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Top Five Pet Peeves of Bus Drivers


On a rainy day last week I didn't have my umbrella, so I hopped on the 126 NJ Transit Bus (Clinton Street) to give me a quick ride from the PATH station to my condo, instead of being drenched by walking in the rain. I watched the bus pull out of the station, make a right on Hudson, another right on Observer Place, and wait at the light in front of Texas Arizona. A girl comes running up to the bus and slaps her palm against the bifold glass door, looking at the bus driver and shouting, "Let me on!"

The bus driver looks at her, and says, "Hey, calm down!"

The girl continues to slap the door as the bus pulls away and leaves her standing in the middle of traffic.

I was sitting in the front seat and said to the bus driver, "Doesn't that annoy you?"

She says, "Yea, I woulda let her on, but she was so rude!"

Watching this from my seat I was happy the bus driver didn't let the girl on the bus. Far too many people that live in Hoboken, who think the world revolves around them.

"So, what's your top 5 pet peeves when driving a bus?", I asked her. This is what she told me...

1. Standing next to her while she is trying to drive the bus. If you look, there is a line on the bus which you shouldn't stand past. If the bus is packed, don't be rude and stand there - wait for the next bus.

2. Having your money out & ready before the bus shows up. If you are standing at the bus stop, before the bus pulls up, dig into your wallet or pants and have the change ready, rather than getting on the bus, rummage through your wallet, and take a minute to find the money. She also added that when at a bus stop, don't jump out at the last second to wave down a bus. If you stand in a visible location and give a friendly wave when the bus is a 1/2 block away (like you are flagging a cab), that is helpful.

3. When the bus drops you off - don't jump in front of the bus to cross the street, make eye contact with the driver and then cross.

4. People who shout at her from the backseat - she can't hear you. Then, she says, people get all upset when they have to get up, walk to her, and explain what they want. Imagine that. Talking like a normal person to another person versus shouting at someone from a distance.

5. Cell Phone users - she can't stand people who sit near her and yap on the cell phone like its their job. I totally agree with that, I hate taking the bus and listening to people talk. There should be a ban for cell phones on public transportation - unless it is an emergency. No, an emergency isn't calling your special other to tell them you are on the bus and to decide what you are going to have for dinner.

Top 5: Hoboken Politics


Here's my Top 5 take on Hoboken Politics after living here for 13 years...

1. There is a strong sense of cronyism (Favoritism shown to old friends without regard for their qualifications, as in in political appointments to office.) Hoboken.

2. With such a small town, there are many families who hold various offices. For example, Terry LaBruno is the head of the city council. Her husband is the Hoboken Fire Department Battalion Chief, Joseph LaBruno. Terry's uncle was Steve Cappiello, served the city of Hoboken from 1963-1991 both as a city councilman and three-term mayor. Theresa Castellano is a councilwoman, her husband Robert, is a member of the Hoboken Detective Bureau. Then there is Michael Russo, a council person and his father, Anthony, was also mayor of Hoboken and was incarcerated for corruption.

3. I have had my own experiences with City Hall, and the people that work there. My own personal opinion is that the "newcomers" (i.e. those who aren't Born and Raised in Hoboken) are mostly held in contempt for their opinions. We don't count because we haven't lived here our whole lives. But the same Born and Raised people are more than happy to collect our taxes and rent money. Hey, I have only been here 13 years, what do I know? Also there is a strong sense of: "If you speak out against ANYONE in Hoboken city council, they will retaliate against you."

4. There are a lot of people who I call "entrenched". They are fortified in the city government or are city workers and they can't see past their paycheck. You talk about balancing the budget or reducing taxes and they are horrified at the prospect of losing money. They will rally their friends, family, everyone they know to protest the loss of their pay over the idea that Hoboken should reduce the overblown spending.

5. Getting an honest answer to an honest question is nearly impossible. Try it. Next time you see Mayor Roberts please ask: "How we can have the Chief of the Hoboken police department paid MORE than the Chief of the NYC police department? How are you, Mayor Roberts, paid $25,000 more than the mayor of Jersey City?"

With that being said, I fully hope everyone gets out for the elections on May 8th. I hope all our residents take the time to visit Hoboken411 to read about their candidates, and pick the one which best represents them.

Voting in the first ward, i'd choose Ron Rosenberg for first ward council. I have had the chance, in the past, to speak personally to Ron about the issues I have about Hoboken, and he is the progressive, independent choice for a way that the residents can clean house in city council. He has lived in the first ward for 25 years, and helped create "People For Open Government", which is a grass roots citizen group that fights for government reform.

I mean if you ask me, look at the council people in there: Castellano, Russo, LaBruno - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that they are basically a family-based coalition running this town into the ground. Pay police officers MORE money? No problem! Keep open a failing hospital! No problem! Screw the taxpayers! No problem!

Look, if you are for the "Rubber Stamp Council" of Hoboken, then vote for the other guys. If you want change, I can wholeheartedly endorse Bill Noonan (Great Today, Better Tomorrow) in the 6th Ward, Ron Rosenberg (Our Clear Choice For Change!) in the 1st Ward and Frank Raia in the 3rd Ward.

Oh, and spare me the mud-slinging in the comments.

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