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I take the PATH train in everyday to work, usually blasting my IPOD loud enough to not have to hear the rest of the world. I either close my eyes and nap or read a magazine during the ride. Many times I just daydream, thinking of a world outside of my own, thinking of the world of the future.

In the advent of this new digital age, where blogs and websites like Gawker or Gothamist replace traditional media, I also see the same happening for entertainment.

If you can get a digital camera, a computer to edit your film and a server to host your file - you, too, could write your own movies or TV shows at a fraction of what it costs to make in traditional Hollywood. Think about popular blogs - how fast does the word get out about a good blog or website? One click of an email and thousands of people tell thousands of other people about something they discovered on the net.

I'm sure this has already started. We have "podcast" now, where people like you and me record audio and distribute it to Ipods. When will a "vidcast" start? Some 15 year old kid from Carrollton, Texas stops making videos of him and his buddies doing skateboarding tricks for and makes a 45 minute movie that inspires, entertains or saddens the world.

What I want to find out is how a person could do this and what the costs involve. What kind of camera do you need? What kind of editing equipment do you want? How much does it cost to host on a server? I just think that there are tremendous changes coming, as costs come down for production and bandwidth increases for our homes. I don't think it takes a big budget film to make a movie or TV show.

I'm a Dr. Who fan. If you haven't heard of Dr. Who, it is a BBC production that began on November 23, 1963, with a mysterious anti-hero in the mold of Conan Doyle�s Professor Challenger. The production costs were minimal, the special effects were made from bubble wrap & tin foil, but the storylines were superb and many of the actors were theatrical veterans of the English stage. In fact, if you watch many other BBC classical productions (Shakespeare, etc) you will see many of the same Dr. Who actors in various parts, too.

You can't convince people to like Dr. Who. Either you do, or you don't like it, but the people who like it the most are the ones with the greatest imagination. They don't see a tin gun & a spaceship made from balsa wood, they see a Cyberman Standard Issue Rifle and a Dalek Space Cruiser. They are enthralled by the characters, from the long scarved Doctor, his robot companion K9 or the alluring female tribal warrior. Most of the early Dr. Who was filmed using London and the countryside as a backdrop. By today's standards the filming was primitive - but at the TV shows height, it was ridiculously popular in Britian with children and adults on Saturday nights.

My point about Dr. Who and vidcasts is that someday, sooner than you think, someone out there is going to put 2+2 together. Instead of being some starving actor or director at New York University - they will just sit at home and write, direct and produce their own visions in a digital format. It may be just as cheesy as Dr. Who, but if written well enough and if a buzz starts - I think the sky is the limit for anyone who first can make something entertaining.

Out of curiousity I bought 3 new books from Amazon:

� What They Don't Teach You At Film School : 161 Strategies to Making Your Own Movie No Matter What
� Digital Filmmaking 101: An Essential Guide to Producing Low Budget Movies
� The Digital Filmmaking Handbook (Graphics Series)


Pam laughing all the way to the bank!

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My very funny cousin, Pam got a 3 year deal with 20th Century Fox a few weeks ago...

"Team America: World Police" scribe and "South Park" alum Pam Brady has sealed a new, rich overall deal with 20th Century Fox TV.

Three-year deal, which consists of an initial two-year run with an option for one more year, will keep Brady on Fox's upcoming laffer "The Loop," which she's exec producing, and eventually calls for new development as well.

20th Century Fox TV prexy Dana Walden called Brady "one of the funniest people I've ever sat in a room with."

"She's all parts artist, which is why everybody in this company has so much passion for her," Walden said. "She doesn't let the business of her business get in the way of her vision. That's who will have a big hit, and she was one of the writers we were willing to place a big bet on."

Brady has served as both a vocal performer and scribe on the long-running Comedy Central fave "South Park"; she also helped write the theatrical "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut."

In TV, besides the upcoming "The Loop" (which she created and exec produces with Will Gluck), Brady's credits include "Just Shoot Me," "Go Fish," "The John Larroquette Show" and "The Single Guy."

