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The Best Of Hoboken 2012

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I often meet people from out of town who ask, "Hey do you know a good place for..." and I always have an answer. This is my unabashed list of favorites, in no particular order, and maybe you should try them, if you haven't already done so.

Italian Restaurant: Augustino's
Sandwiches You Need To Try: Hoboken On Rye
Late Night Eats: Windmill Hot Dogs
Chicken Wings: Village Pourhouse (try the Sweet Chili Sauce!)
Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger: Five Guys Burger and Fries
The Mutz?: Fiore's
Brunch: Elysian Cafe
Steak dinner: Dino & Harry's Steak House
New Bakery: Choc O Pain
Pizza SLICE: Giovanni Pizza
Pizza PIE: Grimaldi's Pizza
Diner: Malibu
Sushi: Maru (Robongi is a close second, trust me Maru gets fresher sushi!)
Indian: Karma Kafe
Irish Bar: Moran's
Cuban Sandwich: Havana Cafe & Lounge (La Isla a close second!)
Dog Walker: Email me - I have someone
Cup O Joe: Legal Beans (Try the Costa Rican brew!)
Place You Never Heard Of, But Need To Try - NOW: Cucharamama
BYOB Restaurant: Cafe Michelina
Drinks with the guys: Pilsener Haus & Biergarten
Drinks with the girls: The Turtle Club
Wine Bar: Bin 14
Second Best Wine Bar Where You Won't Spend A Fortune: Court Street Restaurant & Bar
Ice Cream: Rita's Ice Cream (the frozen custard rocks!)
Dog Store: Beowulf
Best Bar To Get A Buyback: Mulligan's
Where To Meet Other Under 25 Year Olds: Shannon Lounge
Where To Meet 25-32 Year Olds: The Madison
Where To Meet 33+ Year Olds: Cafe Elysian
Where To Meet Born And Raised Hobokenites: The Wilton House
Where To Take Your Parents For Dinner: Amanda's
Where To Take Your First Date To Dinner: Zylo's
Where To Take Your Second Date To Dinner: The Dining Room At Anthony Davids
Chinese Food: They all are pretty average in Hoboken, no awards given!
Italian Deli: Vito's Delicatessen (Fiore's is great, but Vito wins because they have so many more options whereas Fiore's Roast Beef is the main draw)
Bagels: Hoboken Hot Bagels
Restaurant You Should Really Try More: Onieals
Best Sports Bar: Wicked Wolf Tavern
Best Sports Bar, If You Are A Philadelphia Fan: Mulligan's, where the Philadelphia Eagles Club and Philadelphia Phillies Club meet!
Best Restaurant If You Live In Northwest Hoboken And Are Too Lazy To Walk To Washington Street: 10th & Willow Bar & Grill

That's basically my list.

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