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I'm sure a lot of you like the Mom & Pop stores that are along Washington St., but how often do you REALLY shop at these stores?

If you are like me, you shop at a store because of good prices or good quality.

I see these cute boutique clothing stores on Washington - with extremely inflated prices for the most simple of garments. Or there are a restaurants in town - yet they are just as expensive as New York City, but they aren't on the same level as NYC restaurants (quality, service and atmosphere).

Here are my current Top 5 for Hoboken. Remember, these are just *my* wants and needs that i'd love to see in town, and i'm sure everyone has a different opinion - feel free to leave your comments.

FYI, I had to make people register now to comment on the site after some dork came along and put a bunch of advertisements on my site for online casinos.

1. Mid to Upscale Chain Clothing Store - You may be thinking "Wait - didn't you just write that you didn't like the expensive clothing stores?" - That is true. I did write that. But, i'd much rather have a J. Crew, Banana Republic or even Gap in town. From what I was told, there are certain requirements for a store like these to open in town - parking being a chief concern. If there was a J. Crew in town, I know i'd be there all the time. Sorry - i'm a very lazy clothes shopper. I like good quality clothes, and don't shop around for cheap clothes. I also may work in NYC - but I don't like to really shop in NYC - i'd rather be able to hit these places on the way home from work or on the weekends. Taking the PATH, into the city, on a Saturday? No, thanks. I'm waking up, oh, around 1pm and nursing a hangover on most Saturdays - if I want to do any shopping it better be within a 10 minute walk of my apartment.

2. High End Steakhouse - I can't believe that Arthur's does so much business. After eating there I feel like I just did a keg stand on a grease vat. I think that Peter Lugers or MarkJoseph or Morton's or Smith & Wollensky would clean up if they had a steakhouse on Washington. I'm sure some of you think that Frankie & Johnnie's is a steakhouse - they aren't. Yes, they sell steaks. Congratulations, here is your pin & membership card to the "Captain Obvious Club". No, we need, nay - demand - a steakhouse. Not a restaurant that serves steak, along with other dishes - just aged steak.

3. Coffeehouse - I like Starbucks, but its too bright and commericial for a real coffeehouse. You want to order your coffee and escape as soon as you can. I'm talking about a large, dark coffeehouse with chairs, ottomans and couches that won't accept anyone with a stroller or child under 12. It would be nice to have a place to relax on a Friday night with friends that doesn't involve alcohol. Sadly, the exorbant rents on Washington St. would doom such an idea, but I would imagine there has to be some place to build this. Also a secondary idea would be a combination coffeeshop / bar. Think like Panera meets Trinity and their bastard love child is the coffeeshop.

4. A Real Sportsbar - No, this isn't a pub that has TVs which show crappy ESPN Sportscenter over and over. No, we are talking a real deal sports for by men for men. Pool tables, foosball, that electronic basketball game like 8th Street Tavern, beer pong, air hockey, bubble hockey, PS2 competitions. This should be like a male grown up version of an arcade meets a sportsbar. No kiddies allowed under the age of 21. Make it a mecca to all sports, from all cities - not just NYC/NJ. This place should be the combination of: Dave & Buster's meets Hooters and Mandalay Bay's sports area from Las Vegas. Get reclining chairs that let guys lounge all day in front of huge plasma screen TVs - as long as they keep drinking & paying. Also get well endowed women to serve them all day, and you have a bit hit on your hands. Rumor has it from "Joe C." is that some prominent sports stars are already doing pre-production for a sports bar in town. They should get a consultant like me to help, I think.

5. Kick-Ass Cheesesteak Place - Jake's you fucked it up. I had faith in you when you said that you were going to listen to the customers. You didn't listen to me and now what - you are about as popular as a pimple-faced Stevens kid in Dipper's. Its not that hard, people. A few key things are needed: Rib-Eye Steak NOT Sirlion. Yes, Sirloin is the "better" meat but Rib-Eye is fatty & flavorful. Amoroso's bread not some "super secret bread we found in Holmdel" - whoppity doo! I liked the bread, but not on a cheesesteak. Normal onions - NOT carmelized onions. What the hell are you doin?? Seriously folks, if I had about 2 million to burn and wanted to clean up in this town - i'd make a die hard cheesesteak place that would blow the doors off anything this town has seen. This would be my gameplan: Step 1, go to Jim's on South Street and apply to work as a chef. Learn how its done. Step 2 - go to Hoboken, get into a partnership with a pub that has a kitchen like Farside, Dipper's, etc. Step 3 - make steaks EXACTLY the way it should be made that any child under the age of 8 from Philadelphia can tell you how it should be made. Step 4 - Buy a rake for all the money i'd be making.