"We feel lucky she's going to be a part of this company for a long time to come," Walden said.

Of course everyone in my family are all really psyched to see Pam doing well in Hollywood, she is just one of those people who are simply extremely intelligent and very witty in every situation.

Here is an early look at The Loop, on the Fox website.

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

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Another year is coming to a close, and the holiday season is upon us. Only a few weeks until Christmas and New Years, and tomorrow we have Thanksgiving.

This year I have had a lot of people offer me to come to their house, and I had to basically start lying to everyone.

Yes, i'm not happy about it. I do sincerely appreciate the offers, my brother-in-law Pat called me and said I could come to Allentown to his brother's Thankgiving dinner. My sister Steph called from Temecula, California and said I should fly out to visit her for the weekend. My brother offered for me to come visit and meet the new baby, Abrianna (My mother will be going there for the weekend). I had a few friends offer me to come to their house.

It is hard to basically say, "No" when you don't want to hurt everyone's feelings. I only have off Thursday and not Friday, so that limits what I can do for my holiday. Going to Allentown to spend it with Pat's side of the family...flying to California for one day....driving to DC and back in 24 hours....spening the day with a friend and their family that you don't know? Eh.

So, yes. I'm sorry to tell you, and i'm sure my family will read this, is that I lied. I said I had plans when I didn't. At first I started to tell people, "Thank you so much, but I will just stay in Hoboken". My sister Steph clearly understood, as did Kevin. I just felt bad telling other people the truth for some reason.

I will be happy to spend the day at home, with Boston Chicken carryout. I will pop open a bottle of wine and I bought a 20 year old bottle of taylor fladgate tawny port last night. Here are the things I am thankful for this year...

  • My health. After my leg injury, it absolutely made me appreciate being able to walk. I'm still not 100%, it is going to be a long time until my left leg is as strong as my right leg.
  • My family. I may not say it enough, but I love them all.
  • My liberty. God bless our men and women in the Armed Forces and their fight for our freedom and for protecting America.
  • My friends. Old friends and new friends I have met over the last year! A special thanks to Matt, Dominique, Kristen, Jon and Lisa who helped me while I was hurt.
  • Heather H and Dipper. - a big "Thank You" to Heather this year. She was the key reason i'm bartending again, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be back at the bar. I'm grateful to Dipper that we were able to put our differences behind us and his hosting of the club at his bar.
  • DataPipe - i'm very thankful to everyone at Datapipe for helping promote the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken and getting this blog off the ground.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Uncle Times Seven


I'm an uncle again, if you are keeping count at home, my sister Stephanie has two boys; my sister Stacey has two boys and two girls; and my brother's first girl, Abrianna Frances has been welcomed into the family. She weighed in 7 pounds and 20 inches. I already have on order for her plenty of Eagle baby gear to make sure she doesn't ever think about rooting for her hometown team, the Redskins.

I thought it was very cute that her middle name is a variation of my father's name, Francis. I told my brother that every guy I know who has a little girl immediately fall into the "Daddy's Little Girl Syndrome". It is like something short circuits in their head and they no longer are they guy they once were. It is like Invasion of the Lame Body Snatchers. They replace the once rough and tumble guy's-guy with a vanilla version of their old self.

This effect has happened to a ton of Hoboken guy friends. Before you could go to clubs or pub with the guy and drink a few beers - now they would rather stay in. Before you could talk about slutty cheerleaders getting off with each other in Florida bathrooms, now they want to talk about their baby girl's first steps. I'm all for good dads - but what happened to your friends that got replaced by Mr. Rogers? This was a drinking buddy who used to recant tales about his escapades in college and now he turns into Mr. Good Guy. I'd like to see one of the new fathers i'd know just keep some parts of their old self - stay that good fun friend you knew and also be a good kind father that they have become.

Of course it is only day one as a daddy for Kevin. He is still his old self. He told me that it was nice to have a new girl in his wife that worships the ground he walks on, since his wife no longer does. Yes, that's a joke people!

