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Baby Steps

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I couldn't find the Baby Steps video from What About Bob, but here's another great scene from an underrated movie:

Baby Steps.

Seems life is all about baby steps. If you didn't watch "What About Bob", it's about making small changes in your life towards an eventual goal.

One of those steps for me is my diet and working out.

I wrote previously about starting Crossfit, and now I have finished seven weeks, starting around the beginning of March. I first was going twice a week, it was all my body could handle. I recently upped to three times a week.

I'm still learning. Every class. It's hard. One of the things that I didn't like about lifting & working out was that we all get into a routine. I passed by an Equinox this morning and watched the people on the elliptical machines sweating it up, but they were like little robots. Same motion. Just swing the legs. Sweat the calories. Not getting stronger, and maybe losing weight if they do it for a long enough time.

I honestly believe that we, as a society, are lazy. We are lazy because we want it easy. Take a pill to lose weight. Do the "baby food diet" to lose weight. People cry about not being able to give up things or sacrifice. People get fixated on the word "DIET" when really eating should be about Baby Steps.

I love sweets. You name it, I love it. Cookies, cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels and donuts are my weaknesses. Oh, not to mention pasta, pizza, bread and alcohol (beer and wine!).

Funny thing is -- I still eat them. I have no plans for a six pack. But, I do want to be healthier. So my attitude is pretty simple: Be healthy when you can. Cheat when you want.

My work diet is the same diet that I posted before. I start my day with a smoothie. 3 hours later I eat a fresh mixed fruit cup now (cantaloupe, melon, pineapple, blackberry, strawberry, grapes) instead of eggs & oatmeal. 3 hours after that I order from Qdoba rice, beans and chicken in a bowl. On workout days I eat another bowl of that 3 hours later and on non-workout days, I might 'cheat' and have guacamole & chips with it. For dinner, its sometimes healthy and sometimes not - and often I have one beer with my dinner.

Funny thing is, that if you broke down my diet, I really only eat one 'bad' meal a day, and certainly if I cut out that beer with dinner it would be that extra 150 calories I didn't need.

You know what? It's fine. To me, if 75% of my diet is good and I 'cheat' on 25%, I think i'm doing plenty better than the rest of the world - and i'm sane and not counting calories and panicked if I decide one day after work to go to Sweet Revenge after work and have a beer & a cupcake.

Since I started Crossfit, I have been feeling great. Probably the best of my life. I was brushing my teeth the other night, with my shirt off. I looked at my abs - and noticed my muscles. The last time I could actually see my abs was in NROTC at Villanova. Sure, I still have plenty of fat, and i'm a far, far, cry from a flat stomach. But it certainly make me laugh a bit to see progress after six weeks of Crossfit.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

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