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Contacting The News


I sent an email to ABC, NBC and CBS news desks about the PSE&G story. I hope they take time to read my email.

I'm waiting for a callback from PSE&G to talk about them not shutting my electricity off on Friday. I'm waiting for the BPU to process my paperwork to see if we have a legal cause to fight here.

This isn't fun.

BPU reviewing my case


Got a bunch of phone calls Friday from an automated system at PSE&G. They are saying i'm 5 payments behind (not true) and can't "guarantee continued service after June 30".

I put in the paperwork Friday to have the Board of Public Utilities legal team review the case and see if it warrants legal action. My arguement which I sent to them centers around the fact that PSE&G haven't checked my electricity over seven years. There were people living in my apartment before me and I don't believe that PSE&G knows where the zero sum begins for my electric usage. If the tenants before me used $5,000 use of electricity and they moved out - how does PSE&G know this if they never checked the meter? I moved in - the meter doesn't reset to zero.

I don't think that the $8,000 that I owe is a proper an accurate count of the electricity that I used. I also believe that PSE&G didn't do enough to warn me of this situation. Just saying on my bill that the bill was an estimate - why didn't I get any follow up mail saying, "Mr. Furey - we haven't checked your meter in three years, please contact ASAP at this number...." I'm getting mail and phone calls now that I owe money, but where was PSE&G's attention to detail before I got into their billing system?

A minor detail of my arguement is that I don't think the $8,000 owed reflects the prorated cost of electricity over the last 7 years. They took the electricity used and multiplied it by today's rates. I'm not thinking its going to be an extreme difference (maybe $7,000 vs $8,000), but i'm still arguing that cost.

Also my last point, which is my weakest point, is the simple fact that I paid my bill over the last 7 years every month and budgeted as such, while living with roommates. I have a hard time believing that if I went to some of my old roommates asking them to pay me back that i'm going to see a dime. Fortunately my current roommates have told me they have no problem paying what they owe and are very sympathetic towards this situation. Even Jon, who is moving out is going to pay what he owes to me and if somehow i'm able to quash this (or dramatically reduce it) I will pay him back.

So Monday is my stressful phone call to the billing group at PSE&G which is always the same. They keep the same attitude of "Fuck you, pay me" whenever I call. Everyone I talk to says the same thing, "DO NOT PAY THEM". But its very stressful for someone like me who has been drilled into his head at an early age about things like credit reports and always paying your bill on time. My biggest fear out of all of this is that my credit gets destroyed over it and I can't get mortgage loans or good rates on credit cards for the next 7 years. Sad isn't it? Losing money, yes that's terrible. But to me even more horrible would be bad credit.

It just looms over my head like a dark cloud since October and I want it over with.

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