Jokes aside, i'm happy for them both. I asked Kevin if I could just set aside $1,000 now and that would cover me for the next 10 years of birthdays and holiday gifts. I'm bad like that. I have no problem giving gifts but I can never remember the dates and I hate hate hate shopping. This year my same gift to the other 6 nephews and nieces will be my online gift certificate from

Although I am contemplating buying them World of Warcraft and a 1 year subscription to the game. Then I could play online with them and they could join Uncle Furey in dominating the virtual world. Wouldn't that be a fun bonding experience?

My sister was nice enough to email me right after I wrote this and gave me a virtual backhanded slap from California: That's the point - having a baby makes you grow up in the FASTEST way possible. Not that going to clubs et al was a bad thing, it's just that after having kids, you realize that there is a WHOLE lot more out there.

The Other Half

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I think i'm still half-drunk from last night. I'm miserable in the office and told my manager i'm working a half day & leaving at 1pm.


Because I decided to act like i'm 23 again.

I was out at Strip House with Matt 111105.JPG
last night. I wanted to celebrate my 11th year at work and I figured i'd take out a good friend. Brad was invited, but he is on a weight bet (10 people bet $400 that in 1 month they can lose more weight than each competitor) at work and we are going to celebrate next month.

The steak was excellent, I had a 14oz filet mignon. Juicy, tantalizing and cooked to perfection. I had a Lion's Peak 2000 cabernet, and finished the meal off with two glasses of 10 year old Churchill tawny port. I had a decent buzz at that point.

Matt informs me that Tre and friend Tim are at a bar called One, in the meatpacking district. He suggests that I come out and have fun on a Thursday.

When I first moved to Hoboken, 11 years ago, I would say about every Thursday would be a drink night and I was out until 2am. I could coast through a Friday at work, and my bounce back was fairly good. Those days are long gone.111105b.JPG

We get out to One and it was suit-city. Everyone looked like a Wall Street dude, wearing their post-work suits and i'm in my jeans and sneakers looking like I don't belong. Whatever.

I get to meet Tim again, which was cool, since I don't get to meet many people who work on television. He's a sown to Earth guy, really funny and a blast to hang out with. The four of us drink at One for two hours, and then we decide we want to go to a club and walk across the street to PM.

PM is your typical meatpacking district club. Arrogant bouncers in suits. Velvet ropes and people waiting in line. Tim's celebrity status (if you watch ESPN basketball, you know who he is) and it gives us a slight bonus in the credibility, yet it isn't enough to get us out of waiting in line. We are a bit amused and frustrated that they aren't letting us in right away, just shrugging our shoulders and waiting.

A guy steps out from behind the bouncers with a clip board, showing all the arrogance of someone in Clubland middle management, and shouts to the crowd in line, "Which one of you reserved the table?"

We didn't reserve a table, but Matt, being Matt and not missing a beat, shouts back, "Right here, my man!"

Matt saunters up, like he owns the place and starts talking to the guy, negotiating with him on how many bottles we are buying and at what price. The club guy is trying to get us to buy 3 bottles. Matt states that we are only 4 people and we aren't going to polish off 3 bottles. There is a large line, lots of people waiting and after about a minute of Matt's haggling, the management guy isn't enjoying this. 111105c.JPG

"Stop the fast talk. Do you want in or not?", he says.

"Done.", Matt says.

Now I don't know the math, but I know that each bottle is going to be ridiculously expensive. I'd hazard $200-300 a bottle. At this point of the night, with a heady buzz and in celebration mode, I was prepared to throw down a few bills to cover my cost. Matt won't listen to me and says he will take care of it. Good friend, that one.

Once inside, the club was by most accounts a bridge and tunnel crowd. Don't get me wrong, it was filled with beautiful women and the guido factor was actually at a minimum. The music was ok, the DJ wasn't playing anything popular, just remixing old 80's and 90 songs. After we get inside, Matt negotiates with the waitress to get our three bottles to two, probably saving about $300.

