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Top 5 Things I Miss About Philadelphia

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Top 5 Things I Miss About Philadelphia:

1. Sports. My previous article should have given insight that most guys from Philadelphia love sports. I'm a huge Eagles fan, big Flyers fan, strong Sixers fan and a lukewarm Phillies fan (its hard to love a team that is sub .500 so many years). Plus my teams are constantly getting upset by the hometown teams. The Devils have been kicking the Flyers around for the majority of the last few seasons. iketina.jpg
The Eagles were once the Giants bitches - I think the Giants at one point of time beat the Eagles 11 meetings in a row or maybe it was 10 of the last 11 games. Sixers (pre Iverson) were the "Tina" to the Knicks "Ike Turner" beatdown ("Eat the cake, Anna May!"). When my teams get beat - its like the Parade of Putdowns for me from my friends and coworkers. They come marching over to my apartment or calling my cell phone. Fun, fun.

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