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Nanny's Meatballs & Sauce Recipe

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Growing up I used to love going to Nanny's (my father's mother) house in Philadelphia for primarily one reason: The food.

I didn't really know my Nanny and Pop-Pop as an adult. My knowledge and understanding of both of them was from the perspecitive of a child. A child with hyperactivity and a low tolerance for boredom.

They lived at 11th St. in North Philadelphia, very close to Temple University Hospital, it was rowhomes and concrete with a tiny patch of grass behind each house. In some ways, it is much like Hoboken, but I think Hoboken's beautiful brownstones and history make the bland Philadelphia brick structures pale in comparison.

But growing up in the green sprawling suburbs, it was like being exiled to Romania for a day. Our family would visit about every other month, I think. Everything about this section of Philly was gray to me and dark. Their couches had plastic on it and there was a faint musty smell in the house. The family room was painted a periwinkle color, which was all the rage in 1960's fashion - and not one bit of furniture was ever changed in all my years that I visited. But, there was the good meatballs and sausages to look forward to each time my family arrived for a Sunday dinner.

Now that i'm teaching myself how to cook, I asked my mother if she had any good recipes. One of the first she sent was Nanny's Meatballs & Sauce Recipe. I read it and my first reaction was:

That's it?!

If you are expecting something mind blowing, you are going to be unbelieveably disappointed. This recipe is simple, but the results are delicious - even my roommates agree and it was devoured by everyone at The Live 3 BBQ. Try it, what do you have to lose? The whole list of ingredients will cost about $15 and easily feed 4 to 6 people.

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