We get our table, which was tiny, our bottles of Grey Goose, champagne, orange and cranberry juice, ice and glasses. Once we got our table, it seemed like women started to just come over and chat. Everyone is friendly. Clubgoers near your table are grooving with their circle and then start to dance with us, too. Some fans recognize Tim and come up to introduce themselves, and are starstruck because they watch him on ESPN and here he to them at their club. It's wild. The music is pumping, lights are flashing. Girls are dancing on tables & couches. There is a camera crew going around taking video of people having fun. I talk to a ton of strangers, get a few email addresses and phone numbers. There is a mirthful joy in the air, everyone is cool with each other and it's nothing like the experience I have had in other clubs growing up.

I remember clubs where there's that overall tension in the air. Like you bump into someone and they are ready to kick your ass with their "boys" backing them up. The girls are standoffish, and people only talk to other people they came into the club with. This is nothing like that. Everyone is just out to have a good time and meet other people.

At the club I realize how this situation just isn't my life, I don't do this. I doubt it really could be. Sure, it is a lot of fun to see how the other half lives. I asked Tim how often he goes out to clubs like this and he says about three times a week, often staying out until the club closes. Of course, he needs to be at ESPN in the afternoon, so he's able to sleep in, then get up and go to work.

The next four hours whipped by in a blur of drinks, dancing and laughter. I had my fill of the club and nearly panicked when I realized it was 3am and I had work the next day. I say my goodbyes and hopped in a cab, and negotiated a ride back to Hoboken, $30 plus tolls. There was no chance i'd make it on the PATH train. I was well ripped, but still a functional drunk. I got back to my apartment and played the "Dude, you aren't going to be sick" game with my brain and stomach:

Breathe. You're fine. Have some water. Sit on the couch. Breathe. Doing good. Shit it's 3:30am! Ok, 4 hours of sleep. I'll just coast as best as I can at work. It's cool. Have some more water.

I don't exactly remember getting from the couch to the bed. My alarm went off at 7:30 and my entire morning routine I was on auto-pilot. It was very existential, like I was watching myself from outside my body. I wasn't even hungover. I quite possibly think I was still drunk. I may be drunk right now as I write this.

I took a Tylenol (which I try not to do because of the liver issues with drinking and taking that) and shuffled to work. Semi-snoozed on the PATH. Grabbed a bagel to soak up whatever Rockstar energy drink and Grey Goose was left in my stomach.

I can see why people love going out in NYC. If you have the money, or if you have the connections - I bet doing that every weekend is a blast. I can see how people must come to Hoboken and be standing in Trinity thinking, "How provincial!"

I'd absolutely do that again. But next time I can't work the next day. I'm dying.

Plus, of course Murphy's Law jump starts at the office. I get into the office, thinking I can coast. I get pulled into a meeting about 10 minutes after I walk in. My co-worker quietly turns to me, while others aren't listening and says, "I can smell the booze reeking from your pores...", and quietly chuckles.

Great. Wonderful. Can 1pm get here any sooner?

In a way, it was totally worth it. Except it just isn't worth it right now.



I was taking the PATH in, standing up on a crowded car and saw two women sitting in front of me. I saw that they were both attractive, one was reading a book and the other was doing the "train nap", that half-doze that we all do on public transportation. Maybe it is just me, but the next thing I usually do, after seeing a comely Hoboken woman, is look at her left hand.

One had an engagement ring, and the other had a ring & band. My immediate thought is, "Well, she is off the market."

Then I got to thinking about the significance of engagement rings. North American society is designed in such a way that men give women a diamond ring as part of their ritual for marriage. Why?

