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I have Pierre Thomas in fantasy football. I also have some other RB options, like Ladell Betts (his backup) and Brandon Jacobs (up until week 12 was the #2 RB on the Giants).

Yahoo, ESPN or CBS Sportsline needs to implement this feature: Injury Swaps.

How it works is simple. Lets say you have someone who is on the NFL injury list, but "questionable". They are a gametime decision, and someone you expect to play. I figured after the bye week that Pierre Thomas would be good to go. I worked until 7am Sunday morning, fell asleep when I got home at 8am, and woke up after the games started.

I have Ladell Betts and Brandon Jacobs on my bench, but had Pierre Thomas in my lineup.

Spare me the armchair coaches who will say "Well that's COACHING. You should have put in a backup manually and should be watching the report 1 hour before gametime."

No. Bullshit. I was working until 7am that night, and i'm sure there are thousands of other owners who get screwed due to real-life issues like I do. We have the technology, we should make fantasy football management smarter.

I had the healthy RB to use on the Saints - Betts. They should make a simple option that works as the following:

If healthy player is scratched from the game at 1pm, then there is an autoswitch option to replace the injured player with one player from your bench. Sort of the same way that auto-draft works in the draft room.

For example, Pierre Thomas sat out Week 11, then the RBs on my bench are tagged in some kind of ranking:
1. Brandon Jacobs
2. Ladell Betts.

Brandon Jacobs would get substituted in if their game hasn't started before Pierre Thomas. If Brandon's game was over, then Ladell Betts should play in place of Pierre Thomas.

I know that some of the traditional fantasy football owners would bristle at my idea, but it is something that needed to be fixed a long time ago. I got 0 points for Pierre Thomas, and Betts & Jacobs weren't fantasy studs, but if I had their 3.5 or 4.5 points I would have won my fantasy matchup for Week 12.

Sour grapes? Sure. But still a good idea.

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