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Please, examine the facts:

1. Even with three OUTSTANDING pitchers and Jayson Werth, we couldn't buy a hit against the Giants. Adding Cliff Lee isn't going to help the Phillies offense issues.

2. Going on blind faith to "hope" Domonic Brown will step up next season is moronic. Sure, I like the kid, but after he went 1 for 32 in the Dominican Leagues, says that he may need a bit more work. Platooning him with Ben Francisco, again, is sort of like putting all your life's savings on red at the roulette table. Good luck with that.

3. Losing Werth didn't help us offensively, and even hurt more that we lost a right handed bat. We need a right handed bat to offset our heavily favored left swinging lineup.

4. Lots of contracts up in 2011: Ibanez, Rollins, Hamels, Madson, Lidge (1.5M buy out). I expect someone will get traded, and already rumors are swirling about Cole Hamels getting traded.

5. Don't be so sure about Blanton being traded if we don't move Hamels. He's signed with the Phillies through 2012 and we are paying him $8.5 million a year - i'd keep Blanton if we don't move Cole Hamels. We still will need a number 4 and number 5 pitcher, folks.

6. Please shut up about trading Ibanez. Even if we could trade him we are going to have to pay the majority of his salary - and still need to replace his bat with someone. Phillies will be smart and just suck it up for 2011.

7. Payroll with Lee is now around $166M. We still need to sign our bench/utility players and bullpen pitchers for 2011. Looking at a $200M payroll. Most Phillies fans don't care about that, but the bottom line is that the Phillies are a business. Ticket & concession prices will have to go up to compensate for that.

If I were the Phillies I would trade Cole Hamels for an outfielder that bats right. Look to groom Ben Francisco or Domo Brown over 2011 to replace Ibanez by 2012. Sign Madson for 3 more years. Hug J-Roll and wish him good luck in 2012 on his new team.

Hey, that's just me. What do YOU think we should do?

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