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Some of you may be wondering what is happening with PSE&G, and my $8,000 bill.

The BPU is coming out tomorrow to swap my electric meter. They will take the old meter to their offices and test it on March 9th.

A friend of my family was kind enough to get me in contact with a lawyer friend. Her name was Megan and she was extremely helpful...until she found out that her office did some minor work with PSE&G and things got complicated. She is trying to help out but can't offically represent me because of the conflict of interest. But she still thinks the bill is ridiculous and that there is no way that I should pay a dime of the bill.

That's where the situation stands, i'm waiting for the BPU test and once that is done I am hopeful that there will be some type of arbitration between the BPU and PSE&G.

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