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Foursquare is a novel little app to use, and even in Hoboken has some real value. For example, if you check into Village Pourhouse 20 times, you get a $20 gift certficate. I was at a bar the other night and when you check in and buy a drink, you get a free shot. So it may be lame to some people, but there are businesses that use it to promote things.

I watch where my friends check in. Sometimes it's funny to see where they are. Other times you roll your eyes on where they are checking in - and here's my examples:

1. Checking into places that don't 'really' exist and/or a residence. For example: Fred's Couch or The Fortress of Solitude (unless you really did go to Superman's Lair in the North Pole, then I digress). No checking into places you live. I mean, really you have to be the mayor of "The Watchtower", Frank? Stop.

2. Checking into places you really don't frequent. I mean, really, you have to be Mayor of the Chase Bank in Hoboken or The Port Authority in NYC? Congrats!

3. Checking into places you work = lame. I'm looking at you, Mulligan's bar DJ Matt for the last 2 years...

4. Going to a mall, checking into every single store at that mall. Oh, this includes Airports, too. I mean someone needs to be the 'mayor' of Gate 8B in San Antonio, TX?

5. Fake check ins. I lost my mayorship to a guy who clearly has never been in the store, but waits for his bus OUTSIDE the store. I saw him check in when I was in the store ("The Mayor's in the house!") and saw him standing outside.

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