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Brunch: Mikie Squared


One of my favorite meals is brunch. My last report was about Court Street's brunch. My next report is about Mikie Squared, owned by Michael and Cindy Fasciano, who also own Margarita's on 8th and Washington. 101606b.jpg

Of course you can take this review with a grain of salt, I do work at this restaurant, but I don't work during brunch. I have been working Saturday nights there for the last few months and eating at the restaurant at least once or twice a week for dinner or brunch. The brunch at Mikie's is every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm. They regularly get a sizeable crowd, depending on what college or NFL game is on television.

The brunch menu has quite a few interesting and eclectic choices. You should know that nearly everything they serve is made from scratch. Unlike many restaurants in Hoboken, Mikie Squared takes the raw ingredients of every dish and prepares it on the premises. What they don't make in the restaurant, they only serve the highest quality ingredients and their attention to detail is what will win you over.

I have sampled many of them, and this is what I can tell you. The Huevos Rancheros ($10) is by far my favorite dish. It is a symphony of ingredients, including two sunny side eggs, on top of a crisp tortilla shell, with melted monterrey jack cheese and refried beans, a touch of homemade fresh guacamole and diced tomatoes, along with a Ranchero sauce complete the dish . It is served with homefries.

The Eggs Benedict ($11) comes as a close second favorite for me. The simplicity of the meal, with poached eggs over Canadian bacon and english muffins is what I like most about it. One of my biggest peeves with eggs Benedict at other restaurants is the Hollandiase sauce. Some restaurants make them too buttery and others are heavy with the lemon juice. The sauce they use I think is a wonderful balance between the two and its subtle effect on the palate is what makes me order this time and again. 101606c.jpg

I have tried the Pancakes ($10) and the French Toast ($11), also. The pancakes remind me of French crepes I have tried in Paris, with its light, fluffy, thin texture. The pancakes are served with fresh sliced bananas and strawberries. Also note that the syrup is real maple, not some nameless industrial processed syrup.

The french toast is made with brioche bread dipped in battered eggs and cinnamon, then pan fried and dusted with powdered sugar. A sweet amaretto strawberry sauce is drizzled over top, and it is served with fresh bananas and strawberries, along with real maple syrup. As one person commented to me, "They are to die for!"

I have tried the Steak and Eggs ($12), and its a great power breakfast for those looking for a protein infusion to start their day. Made with marinated hangar steak and sunny side up eggs, I think of it as the "hangover cure". Wolf that down to start your day and soak up the alcohol from the night before, and you will be right as rain. 101606a.jpg

They have also added a few new dishes in the last few days. "The Bambino" Italian Omelet ($11 - With homemade mozzarella, red bell peppers, sliced fresh tomatoes, with homefries and toast), Fabulous Shrimp Frittata ($12 - tomato, scallions, and shrimp with homefries and toast), The Defibrillator Omelet ($11 - Not for the feint of heart! ham, sausage, bacon, jalapeno & pepperjack cheese, with homefries and toast), Mikie's Breakfast Burrito Wrap ($11 - A tortilla wrap filled with two eggs, sausage, homefries, peppers, onions, and homemade guacamole).

I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for. Certainly some people are going to read the prices at Mikie's and say, "Wow! That's expensive. I can go to a diner and it only costs "$XXX" for "XYZ"!"

I agree that there are cheaper alternatives in Hoboken. But I seriously question the quality of those ingredients, the way that the food is prepared and the attention to detail. Sure, eggs are eggs, but Mikie's bacon is large, fresh and have a smoky, crisp flavor. The hollandaise sauce, mozzarella, guacamole, homefries, along with a multitude of other ingredients are made fresh in the kitchen. They only buy the highest quality shrimp, beef and pork. The fruits that accompany many dishes are freshly sliced, the sauces are homemade and maple syrup is of the highest quality and fantastic with the pancakes or French toast.

But, to each their own. Mikie's is easily one of the top tier brunches that Hoboken has to offer. Looking to bring your family in for an impressive brunch or maybe a choice for someone special in your life? I'd choose Mikie's.

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