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The Best Restaurants Of Hoboken 2011

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Living up here for the last 16 or so years, there's a couple things I have learned. One of them is where to eat out in Hoboken. Often I talk to new Hoboken transplants and they ask me "Hey, where should I go for..." - and this is my opinion on where i'd send them. Enjoy!

Bagels: JP Bagel Express, 52 Newark Street.
Bar Food: Farside Tavern, 531 Washington Street
BBQ/Cajun: Oddfellows Rest, 80 River Street
Brunch: Elysian Cafe, 1001 Washington Street
Burger Joint: Five Guys Burger & Fries, 319 Washington Street
Chinese: Precious, 128 Washington Street
Indian:Karma Kafe, 505 Washington Street
Italian: Augustino's Restaurant, 1104 Washington Street
Italian Deli: Vitos Italian Deli, 806 Washington Street
Basic Pizza: Giovanni's Pizza, 603 Washington Street
Grandma's Pizza: Balbo's Pizza, 70 Hudson Street
Brick Oven Pizza: Grimaldi's Pizzeria, 133 Clinton Street
Sandwiches: Park & Sixth, 539 Park Avenue
Sushi: TIE! Maru, 219 Washington Street or Robongi 520 Washington Street

And a few that i'd list under "Special Occasions":

Where to bring Mom and Dad? Amanda's Restaurant, 908 Washington Street

One of the best in town: Anthony David's, 953 Bloomfield Street

Most overrated: Lua, 1300 Sinatra Dr

Most underrated: Court Street, 61 Sixth Street

Best First Date Place? Bin 14, 1314 Washington St

Best Second Date Place? Cafe Michelina, 423 Bloomfield Street

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