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A great season, with some bonus games.

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We had a large crowd at Mikie Squared Saturday Night, and most were rooting the Phillies. There were a few people vigorously rooting the Rockies, and they weren't from Denver. They simply were enjoying clapping for the other team, smirking to each other when the Phillies fell behind and like a schoolyard bully simply revelled in what they thought was our misery.

Sadly, I can easily say that the haters can't be more mistaken.

The Phillies had a great, exciting season and ran into the Rockies, who simply were a hotter team.

I'm proud of how the Fightin's played this season, they won the NL East for the first time in 14 years, have a great young core team on offense and pitching (Rollins, Utley, Howard, Hamels, Kendrick...) and should be competitive for years to come. They remind me of the 2000 Eagles, who were, for years, a losing franchise. But the Eagles built up their team, bringing key building blocks to offense and defense with draft picks and free agent signings.

I'm very excited about the future of the Phillies, and do believe that for the foreseeable future that they will be in the NL East hunt.

We aren't sad. We aren't crushed. Phillies fans aren't crying over the playoff loss. I know this. We fans are simply happy with the great regular season, and certainly wished we got farther, but no one really expected that Jimmy Rollins' prediction during the offseason would have come true. This was a great season, just with some bonus games.

The Comeback Kids

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100107.jpgGrowing up in Richboro, PA I have lots of memories about Phillies baseball.

I remember watching Michael Jack Schmidt on TV with my gang of childhood friends and then we would play baseball in the Cul-De-Sac on Deborah Road during those hot summers of the late 70's. My earliest memories are of the Phils as winners. A team that wouldn't quit.

As I got older, each summer got sucessively worse. Gone were the days when we would look forward to baseball. It eventually got the the point where summer was the long stretch of boredom between the basketball and football seasons. We had nothing to look forward to watching on TV during those lean years.

Then, suddenly, in 1993, while I was a junior in college, we had something amazing happen - the Phils were back.

I was at Game 5 of the World Series at the Vet that year. The last time that the Phillies played a post season game at the old stadium. The crowd was ELECTRIC. I have been to post season Eagles games. I have been to the Super Bowl. I can easily tell you that there is nothing, NOTHING, like witnessing a World Series game, at home, with the home crowd. The excitement is palpable. I honestly thought we were going to win that year. Joe Carter crushed that hope, and the years passed with team after team dashing our hopes.

2005 rolls around, and we get excited and lose our playoff hopes on the LAST DAY.

2006 comes and it's the second to last day where our team is eliminated.

2007 is here and I was having nightmares the night before Sunday's game. They were of me watching the Phillies and Mets games - the Phillies would lose and the Mets would win, and once again our team loses.

Honestly, i'm thrilled right now (yes, even with the Eagles losing to the Giants on Sunday night).

I tried to explain about how something like this was good for baseball. Think about it. It has been 14 years since Philly fans had the chance to cheer for their team in a post season game. There are whole new converts of Philly baseball fans out there now, kids like my nieces and nephews who are watching the Phillies and thinking that to them, baseball is FUN. Baseball is EXCITING. That the Phillies are WINNERS.

That's huge for baseball. That's great for the sport. You are witnessing a whole new generation of Philly fans that are created by this season alone and bringing back old dogs like me who have been waiting for ages to get excited about baseball again.

Years of watching the same old teams making the post season (paging the Atlanta Braves...) are over. Sure, I feel for the Mets fans. But if you compare the Mets post season appearances to the Phils post season appearances, i'm sure the Mets have had a lot more to cheer about in the last 21 years than the Phillies.

The team with the best regular season record doesn't win World Series, its the team that plays hot during the playoffs. The Phils are playing red hot right now, and if they can keep this streak going, I absolutely believe that they can beat any team in baseball.

But no matter what happens, it was a magical regular season of ups and downs. This was a historical season, and something that Phillies fans will be talking about for the next decade.

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