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Running the Eagles and the Phillies club in town, often I get asked about getting a group together and going to local games. One of the groups I met up with over my years was Keith (Mongo) Czaban and

He has done Eagles events and Phillies events in multiple cities, and this was my first chance to meet up with his group for a local event.

It was very fun, they grabbed a parking lot in Flushing, with lots of beer, food, a DJ and even a string band to lead us from the parking lot to the game (tailgating AT Citi Field is banned). Met lots of people, drank a good deal of beer, and had an overall good day. Lots of fun to sit in our section (sections 138 and 139, which weren't bad seats in my opinion!) and chant/cheer/jeer the game. We got a few Mets fans to taunt us back and it was mostly good-natured stuff.

Getting home wasn't too bad, I took the LIRR from Citi Field to Penn Station, then the PATH from 34th to Hoboken. What's up with Path service on Saturday night and why does it always suck??

Anyhow, I included some pictures from the game and tailgate.

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