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Q: Alex writes, "Hi there, thinking about getting a Frenchie puppy, researching it now. Read your great post, we are in the same situation - both work, apartment in the city, etc. So how is it going with Rocco? How is his health? Any issues? I am scared sh...less of vet bills (we had a toy poodle, and at the end it was non-stop). How is his snoring? Is it getting any worse as he matures?"

A: First off, Rocco is great. 5 years old now and (knock on wood) no health issues. I have normal regular check ups at the Vet, and usually get a clean bill of health along with his recommended vaccinations. His only issue is allergies, and I have to combat that by washing his paws a bit because he licks them because they get itchy. Otherwise, nothing major. As for snoring - it is light. Nothing that keeps me up. My key recommendation with any kind of dog is don't buy one from a pet store, rescue one! If you can't rescue, buy from a certified breeder, and not a puppy mill. This may require some research and some leg work - but in the end you often get what you pay for. I was really lucky with Rocco, but also had a long interview with his breeder and found out a lot about him before buying. I would recommend them here, but they were a AKC certified breeder that simply stopped.

Q: Nicole writes, "Hello!

I just did a Google search about Frenchies and your blog popped up. I really loved your post entitled, "10 Months Later, With My French Bulldog." I have an 8 month old Frenchie named Max and two things are concerning me and I haven't found answers for in my many internet searches. I thought maybe you could help!

1- We give Max a treat (chicken jerky) when we eat so he can get distracted and leave us alone. When we do this, he usually will leave us alone while we are eating. However, he just eats the whole thing at once and gags. He does this with any treat that isn't training size. Any tips/tricks, or certain treats that work for you?

2-Max is very....excitable? I don't want to say aggressive, but maybe overzealous during play time. He goes on three 20 minute walks every day, but we leave him from 7-12 PM, then 1-3 PM every day so he really revs up from around 5-8pm. But when he plays, he jumps all over us and accidentally bites our hands trying to get to toys and has no regard for us. Any tips?

Any help you could give would be great. Thank you!"

A: As for question one, I find that Rocco loves raw bones. I go to the supermarket, find the meat section and ask if they have soup bones or thigh bones they can slice for me to 1 inch thick. Often, they will have the marrow and some tendons still attached - Rocco loves bones. He has the same exact problem with jerky, he wants to EAT the entire thing.

As for excitable that is easy. You need to walk Max more. Every dog has a different energy level. Plus he's a puppy. PLUS I am guessing he isn't neutered yet. Yes, long walks are in store for you, right as you come home from work at 5pm. You will have to figure out how long those walks need to be - but he needs to work off that energy. Also everyone loves playing with dogs. I do! But the key would be learning how to properly play with a dog versus getting a dog riled up and over excited. My suggestion would be contacting someone in your area like Joana Watsky from Sit and Stay. You should hire someone in Behavioral Counseling rather than relying on my advice - and it is what I did with Rocco. I hired her to help me in a one-on-one session when Rocco was 3 months old and then I took group classes when he was older. It was the best investment I made with Rocco (aside from teaching him crate training!!).

Q: Mike asks, "Hi. I checked out your blog and it has helped me tremendously! thanks so much! I am getting my Frenchie in a couple weeks but I have a quick question about the potty training part. I also live in an apartment but I have a little fenced off balcony. If I took him out there to pee on the wee wee pads, is it safe to say that he would associate it will "pee pee outside only"? I know you're not a huge fan of the pads, and I am not opposed to going downstairs to walk him. I was just curious to see if it was a viable option. Thanks so much"

A: Much like I suggested in the last question about getting a person like Joana in there to help, my feeling is that your dog won't be able to distinguish "balcony" from "inside". Dogs don't see the balcony, like we do, as the outside, they see it as part of the home, because the smells of the house also are part of the smells of the balcony. Whereas if you bring your dog outside - those smells are TOTALLY different than your house or your balcony. I am sure people will email in and tell me that their dog is able to figure out the difference between a balcony and their house, but lets talk about another issue - do you REALLY want your dog peeing near your home? Do you want neighbors who live next to you or below you smelling doggie poop? It is also a question of being considerate, too. I don't think the balcony is the best action here, and I go up and down three flights with Rocco twice a day to walk him. Good news is that Rocco can "hold it" from when I leave at 7am until 9pm at night. I trained him to do that, and was worth the time and energy to teach proper housebreaking to him. I think you will be happy you did, too.

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