To the women, there are various reasons why the ring holds importance to them. I think the primary reason, which drives the majority of people is love. It is a symbol of love. For some it could be made out of tin and they would cherish it. But, there are some that, while they very much love their boyfriends, also very much want an expensive diamond ring. I don't find that to be ridiculous by any means, we are a society that is driven by materialism. We drive expensive cars, buy expensive homes, wear expensive clothes. We measure our self-worth by surrounding ourselves with trinkets and toys, the wedding ring is just an extension of that. If expense weren't at the central issue, we wouldn't give diamonds, would we? I mean, if it were just a question of a ring, that could be fashioned from any material, couldn't it? One girlfriend I had made it very clear that the quality and size of the diamond was very important to her.

For other women it is a validation of self-worth. On a recent episode of "Grey's Anatomy", Dr. Meredith Grey implores Dr. Derek Shepherd to "Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me." over his estranged wife. I really don't think this display of needing to feel loved is also measured with many girlfriend's desires to have that ring on their finger. They get to show the world that they, are indeed, special. Even if Daddy wouldn't get them a pony when they were eleven years old.

To the men, giving a ring is just as complicated. Some, cherish their future wife and want to give a symbol of their love to her. They do this as they have learned over the years through the representation of a ring, and only recently has the diamond become a part of that symbol (Thanks to the DeBeers conglomerate). There are some men, who being vain and shallow, enjoy giving a ring because it simply says to all men, "She's mine, stay away."

Then I wondered what does it all mean?

Shouldn't an engaged man have some kind of symbol that says to other women, "I'm engaged, stay away."? Then again, if you really think about our chauvanistic society, there is an very strong theme of chaste women and men sowing their wild oats. A man who gets laid often is called a "stud" and the same kind of woman is a "slut". As much as people will try to brainwash us on the media, showing shows like Sex in the City, there is still the underlying negativity of women who are sexually active. Think about it - brides wear WHITE on their wedding day as a symbol of their purity. Men don't do this?

That is what my morning commute was like. I was thinking about all of this on the PATH train. What are your thoughts?

Evil Parents

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Poor little fella. Imagine the years of therapy he will need after finding this picture in his scrapbook when he gets older.

25 More Things You May Not Know About Me

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If you read my old entry, you can read up on how I could be known as "J.P." today and my hatred for Afgans (well, Hounds...).

