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My Mom's Famous Iced Tea

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Ok, perhaps famous is a strong word, but amongst the children of Tanyard Farms, where I grew up, this was the "best iced tea....ever".

Remember dear readers, my mother's iced tea was invented in the days before we had about 10,000 choices of soda or iced tea at the local WaWa.

And even's still outstanding yet SIMPLE to make.

Trust me. You want to make something that will impress you wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, neighbors or a cute French bulldog that people stop you on the street to get their picture taken with him...make this recipe.

Also I tried to alter it this weekend by substituting Splenda for sugar. It worked really well.

It's so easy. You need:

  • A one gallon plastic container
  • 15 TETLEY tea bags. Has to be TETLEY. Not Lipton or some designer brand tea.
  • 2 Lemons
  • 30 Splenda packets or 1.5 cups of sugar. This can be increased if you want it sweeter.

Her original recipe had 1.5 cups of sugar, but for today's day and age, I use Splenda because i'm trying to watch my calories. But if that doesn't matter...use sugar!

There is a slight trick to it, too. Here's how you make it:

Boil water so that it fills up the gallon plastic container to at least 85% full. Add the tea bags and let it steep overnight (about 12 hours) on a counter.

The next day, add the sugar (or Splenda) and stir. Then slice the lemons, and squeeze (or juice) into the container and stir again. Put it into the fridge and let it get nice and cold. Then serve.

As you can see, it is a bit of a process and not for the impatient. Often we get two containers and start another batch when the first one got low.

Try it! Let me know if you like it.


Life Ain't Fair, Folks.

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For many of my long time readers, they know that I started this blog when my father passed away. There were multiple reasons, like my interest in writing about Hoboken. Part of it was cathartic, and part of it was a way that I wanted to write as a form of understanding myself better, and letting my family, friends....and complete strangers to know, too.

I found out this week that my mother has giloma, or commonly known as brain cancer.

Shocked? Absolutely.

My mother never drank. She never smoked. She wasn't overweight. For all intents and purposes, she wouldn't be someone in a high risk category for brain cancer, in my opinion.

But life isn't fair like that. The deadly diseases of the world don't pick and choose. If that were the case, she wouldn't be the one to get this.

What we know is that she has a tumor. It's located on the brain stem. She's getting opinions from doctors at Johns Hopkins next week. We aren't sure the grade of the tumor, and finding out now the best course of action - chemotherapy, radiation, surgery?

There's also the possibility of no action. This tumor was found because of a brief stroke-like episode she had while in her home. They did some tests and that's how they discovered it, doing a contrasting dye MRI.

I'm sure i'll write more as I know more. Right now i'm a mix of emotions. The logical side of me is just looking at the situation, and planning the best course of action. Get all the information we can...figure out the best method to combat it, and go from there. And stay positive.

I'm hoping for a break from life....for once.

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