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Back From Vegas

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Hey everybody.

I'm back from Vegas, and this time it was a drama-free trip. I was at The Palms, and the hotel is great! I would highly recommend it to everyone going out to Vegas. The pool scene alone was worth it.

Take every hot body from Club H and put them around a decent sized pool with a bar. Add many girls with breast implants and the occasional star and you got The Palms poolside. When I arrived on Friday I saw Gene Simmons. He walked out in a long red shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. His hair was like a bear pelt - it was thick and didn't move very much. But he was very nice to everyone who walked up to gush about his greatness - a solid 20 minutes of him talking to guests at the pool. I took some pictures and was somewhat inclined to walk up and get a picture with him but wimped out.

Next day at the pool - Seth Green walked by, but he was just passing. I don't think many people recognized him. He is very short (5'5) and very skinny.

On Sunday they filmed "Dr. 90210" and were filming 3 girls who I guess were put under the knife and were staying at the resort. A camera crew followed them around and filmed their romp at the pool. They put up a big notice which said, "Please vacate the pool area immediately if you do not want to be filmed for the show Dr. 90210". We stayed and i'm sure that i'm going to be in the background somewhere.

Ok, it wouldn't be a Vegas trip if I didn't have a fun story.

The trip was for Jon's friends from San Diego, most notably Rina, who was turning 30. I didn't know her at all, or any of her friends. I meet Rina and Mary from San Diego, along with Brian from Queens at the airport - we share a taxi to the hotel. Once we arrive we quickly meet Monica, a friend of Rina's.

Monica has her meet & greets - and gets introduced to me. She says "Furey...hey I saw your last name on the email I know someone with that same last name."

My surname is a very ethnic Italian last name that even Italians say is ethnic. Hell, it may not even be Italian - it could be Spanish for all I know. So it's fairly unique, with a smattering of us on the East Coast and some of us in Michigan - at least that is what I find on a Google search.

"That's cool, there are some of us around...", I begin.

"His name was Kevin."

I laugh and think, "Kevin. Are you kidding me?"

"Kevin's my brother.", I reply

"No way!", she says.

"Yea. How do you know him?", I ask.

"We worked together in D.C. about 12 years ago - didn't you come to visit him when you were in college?

As a matter of fact, I did visit him a few times when I was at Villanova. He graduated from Franklin and Marshall in 1992 then immediately moved to D.C. to work for a company there in marketing.

Turns out that Monica and Kevin worked together at that same company and were BFF's long ago. I did meet her once - she went over the details of meeting her at a bar with some of his common friends, and I even drove her car home that night, with my brother and several friends piled in, because I was the LEAST drunk of the group.

We talked about some old times with her and Kevin in D.C. - I told her that he was married and expecting a kid soon and she was happy for him.

Not quite seven degrees of seperation, but still strange:

Jon met me via a roommate search on Hobokeni.
Jon is friends with Rina.
Rina is friends with Monica.
Monica worked with Kevin.
Kevin is my brother.

Aside from the strangeness the vacation was good. Friday night we went to The Hard Rock and gambled and drank a bit. Then went to New York New York and hit Pianos and Coyote Ugly until 3am. Saturday night we went to Hard Rock again - because of a snafu about getting a table at Rain. I thought this was all lined up months ago. I was very disappointed because I don't like clubs to begin with - I was willing to shell out $100 and at least you have your own place to sit and drink rather than stand up in a crowded loud club. Plus with my leg - it's not like I was going to do much dancing anyhow.

After that fell thru on Saturday night, they couldn't get a table anywhere else and did general admission at Body English, the club in Hard Rock. Sadly, I felt sick to my stomach (not alcohol related - could have been something I ate) - and couldn't make it out that night. I felt much better the next day - but I really missed "The Night" that we were all going to party.

Sunday was a bit more tame. We went to The Fix at Bellagio and had a group dinner. Afterwards we gambled and I got to watch a guy play $1,000 per hand of roulette. He would take stacks of $5 and $25 chips and go to town. I saw him win ridiculous amounts of money. But he also lost a lot, too. He was easily down $2,000 after I left and betting with his other $1,000 marker.

As for my gambling, it was ok. I won at 3 card poker as soon as I arrived on Friday - I got a straight flush which paid 40 to 1 on my $10 bet. I gambled some of that away - but got to learn Pai Gow Poker, Craps and Blackjack - but still lost while playing these three games. To top it off, my last night I played 3 card poker and hit a straight flush again. But I ended up losing money, but that straight flush REALLY helped.

I'm off from work this week and I have a few things to do - but mostly relax and poke around Hoboken. I want to get a bar card, go to the driving range, get my license updated from the DMV, see some friends, and try to avoid sleeping in every day.

Leaving (for) Las Vegas

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If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be travelling on, now,
�cause there�s too many places I�ve got to see.
But, if I stayed here with you, girl,
Things just couldn�t be the same.
�cause I�m as free as a bird now,
And this bird you can not change.
Lord knows, I can�t change.

I'm going to Vegas tomorrow, and I will be back late Monday. I'm bringing my digital camera, a handle of Captain Morgan and not much else. May God have mercy on my soul.

