm trying to schedule an appointment with another doctor on Monday to get a second opinion. Unfortunately I am having a slight problem getting a doctor at short notice to look at this (and they also accept my insurance).

Super Mondo Fast Update


Ok quick update.

MRI is done - looks like I may have a compound fracture of my tibia??

St. Mary's did x-rays on Sunday which were negative and now the MRI shows my compound fracture. Fucking God damn morons!!!

I'm now driving myself into the city (my right leg is fine to drive) and going to see the orthopedic doctor so they can do x-rays on my leg to see about the fracture. They don't think I will need a cast.

Also - interesting side thought that this seems much like Terrell Owens fracture that he got - where the ligaments, rather than tearing - pulled the bone and created a stress (compound) fracture.

Someone get me a hyperbaric chamber quick!

My Dunkin Donuts Run

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I woke up today and I could bend my leg on my own.

The doctor gave me Diclofenac (Voltaren), and I have been taking it for 24 hours. The swelling is way, way down and I am in zero pain. I have "tenderness" with my leg like its sore from running. I can bend it about 65% of the way and I can put weight on it.

I decided to test my limits.

This could have been a very bad idea. But, then again, my recent bright ideas have been on par with Jennifer Wilbanks.

(My helpful roommate Kristen and I chillin' on the couch Tuesday night.)

With one crutch I headed out of my apartment alone. My first venture outside of my house alone since I hurt myself. It was a beautiful day outside, and the Dunkin Donuts was 2 blocks away.

It took me a solid 10 minutes to get there. I was doing the "crutch-shuffle left leg-quick right leg thump" walk that may be familiar to all other knee injured people. It really, really takes a lot out of you since i'm also using my upper body strength on the crutch. I was worried that some retirees were going to lap me.

By the time I got from Garden to Washington I took a break on the bench in front of the cleaners next to some old guy who was furiously trying to win a lotto card game. I realized at that point that I was out of money and had to extend my jaunt to the ATM.

I was, at this point, starting to think this was a bad idea. I should probably have done two crutches and was afraid of damaging my leg. On the other hand, I also thought that it might be good to get my leg moving a little bit - I wasn't putting that much weight on it.

Anyhow - I got to the ATM which was a half block away. Got my money and headed over to the Dunkin' Donuts on 7th.

Once I got in the store the employees had a look of "What the hell are you doing" when they saw me. I told them a quick tale of woe (I hobbled TWO blocks just to get coffee!) and they were very nice to the crippled yuppie.

I got some OJ, coffee and munchkins and worked my way back home.

Exciting, stuff - right?

My MRI is scheduled for tomorrow in Hoboken at 10am. I spoke to one of the people from the doctor's office and asked if everything was in order (it was). I also mentioned that I could bend my leg on my own and put weight on it - asking if that was a good sign.

She said it was a very good sign.

Of course I won't know until tomorrow (or later until the doctor sees the film) - how much damage was done. Of course i'm hoping that I won't need surgery. But if I do - then I deal with it.

I went to the doctor's office today, and nothing super exciting to report.

Lisa took the day off work and drove my car into the city. We went to see a orthopedic doctor, and I knew it was going to be a waste of time.

Yep. It was. I basically went into his office and told him what I did - he asked me if I heard it pop, and I didn't.

He went on to say that 75% of these injuries results in a tear. Also he said that the swelling was due to blood. I scheduled an MRI with a place near the PATH station for Friday at 10am.

After that I have to schedule ANOTHER appointment with him in the city to have him look at the results. That should be early next week. I'm going to be out of the office this week and should be out most of next week.

Also I have to schedule physical therapy with some place on 10th and Washington, too. He says that will help get the swelling down.

Fun, fun, fun. Stay tuned here for the latest updates.

33 Going On 13


My friend Melissa invited me to play in a softball league this summer, and I was interested in playing. I knew that it would be fun to meet new people and it would be good exercise.

What I didn't realize is that i'm no longer 13 years old.

While warming up on Sunday at Hoboken High School Veteran's Field, we were playing catch on the track that surrounds the baseball field. The track was made of some kind of rubber nylon, and the baseball field was
astroturf. We were on the track, and off to the side of the track was a warm-up pitcher's mound, sort of like a makeshift bullpen, for player's pitchers to warm up while the game in in progress.

Someone threw a ball past me, and I ran after it, it skittered on the hard rubber track towards the warm up pitchers mound. I wanted to stretch my legs, and ran full speed to catch up with the ball, I was full of energy and bounce. I saw the pitchers mound and a thought popped into my head to jump off the top of the pitchers mound, which was about 2 feet off the ground. It wasn't anything more than just me thinking it would be fun to jump off the pitchers mound, land and get the ball. It worked perfectly, I was easily 4 feet in the air, soaring like a long jumper in the Olympics. What I didn't realize was how far I was going to launch, after months of working out at the gym I was much stronger than I have ever been in years. This newfound strength was something I was very proud of, until this moment.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't have soft sand to land in, like a long jumper. I had hard ground which was quickly rushing towards me, and my velocity and speed was tremendous, I don't think I jumped this high in since I was a kid playing in the backyards of Richboro. I knew in mid-air, that I was in big trouble and braced myself for the impact.

My knee went one way, my ankle went the other way and I tucked and rolled to prevent more damage. When I got up I immediately knew that something was wrong. I waited about 10 minutes and noticed my knee was swelling and I went home.

I put some ice on my knee, and it swelled up to the size of a grapefruit. I couldn't bend my knee, and the pain was very intense if I lifted my thigh up and let my calf hang down. My roommate Kristen was home and was extremely helpful when I got back. She was super sweet and I really appreciated everything she did for me - she would get me water and ice. She helped me get to my room and went out and bought me Motrin for the pain.

As a kid I sprained my ankles all the time playing basketball or skateboarding. I never sprained a knee before. I was kind of worried because I have seen people tear their MCL or ACLs in football all the time.

I went to the St. Mary's ER late Sunday night, after it was more than apparent that my leg was in bad shape. I needed crutches because I couldn't put any weight on my leg and I also needed painkillers to stop the dull pain.

Kristen was asleep and Jon was out of the house. I called my friend Matt and he came right over with a taxi to take me to St. Mary's.

St. Mary's turned out to be one big joke.

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