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My friends at have decided to add me as the first blog for their "Calling All Blogs" category. I'm very flattered, and also noticed that yesterday the number of new visitors increased tremendously ( Last Monday I had 37 unique visitors - yesterday this site nearly doubled the number of visitors to 65. Welcome new people!

The people who have visited this site in the past few months were via word of mouth - mostly friends, family and the random person who somehow found this site via Google.

So now I have a bunch of new stangers wondering "WTF is this site?" I figured now was a good time to let the new people know what not to expect from the blog, so to avoid any future problems...

1. This site is not only about Hoboken. I live in Hoboken, but work in New York City. I am from Philadelphia - and love all the sports teams of that city, while hating nearly every New York team with a passion (especially the Yankees). I will write about Philly teams here often, if you don't like it, well that sucks, doesn't it?

2. I rarely proof read anything I write, simply because I don't have the time. You will find run on sentences, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes all over my entries. I try to limit them as best as I can, but I am reminded by certain anal readers about these mistakes.

3. This is a blog, not a serious professional website by any stretch of the imagination. If you are expecting "Gothamist for Hoboken" - i'd love to get to that point someday. Right now its just me, writing about my life. It was mostly inspired by the death of my father, a wonderful man who died before I could get to know him as a friend. My hopes for this website are to express myself through my experiences and words so my family and friends can get to know me.

4. This won't be a site where I disclose everything. I have certain things that I keep away from strangers - like my name of "Furey". I'm sure some of you may say "Hey I know that picture, his name is...." - cool, you know me. Lets keep that off-line for now. I try to not reveal my friends or family last names when I talk about them on this site. If you see something on the site that you object to - email me and I will alter/fix it if necessary. I'm still learning how much I want to reveal about myself and my life - I won't talk about where I work, for example - nor will I talk about work-life.

5. This site isn't about negativity. Lots of people think the internet allows them to spew hate towards people and its ok. If you see something I write and hate it, or have a negative comment - take it somewhere else, not here. I write the blog for those that enjoy it - if you don't enjoy it, leave. There are plenty of other sites out there for you. Hey - join and vent all you want over there!

That's about it. Today I am home from work - my first sick day in 6 months. I'm so bent out of shape about being sick - I so rarely get sick after I quit smoking. Tonight i'm going to a new restaurant with some friends in Hoboken for a birthday dinner (Happy Birthday Lisa!).

I hope to write up a mini-review about it and have some pictures from the night posted this week.

I have a lot of these, and my pain is your enjoyment...don't forget about how I lit myself on fire, which is the best story...

1. One day I had a compound bow. My uncle gave it to me, and I used to practice on a target at my house in Gwynedd. One day, I walked across the street (into a very large, empty cornfield) and put the bow setting to the highest level that my 16 year old arms could pull, and notched an arrow. I fired that arrow into the sky at about a 60 degree angle. Dude - that sucker was gone, I think I shot it about half mile away - it went so far that I had no idea where it went, I lost sight of the thing. I ran from the field in fear that I killed someone. I'm sure that one day, after that event, someone was walking in that cornfield and found an arrow stuck in the dirt and was thinking "Where the hell did this come from?"

2. I decided to drive from from Villanova one night to my house in Gwynedd. It was a snowy night, around 3am, but I had a Jeep Wrangler and I was overconfident with my 4-wheel drive. I was taking backroads the whole way home - and I got on one road that was complete ice. So I slowed to about 10 miles per hour and I swear to God I was crawling down the road super safe. Suddenly, my car just started to slowly, slowly spin on the ice at 10 miles per hour. It happened to slow and I tried to turn into the spin and it didn't work. It was like slow-motion. So I kind of gave up - literally - just crossed my arms and said "I'm screwed", adjusted my seatbelt and waited. In about 10 more seconds I drifted across the ice - into a snowbank - and revved my 4-wheel drive out of there. Had another car been coming in the opposite lane I would have been in trouble.

3. Another time i'm driving my dad's covertable european sports-car down the road, not far from my ice experience. It was summer, and there was a flash shower that lasted like 2 minutes. The rain, combined with the oil on the road = super slick conditions. I turned a corner and did a 180 into a pumpkin patch - sliding into the other lane and off the road at about 45 miles an hour. Again, if someone was in the other lane it would have been catastrophic. That wasn't my fault - I wasn't going that fast, and the freaking sportscar is made in Great Britian - aren't those bastards designed for rain?? That sucked. Fortunately there was little damage to the car (I think the tire rim got scraped up), and I just hosed all the mud off it when I got home. My parents never found out. Except right now as my mother reads this. Oh God.

4. One time I won a 3-point competition when I was 14, they had it during the halftime of my brother's basketball games. I was on fire that day, I just was hitting some great stuff. So they had another one where I was called out to try was like my arms were laughing at me. I must have bricked it 5 times. Plus, my brother's friend, who worked on the yearbook was taking pictures that day and got me, in all my glory, into my brother's yearbook missing those shots with the tag like "Not Even Close". Nothing like destroying the fragile ego of youth.

5. I went to Killington with my high school club, and was snowboarding for a year. I go on the "FIS" ("Fuckin' Insane" run at Killington), and try to do the moguls. It was like the Hindenberg. Oh the humanity! My gloves, goggles, scarf, hat, board and nearly pants all went flying off my body. The first comment, from the chairlift right next to the slope, was "YARDSALE!" - of course making fun of the fact my clothing was spread all over the slope. The next comment, as I slid down the slope, head first, was "SUPERMAN!" because I looked like Superman would be - flying down the hill headfirst. Then, I had to walk BACK uphill, collect my clothing and dodge skiiers who were laughing at me. That was fun.

5. Dungeons & Dragons Club. Yep. Must I go into details here? Photo evidence also exists.

Bonus addition:

My Prom That Never Was

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