I don't know if I can top the drama from my previous Vegas trip. I'm going with my roommates, Kristen and Jon, and 10 of Jon's friends from different parts of the country. I hope to have some good blog entries when I return.

Also, i'm very excited to see all the new traffic coming into the site. This week was my busiest week ever - 200 page loads and over 100 visitors on Wednesday alone. That's wild. Hello, new people! Just read the "Essential Entries" on the right side for the good stuff.

Thanks for all the kind emails, phone calls and cards that everyone has sent me this week. It was very nice of everyone for their outpouring of affection and I do appreciate it. I toasted my father with a bottle of Ruffino Riserva Ducale Oro (Chianti Classico) instead, given to me as a gift from a special friend. I decided to save the 1994 Chateau Mouton Rothschild for our next family gathering to share with them.

Also word is getting to me that everyone is starting to use FreshDirect - after they read my entry! Hey bitches - post some love and leave a comment - it's not asking so much is it?! ;)

1 year anniversary


One year ago today my father died.

Tonight I plan on making myself Nanny's Meatball and Sausage dinner and popping open a bottle of 1994 Chateau
Mouton Rothschild
that my friends 082305.JPG
bought for me last year after his death. After dinner, I expect to drink a few glasses of 20 year old Taylor Flagdate port and go to bed with a nice heady buzz.

I started this blog because of that event. I wanted to open myself up to my friends and family, and just write an online journal to share to them my inner thoughts. Eventually it morphed into also writing about the Eagles club, reviews and life observations. I'm amazed how the site traffic went from 10-20 people reading it a day to about 80-100 people reading it now. If you are new to the site, i'd recommend going back and reading "Call Your Parents After Reading This...". I re-read it again tonight, and I don't think I could top what I wrote last October with a similar entry today.

I not only miss my father but also miss "what could have been". I miss the idea of what we could have shared together. I miss that he won't ever see me marry or see my children or celebrate more Eagles games with me. I miss the future we could have had together.

I miss his advice. He was like a rock in the storm of life, someone who you could always go to for wise advice. I see many things in myself that I saw in him. I only wish I could become half the man he became. I still have time.

Just do me a favor. If you like this site and everything I have done. Just raise your glass tonight while watching TV or during dinner, say "To Frank" and i'm sure he would appreciate it.

Just don't lose the remote control.

Back To Life Back To Reality


Everytime I see my life repeating itself, I hum that when I go home and my mother still has me take out the trash I feel like i'm 15 again...

Some of you know that I bartended at Dipper's bar when it first opened. I was part of the orignial crew: C$ (Su, Tu, Th), TG (Fr, Sa), Joe (We, Fr), and I (Mo, Sa) were the first four to work the night shifts (CB and Heather worked days/weekends). It was a blast.

We all were friends before the bar opened. C$ was the bouncer at Farside, and I would do fill-in bouncing work there also. Joe is a fireman in town, and bartended at Moran's years back. TG used to bartend at Dooley's Bar, and became part of our social circle before Dipper's opened up.

I never bartended before, but Joe was going to be the manager at Dipper's. He pulled me aside one night and dropped a bomb on me with, "Are you interested in bartending?". He told me he picked me because he thought I would be good behind the bar and that he could trust me, which is also very important in a bartender. People who handle money, and a register, you have to trust won't steal.

At the time I was bouncing at Farside, and every once in a blue moon would end up behind the bar or working a beer-station (during festivals) at the pub. Bartending is easy money. Just a few times when I worked behind the sticks you quickly realize how much better it is to bartend versus other service jobs. I worked as a waiter for a few summers in Ocean City, NJ - much harder work with decent tips.

As a bartender? You make nice change, you meet people and you have fun. It was a no brainer.

I owe Joe for the chance to bartend, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have gotten such a opportunity. There are three ways to get a bartending shift in Hoboken:

1) You are a hot girl or you have a hot body.
2) You know the owner or a bartender.
3) You are a hot girl or you have a hot body.
(Yes, this is a tongue-in-cheek joke!)

Otherwise you are shit out of luck. There is no chance that if I walked into every bar in Hoboken and asked to bartend would I get a job. I'm not knocking my dashing good looks, but male bartenders are a dime a dozen. If you live in Hoboken and are a cute girl - you can find work much easier than any guy could. Remember the bar logic:

1) Bars want business.
2) Men like women.
3) Cute female bartenders bring in male patrons.
4) More guys = busy bar.
5) Women like busy bars that have crowds.
6) More women = more guys.
7) Bar makes money.
(Madison's, Lua, 340, Quays, Trinity, Nine - look at the talent behind the bar. Not too many mousey librarians types serving drinks are there?)

Joe's offer totally fell into my lap.

We worked there and there were more ups than downs. Everyone really enjoyed working there and as time progressed most went our different ways.

My First Time (Really) Drunk

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My first taste of alcohol was in 1983 when I was 11.

My brother and his friends would go to Giuseppe's Pizza and grab a six pack of Moosehead. They had different methods of getting the beer, the easiest was to tip a older friend of theirs $5 to purchase the Moosehead.

The beer tasted bad, sour, I hated it but kept drinking because I wanted to impress the older kids. I would have one, maybe two beers and think I was drunk. I doubt that I really was drunk. No, I know I wasn't really drunk.

My first time really drunk was at my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary in June 1985.

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