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The Syrup Story

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Someone from the NY Times emailed me about the syrup story I wrote about a few weeks ago. He is getting information from everyone he can, and writing a story about it for the newspaper. Jen Chung from The Gothamist directed him my way, and he emailed me his name and phone number to talk about the story. We chatted for about 15 minutes and he asked if I knew anyone else who smelled the syrupy smell on Dec 15th.

If you did - email me and I will forward on your information to him. Also he said that if you wanted to be anonymous, that was ok also. He is just trying to get information for his story of times, places and dates when people smelled it.

Also he thinks it is from anti-freeze - score for The Blonde! Also he noted that all the days that people smelled it were on Thursdays. Interesting.

Sadly, i'm also going to get "outed" for the story. No, not in a Christopher street kind of "outed", but my nom de plume of "Furey" will evaporate because he is, gulp, using my real name for the story. I asked if he could use Furey and i'm sure I could hear him rolling his eyes from other other end of the telephone when he said, "No."

Oh well. Such is the price for investigative reporting!

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