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Marma Day Spa

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Marma Day Spa
1122 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Spa Hours
Sunday 10am-4pm
Monday thru Friday 12pm-9pm
Saturday 9am-5pm

The longer I live in Hoboken, the more I realize that it is a much bigger town than I realize, with so many interesting businesses and restaurants. My latest foray was getting a massage at Marma Day Spa, located at 1122 Washington Street.

Marma was based on the principles of Ayurveda (pronounced eye-yer-vay-duh) is the art of healthy living developed in India. The word, from ancient Sanskirit literally means "Knowledge of Life". Such principles of Ayurveda includes the use of herbs, nutrition, panchakarma cleansing and acupressure massage which promote taking charge of your life and healing.

These principles are not lost upon walking into Marma, where the front entrance has statues of Indian dieties, textbooks on the subject of spiritual healing and an atmosphere of comfort. The receptionist marked off my appointment, and led me into a back area of the spa, where they had individual lockers, and a changing room. I was given a robe and rubber slippers, where I removed my clothing and waited on a couch in a private area adorned with candles and a small faux waterfall.

In a short time I was introduced to Carla, who was a very friendly massage therapist, and she led me into one of the four therapy rooms. The rooms are small, with the sound of dripping water, soothing music and candlelight, all playing upon my different senses. The massage began with her washing and massaging my feet in a large stainless steel bowl. She first asked the purpose of the massage, and anything she should know about my health. I asked why, and explained to me about how Ayurvedic massage focused on hitting certain pressure points in the body and that depending on why I needed the massage, she would change the massage accordingly. I told her about my leg, and to take care around the knee area, but otherwise I just wanted to destress and relax.

After drying my feet we selected a liquid scent that she would use during the massage. There was a whole table with dark, tiny bottles on them each containing a different fragrance. I had her choose one for me, since I really was aloof about what scent was used. She chose orange mint, and then left the room to let me disrobe and get on the massage table, under the sheets.

After a few minutes she returned, and before she began she told me to let her know if she was using too much or too little pressure during the massage. She first started by having me breathe in the citrus oils from her hands three times, with deep breaths. She began the massage in earnest, and it was, quite simply, wonderful.

I could write about the finer points of the massage, but what is there to tell, really? It was relaxing and soothing, and when I walked out of the spa I felt like a million bucks. I walked home, and when I entered my home I realized for the first time, in a long time, that I completely forgot about my sore leg. My surgery was mid-January, and the whole walk home was at a brisk pace with little thought about my leg.

A few days after I called Laurie and chatted with her a bit about her salon and spa.

Owned by Laurie Michelson, also the owner of Hair Cult salon on 11th and Washington. Laurie told me she was a hairstylist in the entertainment industry including Carly Simon, Bon Jovi, Kip Winger, Sean Penn (while he filmed State of Grace). She needed a base of operations for her work, and Hair Cult was born 18 years ago.

She came up with the idea to open a spa after listening to feedback from her customers.

"At our spa we give head massages while we shampoo our clients hair, many told us they would love to have other spa services and Marma started because of that.", Laurie told me.

When she opened the salon she combined the elements of Ayurveda along with the products and mission statement from Aveda, creating an enviromental concept salon. The Aveda website quotes Horst M. Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, "Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for enviromental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world."

It seems to me that Laurie isn't just creating a business, but a way of life for her clients. If my massage at Marma was any indication, I can only imagine how wonderful the other spa services at the salon could be. The offer Spa therapy, skin care, manicure, pedicures and waxing. Prices and services are explained in detail on their website at Of course i'm about 6 years late getting to Marma, and hoping I can make up for lost time. If you haven't been here yet, maybe it is about time to make an appointment and see what you have been missing.

Bad Dog! Good Book: Marley & Me


I finished reading, "Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog" by John Grogan, and it was a touching tale about the unrequited love and bond that a canine companion can bring to our life. Marley, a yellow Lab, was blockheaded in form and actions, barrelling through screen doors and dragging dining tables by his leash, while trying to fetch any piece of fabric, trash or food into his cavernous maw. Many families wouldn't put up with such an unruly hound, but the Grogans learned to love Marley and his boneheaded ways up until his passing after thirteen years. The book is an easy, witty and lighthearted look into the Grogan's life of the last thirteen years, from John's early years working in Florida, to his stint with Organic Gardening to his present job as a columnist at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Any dog owner of past or present will instantly relate with this book, and it certainly is a GREAT read if you ever plan on adopting or buying a dog. Caveat emptor - Let the buyer beware.

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