26. In the last year have been interested in learning how to cook. It has tailed off a bit since I injured my leg, but I still like to read cookbooks and think about new dishes I can make in my spare time.
27. I talk in my sleep. Girlfriends would tell me what I said the night before, and I would have no recollection of saying it.
28. I also snore. I often think about having some kind of surgery to fix this, because I think it interferes with my ability to have a restful nights sleep.
29. My biggest roommate pet peeve? Loud noises. I had a roommate who would come home and play his radio every day from work. Upstairs I would hear "thump, thump, thump" from the bass. We had a chat, and eventually he stopped. Upstairs neighbors who drop their shoes on the hardwood floor or walk across the hardwood floor is very annoying. Also I have neighbors who have a fire escape, with doors, and they use it as a balcony to chat on their cell phones or have cigarettes. I would hear their conversations when my window is open & them slamming their doors when they go back inside. Drives me nuts.
30. Three things I would need alone on a desert island: fishing pole (with plenty of gear; hooks, line, etc), flint & steel (to light fires) and an axe with sharpener.
31. I believe there is life on other planets. But I also believe that we are incredibly insignificant in the scheme of the universe. 600,000 years of human existence is a blip in the timeline.
32. Women with English accents are incredibly sexy to me (a 300 pound woman with an English accent doesn't suddenly become sexy, however) and conversely women with New York accents are an incredible turnoff.
33. I grew up with many pets. A dog (Leia), cat (Tasha) and a rabbit (damn, I forgot the rabbit's name). My sisters worked at a local veternary hospital, and would bring home pets to nurse back to health. We had ducks, racoons, deer & birds, too. I love animals, and want to get a dog (i'm a big fan of boxers & pugs or a cat (big fan of Abyssinians) but would prefer to wait until I moved out of Hoboken.
34. My school grades were always "C's" or "B's" until I got a great english literature teacher at LaSalle high school named Mr. McCabe. He taught with a passion and I really enjoyed reading. From that point onward, I excelled in all literature classes (as you can tell on this blog I sucked with my grammar classes).
35. The greatest moment of my life? I think returning to America after my 4 month trip to Italy. You really don't appreciate being an American until you have been away for a very long time, and we take so much for granted here. We have so, so many more choices and conveniencies that the rest of the world doesn't have. Secondly, I think the trip broadened my horizons and mindset, I think everyone should send their children to study in a foreign country (even if it is a 6 week summer trip). Too many born and raised Jersey kids have no concept of the world outside of Hudson county.
36. I have a problem with concentration. I get very irritated when someone interrupts me when I am under pressure or trying to concentrate, like when i'm typing or cooking. For example, I have to turn my radio and tv off if I am trying to read or study. I just can't do it. If someone is talking to me, I can't type at the same time. If I am typing, I can guarantee i'm not listening to you. When i'm cooking I tell my roommates I have one rule - stay out of the kitchen. I have snapped at people for interruping my concentration by trying to talk to me while I cook. I can't do it. I can't concentrate on cutting or timing the meal while someone is trying to talk to me. I have even gotten into fights over it, and tried to explain, but I always lose the argument because people don't get it. What? You can't listen to me while you chop an onion? I can, but I wouldn't really be listening to you. I am big about being focused on what i'm doing. It is just the way my brain is wired.
37. The oldest lie I remember is when my father sat me down and asked if I did drugs. I think I was about 12 years old, and was experimenting with pot thanks to my older brother's friends who were 15 (for the record, my older brother wasn't doing it, and I think my brother suspected that I was doing it with his friends when he wasn't around). I flat out told him "No", only because I was afraid of his reaction. I hold a certain level of guilt over that to this day, only because it underscores our relationship - I couldn't tell him the truth, he wasn't the kind of guy that would say, "That's alright! I tried it also!". In my mind he would have flipped out and busted everyone in the neighborhood.
38. Nothing was better than getting a Tanner's Ice Cream (a local cow farm, about a mile away from our neighborhood in Richboro) as a kid. Favorite flavor was chocolate marshmallow.
39. In my fraternity, there was a nickname ceremony, everyone got a nickname. My nickname was "The Grinch", because my brother-sponsor thought I smiled like him sometimes. It never stuck.
40. My first online nickname, on CompuServe, that I used was "Thrasher", because of the skateboarding magazine. In college my handle for MUDs was, "Inferno". By the time I graduated college I was "Furey" (after my great grandmother's maiden name).
41. For special occasions I will hand write a birthday or wedding card.
42. I'm right handed, but I play pool left handed.
43. I very rarely find red-headed women attractive (especially with the milk-white skin and freckles), I like blondes and brunettes.
44. For the last 4 years I have been claiming that the rise in real estate prices is leading to a bubble. I felt the same way about stocks in 1998. It amazes me how many people who don't think there is the market is cyclical work in real estate. I'm also fairly upset about the housing situation in Hoboken, since anything worth buying is at least 500k.
45. I have a habit of being very meticulous on anything I purchase. I will read multiple reviews, compare and contrast the item and price it out for months before I buy it. My only impulse items would be for clothing or food.
46. I used to have a large overbite before I got braces at 13. I had 4 permanent molars removed from my mouth to allow room for the changes.
47. I know, for a fact, that if my job didn't have internet access that I would never be able to work a in a corporate world.
48. When I was a youngster, I thought about becoming a catholic priest, but couldn't get over the whole celibate rule. I wanted to marry a woman more than I wanted to study about God. Then I started to question everything, and the answers I got back started to bother me - since they all started with, "Well, you need faith..."
49. There are some regrets I have now that I attended Villanova. I should have gone to a school with more of a party scene. University of Florida, University of California � Santa Barbara or Penn State should have been the schools I applied to. I enjoyed my time at the school, but I think college could have been a lot more fun.
50. I'm always trying to do things to the last minute and more often than not, I always run 10 minutes late for things.

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