Honorable Fast Food Mentions:

a. Taco Bell - a REAL full Taco Bell not crappy Taco Bell Express.
b. Pizza Hut - Bennie's isn't that good, i'm sorry.
c. In N Out Burger - if you don't know about In N Out, you aren't alone, its a West Coast thing.
d. Atomic Wings - they are located in Down The Hatch and other bars in NYC - awesome wings, I don't understand why a good wing joint hasn't opened up in Hoboken.

Top 5 Events From Last Weekend

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1. I met Melanie Silcott from The Real World: Philadelphia. Again, my life can be very random - my friend, Matt, has a sweet and friendly girlfriend named Tram-Anh (Tre), who is friends with Melanie. They met in Philadelphia, while Melanie was taping the Real World. Matt's 30th birthday party was in Philly last Saturday night at Mint. Melanie was there, and she was very nice to everyone. I really didn't want to bother her, so I did introduce myself and avoided being a uberdork by saying how much I watch the show. Suffice to say it was very surrealistic when you meet someone that you watch on TV every week. After we left Mint, then went to Denim, Melanie was more interested in hitting a pub, and peeled off from the group. I wish I went with her since I hate clubs. My huge regret is that I didn't bring my fucking digital camera and get any pictures of her. Plus I could have gotten pictures of...

2. Terrell Owens girlfriend. Actually that isn't 100% true. T.O. has the hots for one of Tre's friends in Philly who is a bartender, named Danielle (Dani). She is very good looking, and extremely nice. She is so hot that I didn't even bother trying to hit on her. Tre told me that she & Dani were invited to T.O.'s house to watch MNF a few weeks ago. Donnie McNabb was there, along with about 12 other guests. They said T.O.'s house is incredible: It has two full sized kitchens, one of them has a whirlpool in the middle of it. In his backyard he has a 10 foot grill - 10 feet! Is T.O. cooking a full cow on the grill? Anyhow, while Tre and Dani were sitting on a couch, Donovan McNabb was sitting there talking to them. Two other girls walk into the party, dressed to the nines, like they are going to a club - Tre and Dani are wearing jeans and thinking "Where did they think they were going to?". So the new girls introduce themselves to Tre, Dani, and Donnie who are all seated on the couchand Donovan McNabb says: "Hi, I'm Justin." The two glam girls, who have no idea that they are talking to Donovan McNabb saying "Hi Justin!" - no clue registering on their faces. McNabb, Tre, and Dani wait for the glam girls to walk away and the bust out laughing. Come on - you are going to T.O.'s house for MNF and you have NO IDEA who Donovan McNabb is?! Funny stuff. For the record, T.O. is NOT dating Dani - but the running joke with her friends is that she is "T.O.'s Girlfriend", because she was invited to his house for MNF.

3. It's nice to know people. After we left Mint, and headed to Denim, you see how the rest of the "cool world" lives. We headed to Denim with Dani, Tre, Matt, and Tim Legler from ESPN (Friends with Dani, and was with us for the party. You may remember him as winning the 3-point shootout competition during the 1996 All-Star weekend, he played on Washington Wizards.). We get to Denim and there is a huge line 30 people deep, 4 bouncers and a thin guy with a clipboard and frazzled look about him at the door - obviously he is the gatekeeper here. Legler and Dani walk up to him say a few words and we are all escorted in. Again, its nice to be amongst semi-celebrities.

4. Its nice to kiss and make up. One of the problems I have with this blog is that there is only so far I can delve into my personal life and not have it come back to bite me in the ass. Too many Hoboken people I know read this thing and some know about my problems, and some don't. If I wrote about everything I knew about everyone in this town, I imagine that scorned enemies would start scouting out watertower locations with their sniper rifles. One problem I currently have involves a friendship that went sour. Without going into detail, its nice to finally stop the drama and start being cordial and nice once again. 'Nuff said.

5. I'm stupid sometimes. It's Sunday around noon and i'm driving on I-95 back to Hoboken from Philly. Driving along, slightly hungover, listening to my iPod on my car stereo and thinking. Suddenly it dawns on me that I could have had a cheesesteak at Jim's on South Street. I look in the other lane, back to Philly and its a parking lot - if I turn around its going to be a nightmare. I forgo the cheesesteak and grumble on my drive home. Only sunny spot about the trip is that it took me 1 1/2 hours to get from Philly to Hoboken, which was great.

5a. My Birds crushing the Packers. I sent out an email on Friday to everyone in The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken about how nervous we should be of the Packers. Wow, was I wrong. Talk about making a statement with a win. Lets just hope the Eagles don't peak too early and keep this momentum going. Unbelieveable game, if the Eagles played like that in the NFC Championship game there won't be a team that could stop our run to Jacksonville.

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