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Beer: Hop Devil

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One of the cool things about travelling all over the world is trying new things. I have tasted dishes made from Kangaroo, Emu and Camel in Australia. I have tried homemade wine and grappa from my family in Italy. I sampled beers during the Oktoberfest festival in Munich.

Sometimes, you forget that life is about trying new things. I'm as a guilty as the next guy when it comes to my habitual problem of living life like a horse wearing blinders. I trod along the well worn path of the life that lay before me - the life of a middle aged working professional. The 45 hour-a-week guy, who watches the weeks pass and has glimmers of excitement and hope every Friday at 6pm - for something interesting may happen. Sometimes, you just have the little things that make life an adventure.

Last weekend, I sat on the couch drinking a Coors Light, which was left over from a party the night before. To me, a Coors Light is your most basic beer, and I don't mind it or really savor it. 071705.JPGMuch like I really don't savor a cold glass of milk or orange juice. It's milk. It's OJ. It's Coors Light.

Whatever. It meets the basic criteria of what I want - satisfy a thirst for a particular craving. Dairy. Juice. Beer.

Drinking that Coors Light I turned to Jon.

"Hey man, I hope you don't mind me drinkin' this. You had a 12 pack in the cooler...", I began.

Jon smiled and waved his hand in a quick, dismissing gesture, "I hate Coors Light, drink it all you want."

"There's nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer evening.", I sighed.

"Come on, it's a Coors Light. We should get some good beer!", he said.

"What, like a PBR?", I joked.

"Anything is better than Coors.", he stressed.

"I remember once, when I travelled through Australia, each region would have a bitter, a beer, which were much better than what we had up here. I remember Victoria Bitter, VB - loved that stuff...", I recalled.

"All right...let's try some of that action!", he said, snapping his fingers and pointing at me.

"I don't think they have that up here. But let me walk over to Garden Wine and Liquor on the corner of 7th and Park and see what that liquor store has. The guy who runs it is pretty cool and always has a good wine for me to try...", I remarked.

I walked over to the liquor store on 7th and Park. I have been going in there long enough that the guy knows me - I know him - but I still never remember his God damn name.

"Hey man! Do you have a beer list?", I asked.

The owner says, "Oh, no. What you see in the cooler is what I have...what are you lookin' for?"

"I want somethin' different. Nothing crazy, like beer made with prune juice or added caffeine. Just a good, tasty American beer to try.", I reply.

"I got some guys who are real beer connoisseurs, they make me get some of these beers.", he says gesturing to a variety of six-packs in the glass cooler, "Here is's called HopDevil! Supposed to be made with some real good hops, and has a strong, remarkable taste to it."

"Sounds good, i'll try it.", I tell him.

I paid $9 for the six-pack, and went home, to try out the new ale with Jon.

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