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What gets me riled up over the last few months is the joke many media companies have become. I'm not going to point out specifics, but here's my basic rules to media:

1. They want as many viewers as possible, and high ratings.
2. In order to do this, they need as much sensationalism as possible.
3. Rather than report the news and offer value based commentary, they find the most absurd "fringe" Republican candidates to talk about, and find ANYTHING they can to poke holes in them.

This isn't new, but to me it seems like we have reached a new height to it. In a society where the Kardashians are lauded for doing nothing of value, so the same is true for our media. Rather than finding good and interesting stories to write about, they focus their attention on one candidate as the media darling, and write ad nauseum about them until they find someone new to write about. Here's my examples this year:

1. Donald Trump: Remember him? Up until May 2011 he was playing the media like a fiddle, with his "will he, won't he" run for President. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released in March 2011 found Donald Trump leading among potential contenders for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, one point ahead of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. In the end, he did a great job to promote himself and his media empire.

Take a note of these so-called "polls" because they are an interesting tactic of the media over the last year as their justification to cover these fringe Republicans.

2. Sarah Palin: No sooner than Darling Donald was over that the summer was all about Sarah. In November 2009, Palin released her memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life, and had been busy in 2010 promoting it and making millions. What better way to keep that money train rolling but by claiming she was interested in being President? What a joke. But the media lapped it up, because it's like Jay Leno's bit he does on his show "Jay Walking" in which he interviews people on the street to test their IQ. Basically the media is doing the same thing with Sarah, they can't wait for her to say something stupid and it becomes the weekly sensation. She laughs all the way to the bank. Again, another candidate who plays up to the media while making millions in exposure.

3. Michelle Bachman: While the summer was all about Sarah, her star was fading and who lands on the scene thanks to a nice new poll? Well, it's Michelle Bachman, who on August 13, 2011, she won the Ames Straw Poll hosted by the Iowa GOP.


Anyone else seeing this yet? Anyone else seeing the trend here?

4. Rick Perry: Bachman's surge was short lived when the Texas darling threw his 10 gallon hat into the ring in mid-August. The media machine loves it - Texas is a HUGE state, lots of ratings there! Plus they have a field day with Perry and his gaffes. It's like the Republican version of Joe Biden with his miscues. Nom nom nom, the media loves Perry for a few weeks until...

5. Herman Cain: In December 2010, Cain was the "surprise choice" for 2012 GOP nominee in a RedState.com reader poll. I could hear the media squealing over him like the Beatles just landed at JFK. He was a rockstar. 9-9-9 and debate showmanship made him the media darling of the fall. It was Cainmania! Was I the only Republican watching all this shaking his head - there wasn't the SNOWBALLEST CHANCE IN HELL this guy was getting elected but the media was dancing around throwing roses at the feet of this idiot. But you have to admit, he was a show man. He did a great job at not only talking about his 9-9-9 plan, but I bet sales have been through the roof at his Godfather Pizza chain which no one in the Northeast has ever heard of until Herman Cain showed up.

6. Newt! Newt! Newt Ginrich! Really? I am at a loss for words, but yes, Newt was the man of the moment for about two weeks in November, but he made far too much sense, was smart about what he said, and wasn't as far as interesting as Ron Paul.

7. Ron Paul: Herman had the best run out of all of them - and then the media was really only down to Romney (snore!), Perry (snore!), and...WAIT A MOMENT! Ron Paul is their ace in the hole! He's been flapping his arms and saying all sorts of crazy shit for the last year, why didn't we take a better look at him! If you ask me, I think Ron Paul makes a lot of sense on what he suggests with regard to reform, but what he lacks is what the Trumps and Cains of the world have - TV charisma. Ron Paul looks like that crazy science teacher you had in high school, not the next leader of the free world. Once Herman Cain was out, the media went bonkers for Ron Paul for about three weeks, until...

8. Rick Santorum! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. Seriously? Rick God-Damn-Santorum?? What the fuck. I'm sorry to my underage readers here, but holy shit. I'm ready to throw my TV out the window. The media reports, once again, lets all sing this phrase together "RICK IS SURGING IN THE POLLS!"

Do you see the trend here? How many straw polls, online polls, media darlings that has basically been the theme for 2011. It's almost like the media focused on one candidate for as long as they could and they swung their cameras and microphones to the next crazy Republican they could cover. The media has done a masterful job at basically ignoring Mitt Romney. Why?

Oh, he's next.

I fully expect that Mitt will win the Republican nomination. But remember folks what I said earlier. If the media spent 2011 talking about Mitt, then they would have no ratings. They would have nothing to write about when he gets the Republican nomination. It's a million times easier to grab headlines and fill sound bites with people like Palin, Perry and Paul with their half-assed ideas.

When Mitt gets the nomination it's going to be "All Mitt All The Time" until November.

The Iowa poll is upon us today and don't care who wins. Even if Santorum or Paul pulls off some crazy victory, the bottom line is that Romney is going to get the nomination. He's the only one that makes sense if you are the GOP. You want someone that's going to capture the conservatives and the liberals. I mean as much as the Christian Coalition may not like the fact they are voting for a MORMON, they would vote for Mitt before they would vote for Obama. The GOP knows this and that's why Mitt will get the nod.

You heard it here first.

P.S. I didn't forget about Huntsman, but the media never really got hyped on him - maybe they are waiting on his New Hampshire victory to pick him apart...?

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